Just as the H1N1 scaremongers machine did in 2009, the Ebola scaremonger machine goes into overdrive

Does anyone remember the dud fake H1N1 swine flu pandemic scare?  How about the dud fake bird flu pandemic scare?  Or maybe people remember the dud fake SARS pandemic scare [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome] or maybe even the HIV/AIDS scare?  You know – HIV/AIDS with the 1980s TV ads telling everyone they were all going to die from having sex without a condom and billions of tax dollars diverted to a lot of pockets of “scientists” and drug companies promoting highly toxic drugs like AZT which killed people?  Great news for condom manufacturers too.

As hard as it is to believe, H1N1 was five years ago.  Bird flu was 7 years ago.  SARS was 12 years ago and HIV/AIDS started in the 1980s. HIV/AIDS is the weirdest long-running scare.  We in the West were all meant to die but what a crazy thing – how come it was only a big problem in Africa?  Surprise surprise – pretty much anyone still moving and who was sick in Africa was HIV positive and anyone no longer moving and dead died from AIDS. (It did not matter what really killed them – it was AIDS).

And no one in the West seemed to notice how weird that was or at least even care.  And how come it all happened in Africa?  And how come in the West it was just gay people and drug abusers?  No one seemed to notice the contrast with Clamidia infection spreading like wildfire even today from unsafe sex particularly in 10% of US and European teens but HIV/AIDS in comparison in the West was not.

These historical dud health scares are just like the latest money-spinning wheeze from the drug industry and health officials to hype how great they are at saving everyone – after all Homeland Security is saving us all from the latest flavor of the month terrorists to take our minds off how our own governments are the biggest threats to our health and world security.  So the health protection industry needs to have their own occasional bogey-men to make sure we keep paying their mortgages with their inflated salaries for mostly providing near worthless pointless services – like the US CDC criticized in a Congressional report which was:

A review of how an agency tasked with fighting and preventing disease has spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars for failed prevention efforts, international junkets, and lavish facilities, but cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease.

One thing we remember about these crankfest fake scares was just how crazy the crankosphere’s nutters and loonies were, attacking anyone who criticized these drug industry marketing opportunities to promote worthless snake-oil treatments and pointless public health campaigns spending billions of dollars to develop drugs and dangerous untested vaccines to be unleashed on citizens of the US and Europe using their own tax monies to do it.

Besides the usual paranoia that demonized these fake dud pandemics as wildfire killer diseases was other equally ridiculous fever dream nonsense, and there was the quackery.  And one you should remember quite well is the one where it was claimed that Tamiflu would save us all. Anything claiming otherwise was all conspiracy theories the nutters and loonies screeched on the blogs and in social media, like the Donald Rumsfeld financial interest in Tamiflu maker Hoffman La Roche. Or the Bush presidential interests in it:

President Bush sought to instil panic by telling us a minimum of 200,000 people will die from avian flu but it could be as bad as two million deaths in the US alone. This hoax was justified by the immediate purchase of 80 million doses of Tamiflu.’

These were truly eye-opening events, surpassing any others of well nearly 30 years’ experience of media mania manipulators and these barking crazy cranks. Remember we were told by the media to look out for the dead carcasses of migrating birds dropping from the skies?  That was the wackiest wackfest in wonderland with the media hype over just the one dead swan found in the whole of Europe which turned out not to be a bird flu bird.

The news that Baxter pharmaceutical released vaccines contaminated with live avian flu virus in the EU in vaccines when it should have been impossible under stringent laboratory protocols should have set the alarm bells ringing world-wide.  The virus turned out not to be the killer it was hyped to be but its release would have generated billions of dollars in vaccine sales and the vaccine would have been fast-tracked past any safety testing – instant wealth for Baxter Pharmaceutical.  The crankosphere would claim that is truly weapons-grade conspiracy mongering stupidity.   But wait … it happened.  It took place.  And what prevented the release?  In the whole of Europe just one Czech lab took the trouble to test it on animals – they died.

The flu vaccine with a counted confirmed number of 800 European child victims of narcolepsy confirmed in the British Medical Journal, an unknown number of uncounted and with that cataplexy too and other adverse vaccine reactions and vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline standing to gain US$480,000,000 from causing it with its flu vaccine.  And for causing a problem that required the EU to take emergency measures over the health problem for European children.

Or how about the Dutch Parliament’s failed investigation into the financial interests of the single Dutch “scientist” who was documented as the single person responsible for sparking off SARS and the numerous swine and bird flu scares from his position on the World Health Organisation’s scientific committee responsible for investigating and reporting  such threats.

Yes, pandemics and epidemics do bring out the worst in people, as far as critical thinking goes. This time around  it’s Ebola virus disease. This has been hyped to such a degree using mainstream media that the bozosphere’s looney toons will claim that to the average person, Ebola is way more scary than H1N1.  They claim H1N1 had the potential to infect and potentially kill far more people – even though for around a decade that has just not happened despite the efforts to hype and spread it.

But wait.  The notorious “Science Based Medicine” crank Dr David Gorski just cannot help himself and dived in with both feet.  This is “Science Based Medicine” at its best.  Gorski teaches us all what Science Based Medicine is: repeated direct contradiction paragraph after paragraph in polemical diatribe, just like the fictional British journalist Glenda Slagg brought to life by satirical magazine, Private Eye [fag is British slang for ‘cigarette’]:

Glenda Slagg and Polly Filla

Two of the leading women columnists in journalism today. Glenda is very much old-school; fag in one hand, opinion in the other. Or rather opinions, because Glenda’s prime asset is her ability to effortlessly contradict herself. Polly is a much younger model; the new breed of hack who can Free Tibet, get the Romanian au pair to do the children’s homework and fit in Pilates before brunch in Hampstead; all on just 150K a year.

Now that cases of Ebola virus disease have been reported in the US, the panic has been cranked up, even though this is at the same time as the crankiest of cranks of the crankosphere admitting the risk of an epidemic in the US or Europe is minimal. He Dr David Gorski along with the rest of the drug and vaccine brigade even go so far as to claim that longstanding known health treatments and prophylaxis like vitamins and healthy eating are of no use whatsoever against this new hyper super-sized killer zombie disease hyped health threat.  The quackery of Science Based Medicine is breathtaking.

Now, given how afraid everyone is of Ebola they want you all to support a vaccine against the disease claiming “a vaccine likely represents the best hope for bringing the current epidemic under control with as little loss of life as possible” [God help us all – ooh we’re all doomed]. Certainly if such a vaccine were to be developed, it will be fast-tracked past all safety precautions as usual and likely be available relatively soon (at least in terms of drug or vaccine development time), given the urgency the hyper hype is generating that wasn’t there before.   With all this history these loons and nutters say “you’d think that a vaccine would be welcomed with open arms“.  Barking mad.

But the US and CDC in particular look incompetent at best and potentially crooked at worst.  We are also told an experimental Ebola vaccine is being fast tracked into human trials and promoted as the final solution.  Then there is the supposed alternative of ramping up testing and production of experimental drugs which have allegedly already saved the lives of several Ebola-infected Americans.  Just like Tamiflu it will be hailed the new saviour of mankind.

But wait did the cook of the crankiest crankfest of the crankosphere, Dr David Gorski on his Scienceblogs comic strip of a blog actually questions whether experimental wonder drug ZMapp actually did save the lives of those Americans who survived Ebola?  Yep – he claimes “It might have. It might not have. We need more data and a clinical trial to tell if ZMapp is as effective as we all hope it is. It might have been that those patients would have recovered anyway with supportive care alone.

Oh, no wee Dr Davy Gorski.  What an own goal for Science Based Medicine.  First he tells some of the dunderhead disciples how serious Ebola is as a world threat and then he says people might just recover on their own.  But wait a nanosec or three, to Gorski it is quackery and heresy indeed to suggest good nourishment to keep the immune system working in top order and maybe a shovel load of vitamins might do any good.  And to cap it all we need clinical trials – hey Davy, whatever happened to the “need” to fast-track and ignore safety which tomorrow you will tell everyone is essential?

But if the drug needs trials and proper testing, the same must apply to the vaccine?  But Gorski’s Science Based Medicine is blind to details when he wants to scare and push a potentially dangerous and potentially useless fast tracked vaccine over a just as potentially dangerous and useless drug.  And if people might get better from Ebola all by themselves, as Gorski bizarrely claims whilst claiming the disease is a serious killer, the same should apply to a vaccine as to any claimed wonder drug, whether ZMapp, or the near useless Tamiflu?

Who would have known it?  Wee Davy Gorski has just driven the Quack-o-Meter so far off-scale the needle spun round like a coiled spring.  That’s Science Based Medicine for you.

That is how completely barking these people are.  In one blog post cherrypicking like crazy entirely contradictory positions as if no one will notice. And oh dear, is this drug not the world’s saviour after all?  Gorski dehypes it as “a humanized monoclonal antibody (like Avastin and Herceptin, for instance). Making such drugs is difficult, expensive, and can’t easily just be “ramped up” instantly.

Is Davy a naive soul or someone driving an agenda of bullying and abusing those who stand up against corruption and fraud in the drug industry and by government health officials.  He really wants everyone to believe it is impossible that some people in industry, the government, and the World Health Organization do not want the Ebola outbreak to be confined to several nations in Africa because that would fail to create a lucrative global market for mandated use of fast tracked Ebola vaccines by every one of the seven billion human beings living on this planet.

But does he believe it himself?  What are the chances?

And that was when the question was being posed “Will there be an Ebola outbreak in America?“.  Well now we are being told Ebola has made landfall.  Hip hooray for the drugfest bonanza to follow.

Notice how it never occurs to Gorski that the best way to stop an outbreak of an infectious disease is through prevention like is done with smallpox – the most effective method proven over centuries is isolation. What?  Oh, it is being done with Ebola too?  Well you would never believe it.  Old tried and tested quack methods being used with all that hi-tech medicine ‘n all.

Gorski really wants the world to believe the money driven marketing machines of the drug industry would never sustain, or take advantage of the current Ebola “outbreak” in order to create a market for vaccines for its pharma overlords nor to create a lucrative market for ZMapp, whose early development Gorski confirms was funded by the U.S. Department of Defense.  Well of course next Gorski will tell everyone that Rumsfeld and Tamiflu are like financial products – past performance is no guide to future performance – really Davy?  Is it really the rest of the world that is stupid like you claim or are you so stupid you actually believe that?

Well, that is what Science Based Medicine seems to be all about – a political polemical rhetorical device to claim “science is on our side” whilst attacking, deriding and abusing others on the internet just like manipulative rulers and warmongers would exhort their people that “God is on our side” to wage wars. 

Gorski is not quite as stupid as you might think from reading his dire fanatical blog posts.  He knows perfectly well what is true when attacking his opponents claiming the contrary.

But to Gorski on his blog just like the assassination of John F Kennedy, its all paranoid conspiracy theories with him citing real people on social media expressing real concerns justified over and over by history and him cherrypicking exchanges too like these:

The seemingly unhinged Gorski with his bizarre cranky views claims the replies are equally unhinged:

Gorski claims a drug industry with a long and repeated history of frauds bribery and corruption have no interest in the Ebola “feargasm” being used to promote toxic mass vaccination programmes.  Its all conspiracy theory, like the corruption investigations and criminal charges against companies like GlaxoSmithKline [latest example China]. He wants you to think no drug company nor health official would have any interest in using Ebola as a pretext for mass vaccination. Not surprisingly, history teaches that Gorski’s claims it is all paranoia and conspiracy theories is his usual crap scribbling.  Gorski surely cannot believe what he writes? Can he?  Really?  Can anyone really and truly believe that drivel? 

We have only given a few of large numbers of examples here from a long and undistinguished drug industry history, undistinguished save for its repeated heavy taints of murkiness and corruption. Davy is part of it too as anyone who reads his verbal vomitus soon realises.

Despite the huge own goal of the World Health Organisation over the 2009 swine flu feargasm showing how eerily similar what is happening now to the ones that sprang up five, ten and many more years ago, Gorski in his shrillest shill tones wants you all believe everything done is being done and will be done in the mass vaccination programs to be instituted by the US and other nations will be just to try to forestall Ebola’s “worst effects“.

Just like Glenda Slagg, Gorski does not believe what he writes and does not care about the contradictions, because some people will read and Believe, Allellujah because its Science, innit, yo babe. 

Gorski is under contract to write and so he writes six days a week just like Glenda Slagg.

US CDC Scientists Knew All Children At Risk of Autism from MMR Vaccine and Hid the Data – Again

More revelations in a new video. Still mainstream media worldwide keep quiet.  Still children are developing autistic conditions at a massive rate of 1 in 60 with 1 in 40 being a boy.  This is vastly higher than any issue caused by measles mumps or rubella. It is an international pandemic vastly more serious than Ebola.

Still the CDC cover up the data they have had for many years.  Protecting themselves but not US children.

Shocking and amazing interview of Mom of African American autistic boy – start listening at 31 minutes in – CDC MMR vaccine autism fraud on WHPK a non-profit community radio station of the University of Chicago,  broadcasting to Hyde Park and the South Side of Chicago for over 50 years.  Interview ends 55 minutes in.

#CDCWhistleblower – The Traitor President to African American Children “Obama Climbs On The Vaccine Research Bandwagon” & Leapt Off As Soon As Their Parents Had Voted

See previous posts and video here:

#CDCWhistleblower – Dr. Brian Hooker’s Presentation at AutismOne/Thriiive Event 29 Aug 2014

WHDT Boston News Report on CDC Vaccine-Autism Fraud – #CDCWhistleblower

#CDCwhistleblower – Alex Jones InfoWars.Com New Interview With Andrew Wakefield – CDC Covered Up Knowing MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

The Atlanta Blackstar:

CDC Scientist Reportedly Claims Vaccine Linked to Autism in Black Babies

The Orlando Sentinel

Posey looking at whistleblower’s CDC autism documents

And Sharyl Attkisson:

Questions Surrounding Review of Challenged Vaccine-Autism Study

Newsmaxhealth.com reports in-depth and is asking questions:

Is the CDC Hiding Autism’s Link to Vaccines?  Wednesday, 10 Sep 2014 04:19

For other recent CDC critical US mainstream media reports see:

#CDCWhistleblower – Cracks in the Dam – Newspapers: The Atlanta Blackstar and The Orlando Sentinel Report CDC Research Fraud Over MMR Vaccine Causing Autism

Hollywood Actor Targeted for Raising Concerns about Vaccine Safety and Efficacy – This News Has Gone Viral


Hollywood Actor Rob Schneider

This news has gone viral internationally following a report on CHS: Help Save Hollywood Actor Rob Schneider – Under Attack for Standing Up For YOUR Kid’s Safety From Vaccine Dangers

See an example and great report below by Christof Lehmann of NSNBC.

So thanks to US insurance company State Farm and some of the vocal “anti-safety swivel-eyed loons” on social media, Food Hunk, Science Babe and Chow Babe for attacking Hollywood actor Rob Schneider and so bringing this to international attention.  Thanks very much guys for your efforts.  Bizarrely Chow Babe released a video, calling on the public to “stem the modern anti-technology tide”. 

It looks like the message is getting through and more and more people are wising-up – vaccines are potentially extremely dangerous to far too many children and do not do the job one too many government health officials also lie about – protecting your kids – but instead exposes them to risks of many serious harms including autism which go heavily unreported as vaccine injuries – check the vaccine package inserts online if you need to know more or when your family doctor wants to cajole you when you ask for more information about vaccine safety for your children. 

You are the front-line of defense against behaviors by governments which increasingly threaten the safety and security of you and your children.

How was President Obama able just days ago to suddenly mobilise 3000 troops on short notice and send them to Africa over the alleged Ebola outbreak to contain and control it and the populations in the affected areas? Obama claimed the US military is the only “organisation” in the world able to do this.  So these guys are already set up to do it in the USA.  Ebola in Africa looks like a convenient training exercise for them in that context.

How come the President of the Unites States instead of the World Health Organisation is now the world’s spokesman bringing news of developments in international health issues?  When did he take over?  Is this to become the norm that the US can invade and take over other territory claiming it is not to wage war but to contain and control diseased populations to “Save the Rest of the World” from new diseases which magically spring up every few years with a frequency previously unheard of?

Maybe American citizens should not give up the right to bear arms.  Are they going to need them sooner than they expect?  The trouble is you can’t shoot a new virus.  Obama and playmates seem to know that all too well in the New World Order.


Christof Lehmann of NSNBC reports:

Hollywood Actor Targeted for Raising Concerns about Vaccine Safety and Efficacy

Freedom of Speech exists in the United States. That is, if one can afford Unemployment

Hollywood Actor Rob Schneider

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Hollywood actor Rob Schneider got first-hand experience about the fact that corporate capitalism is not democracy and that publicly raising concerns about vaccine safety and efficacy issues results in a swift lesson about the fact that freedom of speech is a right that is mitigated by the fact that one’s livelihood and income may be threatened by addressing issues of concern for a multi-billion dollar per year vaccine industry.

The U.S. insurance giant State Farm dropped Rob Schneider after the actor publicly raised concerns about well-known and well documented vaccine safety and efficacy issues, and in response to what appears to be a concerted and well-organized effort by pro-vaccine lobbies who urged State Farm to drop its association with the renowned Hollywood actor and comedian.

The pro-vaccination lobbies social media sites, including Food Hunk, Science Babe and Chow Babe denounced Schneider of promoting pseudo-scientific claims and lobbied State Farm insurance policy holders to contact the insurance giant to demand that State Farm stop hiring someone who publicly states “dangerous opinions” about the issue. Chow Babe released a video, calling on the public to “stem the modern anti-technology tide”, and that it is time to end the “anti-vaccination movement”.

For the rest of NSNBC’s in-depth article read on here:

Hollywood Actor Targeted for Raising Concerns about Vaccine Safety and Efficacy

Help Save Hollywood Actor Rob Schneider – Under Attack for Standing Up For YOUR Kid’s Safety From Vaccine Dangers


Help Hollywood actor Rob Schneider who is under attack for bravely speaking out to help protect your kids from vaccine hazards, [which latest information from the CDC via their #CDCWhistleblower shows MMR vaccine causes autism in over three times more African-American boys than in other boys].

The news is reported by PRWeek: 

The insurance giant dropped an ad starring comedian Rob Schneider from its rotation due to his anti-vaccine views after a social media outcry.  PRWeek 22nd September 2014 Diana Bradley State Farm drops ad starring Rob Schneider over anti-vaccine views

You can post on State Farm’s Facebook page.  Join others there.  Tell State Farm you will buy their insurance and even switch to them for supporting Rob Schneider.  Tell them Rob is not anti vaccine – he is pro child health safety – tell them they should be too.  Click to vote up comments you agree with but be careful as the trolls have been out in force so do not upvote any of theirs by mistake.

And tell them about the #CDCwhistleblower.


Obama, Ebola, Autism & US CDC – US President Visits CDC to Hype Ebola – So Burying News of CDC Fabricating Evidence MMR Vaccine Causes Autism in African-American Children – At Over 3 Times the Rate in White Children


Autism is a far bigger problem than Ebola – the autism pandemic caused by vaccines affects millions of children in the USA and around the world.  It is a real serious major disease and it is here now and has been for two decades.

But entirely predictably, when the US CDC has been caught fabricating research to hide the science showing the MMR vaccine causes autism in African-American children at over three times the rate in white children we see all over the media today news of President Obama’s high profile visit to the US CDC yesterday.  That visit is guaranteed to bury news of autism caused by vaccines and to raise the profile of the US CDC over Ebola. 

Links to news stories via a Google News search appear below.

In this recent CHS article we noted the Amazing Ebola Outbreak Coincidences – “We have a vaccine” – Just When Senior CDC Scientist Confirms CDC Knew Over 10 Years Ago MMR Vaccine Causes Autism.

And in this CHS article we noted how President Barak Obama gave parents of autistic children a “dummy pass” to get their votes by making them think he was serious about autism: The Traitor President to African American Children “Obama Climbs On The Vaccine Research Bandwagon” & Leapt Off As Soon As Their Parents Had Voted.

We now see headlines like “Obama Declares War on Ebola” but we do not see the headline “Obama Declares War on Vaccines Causing Autism” nor do we see the headline “Obama Declares War on CDC for Fabricating Research to Deceive the World about MMR Vaccine Causing Autism“.

And here we noted the almost total media blackout on reporting the link between the MMR vaccine causing autism in African-American children at over three times the rate in white children: Alex Jones Interviews Jon Rappoport About Total Media Blackout.

And here we noted the concerns raised about whether Ebola is a man-made designer disease: Who Created The New Ebola? New Disease Symptoms Very Different – So Where Did It Come From?

Who will protect your children from these people?  Who is the biggest enemy of and threat to their safety and security?  Democratic systems seem weak and vulnerable to being manipulated easily by powerful interests and how citizens lacking leadership and resources are helpless to do anything about it.

In the 1970s there were repeated warnings about population growth and its potentially dire consequences for the world as we moved closer to the 21st Century.  And then they stopped.   What happened to the “Think Tanks” which did the research and issued the warnings?

So what are the plans of the leaders of the “free world” today?  Why is the science about, the evidence of and the damage caused by vaccines being buried by them?  Where are all these new “disease” threats coming from: SARS, bird flu, swine flu, MERS, Ebola and why are real threats of real and present danger to children being ignored at all levels to push on families worldwide the importance of lining up meekly to get the latest vaccine against the latest new “disease“?


Links from the first page of results:

#CDCWhistleblower – Yet More Cracks in The Dam – US Centers for Disease Control MMR Vaccine Autism Fraud Reported Across the Internet


JUST UPDATED: 1:39 PM Friday, September 12, 2014 (EDT)

Shocking and amazing interview of Mom of African American autistic boy – start listening at 31 minutes in – CDC MMR vaccine autism fraud on WHPK a non-profit community radio station of the University of Chicago,  broadcasting to Hyde Park and the South Side of Chicago for over 50 years.  Interview ends 55 minutes in.

Newsmaxhealth.com reports in-depth and is asking questions: Is the CDC Hiding Autism’s Link to Vaccines?  Wednesday, 10 Sep 2014 04:19

For other recent CDC critical US mainstream media reports see: #CDCWhistleblower – Cracks in the Dam – Newspapers: The Atlanta Blackstar and The Orlando Sentinel Report CDC Research Fraud Over MMR Vaccine Causing Autism

And if you do a Google News search on “CDC William Thompson” you will find 17 pages of search results of sites across the internet reporting the CDC’s research fraud cover-up about MMR vaccine causing autism.

CHS’ prize for the news reports most likely to cause the most children to develop autism from vaccines goes to “The Daily Beast“.

Breaking News – US Centers for Disease Control Lied in Denials of Research Fraud Cover-up That MMR Vaccine Causes Autism – CDC Long History of Lies and Research Fraud Revealed

CDC lying liars lied and having lied lied on


A news release just out from Focus Autism Foundation reveals new US Centers for Disease Control lies in their defence of allegations by their own senior scientist Dr William Thompson that they manipulated research data to cover up that African-American baby boys are over three times at higher risk of developing autism from the MMR vaccine than white baby boys.  Focus Autism Foundation also shows the US Centers for Disease Control has a long history of lying and cheating with numerous other research frauds spanning decades:

The CDC has a history of manipulating data in order to achieve a desired outcome and then misleading the public.

It has been estimated 580,000 African-American baby boys born since the cover-up began have developed autism from the MMR vaccine based on current official US figures for autism prevalence in children.  This figure vastly exceeds by several orders of magnitude the far milder risks posed by measles, mumps and rubella to children generally.

NEWS RELEASE Sept 11, 2014 10:17 a.m. ET

WATCHUNG, NJ, Sep 11, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — In response to the August 25, 2014 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declaration defending the validity of the 2004 DeStefano et al. study, PhD biochemist Brian Hooker responded and outlines inconsistencies in the agency’s research practices and position.

Central to Hooker’s response is:

the irrefutable fact that valid information about race — for the entire study sample of 2,448 children — was available and accessible in school records.”

The CDC maintains that birth certificates, which were available for only a smaller portion of the children in the study, were necessary to extract race and other information. However, in the original data Hooker obtained from the CDC through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), race information was directly obtainable through school records, which were available for all children in the study.

In addition, Dr. William Thompson, a CDC scientist since 1998, also released a statement on August 27, 2014 that supports Dr. Hooker’s assertion that the CDC withheld important data that significantly altered the study’s outcome.

According to Dr. Thompson’s statement:

Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data was collected.”

Thompson’s conversations with Hooker confirmed that it was only after the CDC study co-authors observed results indicating a statistical association between MMR timing and autism among African-American boys, that they introduced the Georgia birth certificate criterion as a requirement for participation in the study. This had the effect of reducing the sample size by 41% and eliminating the statistical significance of the finding, which Hooker calls “a direct deviation from the agreed upon final study protocol — a serious violation.

Hooker and Thompson both concluded that the study’s original data revealed a strong, statistical association between the timing of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and autism incidence in African-American boys.

Ten years ago (February 2, 2004), Dr. Thompson expressed concerns about the [MMR] study’s findings in an urgent letter to CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding,” said Dr. Hooker. [Thompson] wrote: ‘I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of the MMR vaccine and autism.’ Referring to the upcoming Institute of Medicine (IOM) meeting on immunizations and autism.

Dr. Thompson received no reply from Dr. Gerberding but was removed from the IOM speaker schedule just days before the meeting. The 2004 IOM report, which omitted his findings, was cited in the Omnibus Autism decision that denied 5,000 families compensation for vaccine injury claims. The report continues to be widely cited for its position of exonerating vaccines’ role in causing autism.

Dr. Gerberding subsequently left the CDC in 2008 and in 2009 became president of Merck’s multi-billion dollar vaccine division, a position she still holds today.

Hooker’s statement also quoted an internal CDC memo from 2004 which termed Dr. Thompson’s role in carrying out statistical analysis for the MMR study “pivotal,” it described him as having “excellent statistical skills; exceptional epidemiological skills; [an] outstanding reputation within his highly specialized field,” and confirmed his leadership of multiple large CDC studies.

Dr. Hooker points out Dr. Thompson’s impeccable scientific credentials provide extra weight to his current revelations. Thompson states:

I regret my co-authors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African-American males who received the MMR [measles, mumps, rubella] vaccine before 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data was collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

The CDC has a history of manipulating data in order to achieve a desired outcome and then misleading the public. The agency has been criticized in a number of government investigative reports for its failure to warn and protect the public.

In 2008, the CDC withheld information regarding the toxic formaldehyde found in trailers provided to victims of hurricane Katrina and failed to alert the public that formaldehyde is a carcinogen.

An Office of the Inspector General (OIG) 2009 investigation concluded the CDC was allowing many scientists and medical experts, with significant conflicts of interest, to participate in numerous research studies.

Then in 2010, a congressional investigation found the CDC “knowingly used flawed data to claim that high lead levels in the [DC] District’s drinking water did not pose a health risk to the public.” The Washington Post reported, “The committee reveals that the missing data showed clear harm to children from the water — and that CDC authors knew the data was flawed.

In addition, former CDC vaccine/autism researcher, Poul Thorsen, who co-authored several studies widely cited as “proof” there is no link between vaccines and autism, has been indicted and charged with 13 counts of wire fraud and nine counts of money laundering awarded to the CDC for autism related research. Thorson is now a fugitive on the Inspector General’s most wanted list.

Given this abysmal track record and the fact that an astonishing 1 in 68 American children have an autism diagnosis, one has to wonder why the revelations made by Drs. Thompson and Hooker hasn’t become a major news story or prompted greater congressional scrutiny of the CDC,” said Barry Segal, founder of Focus Autism.

The Focus Autism Foundation was founded by humanitarian and philanthropist Barry Segal. The foundation is dedicated to investigating the cause(s) of the autism epidemic and the rise of chronic illnesses in children. A Shot of Truth is an educational campaign sponsored by Focus Autism. Mr. Segal also founded the Segal Family Foundation, which provides approximately $10 million annually to Sub-Sahara Africa to promote education, health, and family planning.

To learn more visit: http://www.segalfamilyfoundation.org/, www.focusautism.org, and www.ashotoftruth.org.

For media inquiries:

Jenny Kefauver

Email: jenny@jkpublicrelationsdc.com

SOURCE: Focus Autism Foundation


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