“World’s Most Dangerous Vaccine” Now Being Given to British Schoolgirls


This is a must-read report for every British parent who has a teenage daughter.  Full report in the latest 100-page glossy news-stand issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine. On sale at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, WH Smith and independent newsagents throughout the UK.

From this month (September), British schoolgirls from the age of 12 upwards are being offered a new vaccine to protect against cervical cancer.  Gardasil is replacing Cervarix as the NHS’s vaccine of choice to combat HPV (human papillomavirus), which causes the cancer.

But WDDTY reveals that Gardasil is officially the world’s most dangerous vaccine.  And the UK government isn’t telling parents the truth about a vaccine that has been responsible for at least 100 deaths and thousands of life-destroying disabilities in the US, where it has been used for four years.

WDDTY challenges the government to answer:

  • why the UK has so readily embraced Gardasil when take-up has slumped by a third in the US following thousands of reports of adverse reactions, including death
  • why our drug regulators are being so lax when America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has enforced stronger warnings on the vaccine’s packaging, and is investigating a new reaction known as ‘immunotoxicity’ where the whole immune system is affected
  • why the UK has accepted a vaccine that has been rejected by India after an early trial, funded by Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, led to the deaths of seven young girls and another 120 suffered debilitating side effects
  • why the UK government is wasting NHS resources and money on a vaccine that may save just 40 lives in the UK.  Overall, an HPV vaccine may protect against 137 new cases of the cancer.  Despite the publicity, especially following the death of Big Brother star Jade Goody, cervical cancer is a rare disease, and one that doesn’t even feature in the list of the 10 most common cancers.

If you want to subscribe, and so guarantee your copy of the new, 100-page glossy magazine every month, please follow this link:


6 Responses

  1. My friend’s healthy, lovely daughter died a week after taking Gardasil. She and other mothers are fighting hard to get the word out about this dangerous vaccine.

  2. I first became concerned about Guardasil when I was visiting my Homeopath doctor back in 2009, I believe it was. That day he was treating a girl who’d been given Guardasil… he told me that within a day of having been injected, her body was taken over with Rheumetoid arthritis & she was confined to a wheelchair… it’s just so unnecessary… I just dont understand how the health organizations can continue to allow this vaccine to stay on the market… I’ve been suspicious about the whole Papilloma virus & cervical cancer thing since I was a young woman in the early 90’s… back then, i was suspicious that it was something the industry turned into a profit generating scam… I don’t know enough about it yet, except for my experience & my intuition, but I do know plenty of women who were told to go through the surgery & didn’t, then went to the doctor again a year or two later & their paps came back fine. Self included.

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