Can you ever cure autism? This mum believes her sons have recovered

It is devastating for parents to be told that their child has autism. But for Nina Ltief it signalled the start of a battle to help her twin sons recover. Controversially, it’s a battle she believes she’s won… but is this a condition that can really be overcome?

Christian and Eli Lteif with mum Nina (Pic:DM/Rowan Griffiths)

Just two years ago, Nina Ltief was considering putting her autistic twin sons into residential care. Their behaviour was so exhausting she could no longer cope.

The boys slept around three hours a night, could hardly talk and spent their time breaking their toys or banging them…….

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  1. Well i have never known of it. Have you?
    Im sitting on the fench for this one. My son has Aspergers thats the way he is and to be honest i would never change him. Fell free to visit Where i blog about ASD the good and the not so good, My son and our life.
    Ps great blog

  2. Well done Nina. As a parent of a recovered autistic kid, I know very well how much hard work it required. With only one kid, my wife and I got our sleepness nights, eyes burnt reading all what we can get from the internet, our gray hair very early but it was worth it. With twin kids, you had to to work really really hard. Congratulations.
    Just another proof that it is possible. The corrupted medical system and pharma industry are enraged that autistic kids are recovering without them making any money out of it.

  3. My daughter was cured using classical homeopathy, so I know it can be cured. Autism is NOT the new normal.

  4. My daughter has Asperers and I do everything I can do to make sure she becomes a productive adult but she will never be cured it is a part of who she is. Like downs syndrom. Autism can not be cured but they can be given the tools to help them.

  5. If you read the article, note that the type of autism being spoken about in the article is one provoked by environmental factors (i.e. antibiotics, vaccines, food toxins, etc.). Although, there is still an element that depends on genetic factors, it is the environmental factors that provokes the type of autism spoken about in the article. There are many parents including those mentioned in the article who have managed to reverse the condition. Always remember that the quality of your life is dependent on the assumptions or opinions that you have accepted as facts not the illness. I have heard of children born with cerebral palsy who if you met them today, you would never know that had the disease! It is you who decides the quality of life of yourself and your children. Never never let anybody’s opinion dissuade you from fighting for the quality of life you seek for your family. There could be a remedy now that you are not aware of or there could be in one year or ten years. It depends on you.

  6. I’m sorry I know that everyone has a right to say there piece but where is the prove autism can be cured. I do know what you are going to say! It’s in your children and yes you do know your child better then anyone. Here comes the but! If your child had autism and you went though the right channels to find this out was it the same channels you took in making sure your children were cured? was it the same doctors agreeing they were? Did your child really have it at all? My son has Aspergers so there are many things his more then able to do! But have you ever seen a child with full bodied autism? Can’t speake, they sit and rock, can’t be touched, need help with toilet training, and more and more. A friend of mind as a son like this! I have meet him lots. His 20yrs old sits, rocks, and screams as unable to talk. Please this boy can’t get better! My son can’t get better! please give me the number to the doctors backing this up. Sorry I said I would sit on the fence but to me it’s giving hope to others. Hope that will come of nothing to me thats not nice!

  7. Clairelouise82 – As long as that is your mindset, no your son will never improve.

    My son was high functioning autism. He had a vaccine error occur when he was 8 mo. old. The nurse gave him someone else’s MMR and then he got his DPT#3 and HIB#3 on top of it. Seven vaccines, two injections contained thimerosal. Too many, too soon. Because he was high functioning we explained away his quirks. By the time he was diagnosed he was in fourth grade and eventually put on four different psychiatric meds. He is on none now. Yes, the doctor that diagnosed him is the doctor that recovered him. HFA and Aspergers is not just “who they are”. It is a biological disorder of the gut and immune system that affects the brain. My son was dangerously low in essential amino acids. His methylation cycle was not running properly. Instead of making seratonin, which is necessary for SSRI’s to work by the way, he was actually making a neurotoxin called quinolinate. He was not detoxing. He had mitochondrial dysfunction that contributed to his low muscle tone. Thanks to nutritional supplements, chelation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, etc. he lost his autism diagnosis August 1, 2007. If you want to talk to the doctors that are accomplishing recoveries, get yourself to a D.A.N.! Conference or to Autism One . You can also listen to Autism One Radio or Autism Fair Media You owe your son that much.

  8. All 3 of my children have recovered from ASD. One Son 12 now, was severely autistic at 2 years, diagnosed by Developmental Paediatrician, 3 Child Psychologists, seen by 3 Speech Therapists. Video evidence of his autism is frightening. We did 3 years ABA with minimal gains. Then started biomedical treatment at age 5. Started chelation at 6. He is fully recovered..caught up at school, runs the cross country race of 3km and comes in the middle of the field. All the other ASD kids come last (as he used to in everything). His Brother with Aspergers/Depression/Anxiety/ADD is now recovered, he is now 13 and getting A’s at school. My daughter, severely affected by vaccines at only 6 months, had speech delays with a terrible stutter, severe bowel problems, intolerant of nearly all foods and plastics. and was socially delayed…she is now recovered too: I avoided getting a diagnosis for her.
    Autism is caused by the inability to excrete metals which poisons the body and mind. Get the metals out, the problems reduce and if caught early can completely disappear. The metals are everywhere, in vaccines, in pesticides, around your house, in pollution. You need to cleanse your children if they have ASD. Evidence in studies has shown all Autistic children have high levels of mercury.
    Read Generation Rescue website. Your children need your help. Your doctors are ignoring the facts now shown in many studies as it puts them in a bad light. It is not easy to treat these kids, but well worth the effort. My children thank me daily, but all the thanks I need is in seeing their happy healthy bodies.

  9. First let me say Just because I believe like millions do that Autism can not be cured don’t mean my son is missing out on a full and happy life. And please don’t tell me what I owe my son. How rude a statement is that! I love my child with all my heart. He and my other 2 children are my life. They are my reason for breathing. My son has Aspergers and I love him the way he is. He is an amazing child with a fantastic mind. Fluer I must add! Just because your child may get As in school don’t make him cured! He has Aspergers. Did anyone ever tell you the people with Aspergers can have a high IQ ( My son has above IQ that dont mean his cured ) I’m not saying improvement can’t be made I just don’t agree with a cure. I would not change my son anyhow. He was born with Aspergers and he is doing just fine. Another thing Fluer you again made a huge sterotype comment! My son has never come last. He is alway coming first ( Thats with Aspergers ) Not all children on the spectrum are the same. And thats why it’s called a autism spectrum, Your child maynot speak or do much at three but at 8 is verbal and has friends but only because his moved along the spectrum. My husbands sisters son was falt to be very autistic at 3 but at 8 he is now talking and doing most things his age peers are. His moved along the spectrum. He isnt cured. Yes it can be improved no it can’t be cured. Just my view on the subject thats all.

  10. I know this is an old thread but I had to say something, if only for future readers to answer this mother who resists talk of curing autism so strongly. Despite the testimony of other mothers this idea is intolerable. Perhaps it would be helpful, to examine why that is.

    The idea of cure is terrifying because if it isn’t fate or God that made your child this way, if a cure is possible then there is discreet cause of their suffering, and if there is cause then somewhere there is responsibility and your mind can’t go further than that because if it did you would shortly arrive at blame and then a rage at what your child has suffered so intense that it might vaporise you on the spot if you fully felt it. … If this sounds like judgement, I apologise, it’s my attempt at empathy.

    In all situations in life, there is always a tension between the impulse to accept and the impulse to change. We all want to accept our children for who they really are and we all also desire them to reach their fullest potential. Most parents get to steer a course between adapting to the person they have and pushing them to achieve better without hardly noticing this delicate dance going on.

    With our very challenging children, however, sometimes the demands on us are so high that you have to pursue a single strategy just to get through the day. Sometimes the pain of having hope for your child is simply too much to bear.

    Something I think it is helpful to remember in this discussion is that autism is not a diagnosis of anything. At best it is a description of the main symptom, that’s all. But it’s the cause that matters, in autism as in all things. What labels do is make a complex thing sound simple, too simple to fight. Autism = hopeless and mysterious so you’d better find a way to live with it. I understand the desire to value your child as they are but I think you must not let that make you feel criticised by parents who dare to hope and take action to realise that hope. It’s as much their lifeline as it is yours to say the meaning of your unconditional love is that your ambitions are realistic.

    Imagine you wake up with significantly reduced feeling in your legs and your GP tells you, I’m sorry you’ve got PPP – partial probable paralysis. You might get anything between a bit of life-long numbness and total paralysis, depending on where you land on the spectrum. No, no, there’s absolutely nothing to be done, nothing at all. There’s no cause, PPP just happens, it’s a genetic thing. You say, ok, so I should just carry that label with me my whole life and not challenge it? Exactly, your GP replies, and I should say you’ll probably never have a job or be independent but that’s the lottery of life isn’t it? By the way any other medical problems you get from now – nausea, blood in the stools, stuff like that, it’s all part of PPP, don’t expect any help from me with that, just live with it. Satisfied with this exchange, you leave his office, secure in the knowledge you’re getting the best modern healthcare can provide…

    …I don’t mean to sound flippant here, I’m trying to make a serious point. Getting a pin in the main symptom should be the starting point for investigation, not as many of you know, the end of discussion when it comes to health issues for your kid. For heavens sake, people aren’t even accepting their DNA-given gender anymore and there’s a ton of options including new surgeries to resolve it. Why, when it comes to the much more serious problems of autism, do we accept that nothing can be done? Why is there no research into causes? Why do we accept it’s just a life sentence?

    The facts are that autism is still occurring at a rate of 1 in 10,000 among the Amish, who live healthy, active lives with low pollution exposures and no vaccines. Among British boys the current rate is now 1 in 38. The numbers are doubling approximately every 5 years and official rates lag far behind real rates. For anyone who can’t do the math, that means for those of you with daughters who are not yet teens, they will have to go to the sperm bank to have a chance of healthy babies if things continue on this trajectory. We simply cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand.

    My eldest son recovered from autism 100% and my youngest is making great progress, so I know ‘cure’ is possible. I don’t call it a cure though, because autism is only a term used to describe a symptom and calling it a cure makes it sound more than that. If you resolve the cause of brain injury and immune dysfunction, then the symptoms go away and often they go completely. It’s not simple to achieve but it should be simple to understand.

    It’s like if you have a migraine. You might go on having them or you might look for a solution. Perhaps you find a tumor, or you fix your high blood pressure, or you avoid the allergy or stress trigger and then the migraines go away. Paf, suddenly you’re “migrainistic” kid is pain free. Autism is just the same. It’s more complicated than a migraine and the younger you intervene the better. But I believe improvement is possible at all ages.

    For both my children the most significant thing has been to change their ‘terrain’, the internal environment of their body via a borderline ketogenic diet, no processed food, clean filtered water, detox support too complicated to explain, intense floortime (see the NACD in the US, so superior to ABA), reducing all new toxic exposures, balancing their pH, helping their immune systems overcome some very serious infections and staying sane somehow through all that.

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