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This site aims to provide reliable information on child health safety for parents who want to know about whether they should vaccinate and other health related information.

Below are links to information which may assist parents cut through the often misleading, exaggerated and incorrect information given by governments and health officials.  ChildHealthSafety will continue to publish detailed information often not available elsewhere on issues of vaccination and child health safety.

The issue is child health safety and the risk vs risk profile of vaccination against diseases.  Vaccination is a multi-billion money spinner for the pharmaceutical industry and safety has a low profile.  The drug industry regrettably is profit driven and particularly some of the major companies have been proven on many occasions to disregard hazards to human health from their products in the drive for profit.  This is well documented by New York charity AHRP, Alliance for Human Research Protection:-

The medical professions are too often unscientific in their approach.  They have a blind faith in vaccine safety because adverse reactions are ignored and go unrecorded.  Many medical professionals become indoctrinated.  The majority of general practitioners blindly follow what they are told.  Most people do not realise doctors are not scientists.  The nature of how medicine is practised day-to-day means they often do not properly understand what appropriate evidence is.  Medicine’s approach to evidence is “evidence-based-medicine” which is an inappropriate approach to the application of the principles of evidence applied in practically all other fields of human activity, as this peer refereed paper shows: On Evidence, Medical and Legal.

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  1. What a great and informative site – I shall definately be recommending it to patients.

  2. What a load of shit.

    [ED: For more drivel by Richard Lockwood alias Rich Scopie see these links:-

    Richard Lockwood, on March 21st, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    Richard Lockwood, on March 21st, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    Richard Lockwood, on March 21st, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    Richard Lockwood, on March 22nd, 2009 at 9:34 am

    Richard Lockwood, on March 22nd, 2009 at 10:04 am

  3. What a great & informative site. Thank you so much for helping “US” get truth out.

    This site is plastered all over the place in many blogs at, which is the best on line newspaper there is.

    Because of people that operate sites like these two, we have had voice & are winning many battles.

    See the “Living” section at Huffington Post for articles associated with this site & add you voice for
    one that cannot be ignored & together we can, finally, win this whole war.

  4. love this will be sharing,thank you more parents need this info
    gina tyler DHOM (Classical homeopath)

  5. Who is the editor of this site? What are their qualifications? I have been looking and can’t seem to find out. Not good for credibility…

    [ED: We are. LOL. Hey you are anonymous – not good for your credibility.]

  6. “Who is the editor of this site? What are their qualifications? I have been looking and can’t seem to find out. Not good for credibility…”

    Ditto. It appears they have no great knowledge of mathematics, statistics, scientific method, medicine, economics, history or politics. They do, however, seem to be well advanced in conspiracy theory.

    [ED: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Looks like John’s deeply held personal beliefs are upset by the hard referenced factual information found here. John, attempting to project the shortcomings of your knowledge on CHS authors just doesn’t cut it. 0/10. Must do better. And when people fall back on accusations of conspiracy theories you know they have just lost the argument.]

  7. My grand daughter died from an adverse effect of the hepatitis b vaccine. Nevertheless, these side effects mimic shaken baby syndrome so my son has been jailed on these charges.

  8. Thank you so much for your research & for your integrity & courage to speak the truth. Your work is so important so please keep going. Mark

  9. Thank you Mark. I know this is going to be a long journey for myself but I will not stop until justice is given and found for the very innocent newborn that are being used as experimental lab rats. Thank you I need all the support I can get.

  10. Valeria,

    Please see this article on the Law Society of England’s website about shaken baby syndrome being an unproven unscientific theory and about parents who have been acquitted because the supposed “triad” of injuries of the SBS theory does not mean a baby has been shaken – many babies die of natural causes with the triad of injuries – no shaking taking place:

    Are unproven unscientific theories accepted in court?

  11. Thank you for this site. Keep it up!

  12. Ill informed drivel. In adition your stereotypical view of welsh people is borderline racism.

  13. Before you were even born, Francis Bacon described exactly what you have done on your web site;
    The human understanding when it has once adopted an opinion draws all things else to support and agree with it. And though there be a greater number and weight of instances to be found on the other side, yet these it either neglects or despises, or else – by some distinction sets aside and rejects, in order that by this great and pernicious determination the authority of its former conclusion may remain inviolate.

    [Francis Bacon (1620) from Novum Organum, Book 1, Aphorism XLVI.]

    I have been in health/medical care since 1960. I have charts of annual Disease INCIDENCE with introduction of immunisation year for each disease. This shows a massive reduction in the INCIDENCE of each disease following introduction of each vaccination. Mortality rates,as stated so often by this web, are totally misleading and merely confirm your Confirmation Bias!
    I have shown many thousands of parents how and why vaccinations work.
    I also have personal experience of the horrors of the ongoing effects of mumps, polio, measles (you only need to see one case of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis to never want to see it again…a 10 year old going backwards through all developmental stages until dying like a pathetic cachexic baby because they were not vaccinated..totally horrific), smallpox, scarlet fever, etc.
    You obviously have little or NIL such knowledge and rely on Confirmation Bias and abused statistics.
    No one can help you and pity help those you mislead.

    [ED: For such an experienced medical professional you seem not to realise there is no vaccination against scarlet fever when you included it in your list.

    Even though there is no vaccine for it, rates of scarlet fever incidence and mortality declined dramatically just as with diseases for which there is a vaccine – strongly indicating the major factors in the decline have nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines and strongly confounding the deeply held views you express here.

    So who is it who “obviously” has “little or NIL true knowledge” and who is it who relies “on Confirmation Bias and abused statistics“?

    Before you were even born, Francis Bacon described exactly what you have done in your comment.

    But in your case the greater number and weight of instances to be found on the other side are the creation of those who publish in journals whilst neglecting or despising, or else – by some distinction setting aside and rejecting, those examples which confound their view. They have been doing this with a great and pernicious determination so that the authority of their former conclusions may remain inviolate.

    [CHS (2014)]

    You fail to take any note of the evidenced examples we give on “Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics” showing that reports of Disease INCIDENCE are grossly over reported when physicians think the disease concerned is the likely cause [when it is clearly not] and fall dramatically when they do not so think.

    This means historic records of disease incidence are useless and is why for decades the medical professions and drug industry used records of deaths from disease instead to persuade us all vaccines were saving us when they were not.

    And if you are so wedded to the idea vaccines can do no harm you will likely be one of the medical professionals who do not diagnose a disease as a likely cause when they believe the individual has been vaccinated against it.

    So you fail to take account of that significant confounding of the attribution of immunisation for reducing incidence of each such disease.

    That is a cogent and evidence-based confounding factor in your claimed “massive reduction in the INCIDENCE of each disease following introduction of each vaccination“.

    That is also an example of belief reinforcing itself by creating the very evidence used to sustain the belief, in line with Bacon’s account of human behaviour.

    Whilst you claim “Mortality rates, as stated so often by this web, are totally misleading” in doing so you merely confirm your Confirmation Bias and exemplify what Francis Bacon was teaching.

    We have shown measles has been recorded as over-diagnosed in 73 out of every 74 cases. It is far less likely that a dead body is wrongly diagnosed as dead and by that time the cause of death is far less likely to be wrong.

    The likelihood that a death [and in modern times the massive decline in mortality without vaccines] is wrongly diagnosed and recorded is therefore far less likely.

    You seem not to realise subacute sclerosing panencephalitis can be caused by measles vaccine virus. You also seem to ignore that drug adverse reactions are heavily under-reported. That means those nice tables which compare rates of vaccine sequelae to disease sequelae are completely useless. It also means the comparison of rates of vaccine SSPE to wild type measles virus SSPE are wholly misleading and that it is wrong to suggest there is likely to be any difference on such a basis.

    No one can help you and pity help those you mislead.

    Your comment is impudence. Physician heal thyself.]

  14. I am a recently retired paediatrician with no vested interests in vaccines. Your site is dangerous and mischievous. Vaccines are recommended by the Health Departments of EVERY country in the world and by the WHO because their benefits greatly outweigh their risks and because they work. The only people apart from you guys who seem to be strongly against vaccination are the Taliban- nice company for you. Diseases such as Type C meningococcal sepsis and HIB meningitis which used to be commonplace in paediatric wards 25 years ago have been virtually eliminated within a couple of years of widespread vaccination. Polio has been almost eradicated worldwide and smallpox has actually gone. Measles and mumps (almost universal diseases during my training) are now rarities and congenital rubella is virtually non-existent. All of these, and more are so obviously related to vaccine introduction that it is unbelievable that you have concocted arguments disputing efficacy. No vaccine can be introduced without clear evidence of efficacy and safety. How many deaths will you be responsible for in your gullible readership?

    [ED: Dr Primhak, you have chosen to come to this website to post unsubstantiated claims in an emotional style which is a tad less than professional and measured.

    Let us examine them.

    We notice you have come to the “Read Me” page to make your comments, rather than having read any of the content and then commenting on that, with substantiation for your claims.

    You say you are a “recently retired paediatrician“. Do you mean by that you have given up all employment in the medical field or do you mean you have changed your mode of employment and are still engaged in some way in medicine?

    You say you have “no vested interests in vaccines“. Do you mean by that that you have never administered vaccines to any child or adult?

    If you have told your patients or their parents that vaccines are all safe and effective then you have an interest. You could thereby have breached your legal and professional duties to your patients, could be liable for legal action for damages for battery and, should any suffer adverse reactions, damages for personal injury.

    Now, you say this “site is dangerous and mischievous“.

    But it is without doubt dangerous and mischievous for a medical professional to tell the public vaccines are safe and effective when that is not true. And that is what you have done here. That is unsatisfactory Dr Primhak.

    You also say “Vaccines are recommended by the Health Departments of EVERY country in the world and by the WHO because their benefits greatly outweigh their risks and because they work.

    Now we are seeing numerous reports of whooping cough vaccine and mumps vaccines failures with large numbers of vaccinated individuals developing clinical whooping cough and mumps, the latter predominantly in adults, putting them at risk of sterility.

    We have also seen MMR vaccine failure in the NE and NW of England last year, with health officials making lots of noise about Wales to distract from all the vaccinated children getting measles in the North of England.

    So is that what you mean by efficacy?

    When you say the vaccines are safe, you seem to omit the long lists of adverse reactions which appear on the product inserts giving information to professionals about the vaccines.

    When you say the vaccines are safe, have you factored in that the rarely mentioned figures for adverse reactions are never adjusted to take account of under-reporting. For all drugs generally under-reporting runs at 98% – which means only 2 in 100 are reported: Spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting vs event monitoring: a comparison: Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Volume 84 June 1991 341.

    So this means that those nice tables of figures which used to be given out comparing disease adverse events to vaccine adverse events are completely useless. Did you ever advise the parents of any children you may have vaccinated about that when you were telling them the vaccines are safe and effective?

    Perhaps you might want to let us know. Did you tell the parents of any of your infant patients before they were vaccinated?

    You clearly have not read anything on this site because you state “you guys who seem to be strongly against vaccination“.

    If vaccines were safe and effective as you claim and if all medical professionals and health officials were honest about them then this site would not exist. This site is about safety.

    You clearly have read none of it.

    You then engage is very nasty and unbefitting rhetoric in comparing the authors who contribute to this site with the Taliban. The Taliban purposely kill and maim innocent civilians.

    You do not seem to have a nice bedside manner Dr Primhak when you come here to pass remarks without any evidence to back them up. Is this what Evidence-Based Medicine has taught you in your career? Do you know what evidence is perhaps?

    You state “Diseases such as Type C meningococcal sepsis and HIB meningitis which used to be commonplace in paediatric wards 25 years ago have been virtually eliminated within a couple of years of widespread vaccination.

    But you seem unaware that questions were raised about the incidence of invasive bacterial infection in children who had recently been vaccinated against pertussis: Nilsson L, Kjellman N–I M, Storsaeter J, Bjǒrkstén B. “A randomized controlled trial of the effect of pertussis vaccines on atopic disease” Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 1998;152:734-8..

    In England & Wales when the acceptance of pertussis vaccine fell dramatically in the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s there was an accompanying fall in the number of deaths, in children aged four years and younger, from invasive meningococcal disease. Mortality more than halved. The numbers nearly tripled as pertussis vaccine uptake increased to 90%.

    You seem unaware that following on HiB vaccination reduced carriage rates are leaving children without natural immunity to Hib and invasive disease is occurring in older children who would previously have been expected to be immune.

    After routine infant immunisation was introduced in October 1992, adult Hib infections decreased initially but then rose from a low in 1998 to reach prevaccine levels in 2003. “Our data show that the reduction in opportunities for natural boosting of immunity has resulted in a decline in specific Hib titres among adults. McVernon J et al Trend in Hib infections in England & Wales: surveillance study BMJ 2004;329:655-8

    Is that what you mean by safe and effective? Instead of developing effective treatments for basic childhood diseases with an intervention for one disease you cause another disease? Somewhat counter productive. You then introduced another vaccine to counteract the effects of the one you have just given, with all the attendant risks of adverse reactions in healthy children who likely never will contract Hib nor meningococcal infections.

    You claim “Polio has been almost eradicated worldwide” but fail to address the fact that, as a leading paeditrician has pointed out in a paper in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, India has wasted US$8 billion on polio vaccination campaigns which could have been spent of more important life-saving health measures. In the process 47,500 cases of non polio acute flaccid paralysis NPAFD have been caused. NPAFP is clinically indistinguishable from polio and twice as lethal.

    This also raises the question of whether the 1940s and 1950s cases of what were claimed to be polio were in fact polio and not NPAFP.

    Might you have any comment? You can find references here:
    Bill Gates Polio Eradication Plans – To Cause The Polio Equivalent of 235 Years of Cases Of A Twice As Deadly Disease

    You say “smallpox has actually gone” as if vaccination did that. You fail to mention that a vaccine which takes 100 years to work didn’t. What you fail to note is that smallpox attenuated as all diseases appear to do and became the milder Alastrim form:

    “Alastrim” or “variola minor” was first recognised in Florida and South America in the late 19th century: Alastrim Smallpox Variola Minor Virus Genome DNA Sequences Virology Volume 266, Issue 2, 20 January 2000, Pages 361-386.

    Attenuation is the natural process by which many diseases over time have become less severe until they either vanish or become of minimal concern.

    Perhaps you should read more on the subject Dr Primhak?

    Smallpox Eradication – One of History’s Biggest Lies & How Vaccination Did Not Eradicate Smallpox

    You say “Measles and mumps (almost universal diseases during my training) are now rarities and congenital rubella is virtually non-existent.” You should read the data here where you will see these diseases were clearly attenuating:

    Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics

    Are you trying to say you did not know any of that information for your entire career as a paediatrician? If true, that would be troubling indeed.

    Some might consider it a disgrace that medical professionals attribute well-known effects like attenuation and the effects of clean water and improved nutrition on health solely to vaccines. It is unsurprising people do not trust aspects of modern medicine, especially the adverse effects of drug treatments. Psychiatry is the least effective branch of medicine in history with all the dumpster drugs too toxic to give to other patients.

    You say “All of these, and more are so obviously related to vaccine introduction” which may suggest to some reading that you have accepted throughout your entire career unquestioningly the information given by those promoting vaccines and have failed to check for yourself. If that is the case, it is still not too late for you.

    You then go on to say “it is unbelievable that you have concocted arguments disputing efficacy“.

    What a disgusting and untrue claim which shows you have read nothing of what is written here. Or if you have, you have ignored the references cited in evidence often from formal journal papers, as you can see from the citations given above.

    You state “No vaccine can be introduced without clear evidence of efficacy and safety.

    That is simply untrue. We have only to give the example of the flu vaccine causing cataplexy and narcolepsy in at least 800 children and in an unknown number of adults:

    GSK to Pay Out US$ Millions As Hundreds of Children In EU Get Narcolepsy and Cataplexy From GSK Vaccine

    So thank you for coming to this site and demonstrating the level of professional competence of a paediatrician when it comes to matters of vaccination.

    And you then have the incredible front to claim “How many deaths will you be responsible for in your gullible readership?

    We might ask you how many deaths and serious injuries you may have caused in your career as a paediatrician by blindly accepting information fed to you by others. What would you say to that? Who is it who appears gullible?]

  15. I don’t believe there would be a such thing as vaccine injury court if these vaccines were 100% safe. Even if there is much as one life lost due to these man made mandated vaccines is reason enough to go back to the drawing board.

  16. US law professor Dorit Reiss has taken to trolling, spamming, tweet-bombing and harassing big time on the internet including on Twitter. It is nearly 24 hours a day so how she can hold down a day job or even do it all by herself unpaid [as she represents she is doing] is something of a mystery.

    Her lying got so bad we had to block her. Even then she deliberately continued sending messages to us [Tweets]. Each one is a lie. The lie is she represents to everyone she sent a message which we did not answer.

    This kind of internet harassment, abuse and cyber stalking is against Twitter rules:

    It is so abusive that 1) knowing she is blocked and 2) that she represents her counterfeit tweets have been sent and received when they have not she 3) then makes inflammatory claims which are of course also false representations like this one:
    “can’t answer, so silence. One of many tactics”

    You can see it below with the link to where you can find it. It is a straight lie.

    Just so you can see for yourself, we blocked her over 17 hours ago but it did not stop her lies. Here are the tweets she so far continued to send including in the middle of the night US time:

  17. Law Professor Dorit Reiss posts 14 Tweets in 14 minutes on Twitter. CHS captured the action today.

    To see the original tweets as posted on Twitter double click the time on the Tweet eg “2m”, “14m”

    1. lots of myths there about flu shot. Debunked here:

    2. Youtube video not science. Science shows no link thimerosal/autism: and:

    3. pap smears important, but not perfect, HPV vaccines very effective at reducing infection – no infection, no cancer. .

    4. VAERS is a passive reporting system. Anyone can report anything. Bad source. On VAERS:

    5. See also: Institute of Medicine Report concluding schedule is safe –

    6. not true. Manufacturers do these studies – see:; .

    7. only source: Ms. Loe Fisher’s word. VAERS can be used by anyone. VAERS also has over reporting.

    8. about formaldehyde in vaccines and why it’s safe: .

    9. formaldehyde is made by your own metabolism; tiny amounts in vaccines do not change levels in blood. .

    10. NVIC is not a good source of vaccine information. Anti-vaccine organizations overestimate vax risks & underplays benefits.

  18. Dorit Reiss another [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]. Im so sick of these people!

    [ED: Minor edits.]

  19. You are idiots. Had clean water and nutrition been the sole cause of the decline of diseases in the US, they’d all have disappeared at the same time. Why didn’t they? Because of vaccines, you numbskulls.

    [ED: It appears there is just the one numbskull. You. How numb is your skull? Firstly, like a good numbskull [“good” – don’t say we don’t compliment people] you assume good nutrition, clean water and sanitation appeared everywhere in the USA for everyone at the same instant. That is just plain stupid. Secondly, …. yawn …….]

  20. Please keep up with your fantastic page, I only just found it. If you get Dorit(s) bombed, that means YOU MAKING an impact. I am near 100% blocked on facebook …………. I rode out the paid shills last year, this corruption has to stop. angela coral eisenhauer (fb) academia page angela coral eisenhauer Australian phone number 0406668237 the more they block the more I speak out. Dtap is THE cause of the microcephaly in brazil (and the rise from 400 a year to 25,000 a year in USA). Dtap brought in for preg women UK, about 2 yrs ago? Rise in miscarriages. The dtap is so bad, that vaccinated symptomless kids 2 yo siblings, are the ones infecting the new babies. So, in their corrupt “”wisdom”” instead of telling the truth, to stop this new Dtap caused epidemic? They say, oh shit, we better jab babies BEFORE birth, (with a vaccine that kills them if given at birth). Anyway hope you get the message. Msgs still working to me thru wordpress site at the moment.

  21. As for the CDC and Dorito shills paid out of India, I have all the proof of that too. After all the illegal hpv trials on the poor girls in india, no consent, the suicides from cotton farmers in India, who believed the hype about GMO cotton, (failed 2nd year)……….. the Bhopal disaster, doing merck et al drug trials on healthy poor in hyberadad, 800 dead NO compensation. These pricks, turn around and hire their slaves, for $5 a day, to make fake profiles, and be a social media swat team? Appalling absurd…………….. KEEP UP THIS GREAT PAGE>

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