10 Camels die in Nagaur, India. Villagers blame vaccination – [Of course they cannot possibly be right. They are just villagers.]

Some of our regular readers might find this of interest:  10 Camels die in Nagaur, villagers blame vaccination The Times of India Jan 9, 2014

Quick, contact the US CDC and ask them to hire Dr Poul Thorsen to do one of his statistical studies to prove this has nothing to do with Camel vaccines and is probably caused by the camels getting too much ice-cream.

Next we will hear from some of the animal rights lobby saying what a disgrace it is camels may have been harmed and who are always very concerned about Tiddles the Cat getting harmed in the slightest way but we don’t seem to hear from them when it comes to children and vaccines.  Odd thing that, don’t you think?

Who is betting this story gets more hits from animal rights activists than any other in the history of the internet?  [Just kidding.  No really.  Honest to God.]

Here is an excerpt:

When contacted, doctor Dinesh Sharma, joint director, animal husbandry, Nagaur, said, “After the investigations it was found that the camel died of Tripnosomesis, a disease that is very common in chilly winters. In this season, Nagaur had even registered minimum temperatures below 0 degree Celsius.”

On the claims of the farmers that the vaccination proved fatal to the camels, Sharma, said, “Had it been the case, similar deaths would have been reported across the state as the camp is being organised throughout the state. Every year camels die of the disease and there is nothing unusual.

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