MMR/Autism Cases Win In US Vaccine Court

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Robert F Kennedy Jnr writing in The Huffington Post reveals that 1322 hidden cases of vaccine caused brain damage including autism have been successful in the US Vaccine Court including MMR cases: ANOTHER AUTISM CASE WINS IN VACCINE COURT – By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. –  February 24, 2009.

That there were an unknown number of hidden cases and MMR cases was reported by ChildHealthSafety over a month ago here: AUTISM – US Court Decisions and Other Recent Developments – It’s Not Just MMR]

Robert F Kennedy Jnr writing in The Huffington Post reports:-

…… an explosive investigation by CBS News has found that since 1988, the vaccine court has awarded money judgments, often in the millions of dollars, to thirteen hundred and twenty two families whose children suffered brain damage from vaccines. In many of these cases, the government paid out awards following a judicial finding that vaccine injury lead to the child’s autism spectrum disorder. In each of these cases, the plaintiffs’ attorneys made the same tactical decision made by Bailey Bank’s lawyer, electing to opt out of the highly charged Omnibus Autism Proceedings and argue their autism cases in the regular vaccine court. In many other successful cases, attorneys elected to steer clear of the hot button autism issue altogether and seek recovery instead for the underlying brain damage that caused their client’s autism.

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Generation Rescue Advertisement in USA Today

Read on for more:-  Vaccine Court: Autism Debate Continues

2 Responses

  1. The fact that most people have to have double-blind-done-three-times-with-blue-underwear-on-a-full-moon-night studies to tell them what most parents already know —- vaccines are more dangerous than the disease — shows how fully indoctrinated Americans are to following what they are told to do.

    Educate before you vaccinate!

  2. Being a grandmother of 2 boys (brothers) harmed by vaccines..the oldest severe..the label of autism was put on him at about 2 years old after he lost all he had gained in the prior 18 months. Many tests showed that the mercury and measle virus (titers) never excreted from his system. Whatever label they want to pin on him, the fact still shows vaccines harmed him..regardless of the name calling. We are firm believers that vaccines are a money making greed with lack of deep seeded research..and alot of Conflict of Interest. We Thank You for all you have done for the harmed children and my grandson Chazie would also thank you if he could talk.

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