Baby’s family awarded damages after Court rules 6-in-1 Hepatitis B containing vaccine caused her death

Baby’s family awarded damages after hexavalent vaccine ruled cause of her death – From July 7, 2013 by Jeannie Stokowski-Bisanti – Health News.

And despite the serious historic problems with Hepatitis B containing vaccines the UK’s JCVI [Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation] seems to be still planning on introducing GSKs Infanrix Hexa in the UK for infants and when those at risk are intravenous drug users and practitioners of unsafe sex – NOT babies.  This is backed by the British Medical Association the doctors’ trade union which has close links with the drug industry and whose house journal, the British Medical Journal, has commercial deals with the drug industry from which they make substantial amounts annually.

See here for a list of numerous EU countries effecting withdrawals of Infanrix Hexa when it was found to be contaminated [a separate and different issue from the overall safety issues].

And even before this new case there have been numerous withdrawals of EU marketing authorisations for multivalent vaccines containing Hep B vaccine and serious conditions caused by Hepatitis B containing vaccines:

Secret EU Government Report – Wide Range of Child Vaccine Deaths & Injuries – From Just One Six-In-One Vaccine

UK Government Caught Lying On Baby Hep B Vax Safety

Court Fines Doctor Who Did Not Tell Patient Hepatitis B Vaccine Causes Multiple Sclerosis

US Government Concedes Hep B Vaccine Causes Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Another Lethal Vaccine Coming Soon To Your Baby – Pushed by Drug Industry – As Vietnam Suspends Five-in-One DTP, Hib & Hep B Vaccine Following 9 Deaths – But 32 Deaths Also In India, Pakistan, Bhutan & Sri Lanka

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  1. INFANRIX® hexa (combined Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis (DTPa), Hepatitis B, Poliovirus and Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine).
    In Australia, the TGA recalled these batches.
    Batch number Expiry date
    A21CB144A 31 January 2014
    A21CB188D 31 January 2014
    A21CB188E 31 January 2014
    A21CB190A 31 January 2014
    A21CB197A 31 January 2014
    A21CB221B 31 January 2014
    The TGA in Australia does no testing. It relies on manufacturers to advise (and pay) them.
    Do batches in circulation contain “undetected “faults”?
    “INFANRIX hexa” appears by all means to be a very dangerous and risky vaccine.

  2. We thank You!!! On behalf of grandparents who care and parents who are constantly targeted by too many medical officers: MD, GPs and nurses to pressure them with half truths and lies to inject their Babies from birth with toxic, infectious vaccines, vaccines that Kill and damage the health of young and old.

    We work, and pray hoping that the good for nothing good majority of people who, in BLIND FAITH, do not investigate the ”’unhygienic, unethical and immoral practice of vaccinating Babies, Children, Adults young and old with an ever increasing number of toxic vaccines.

    Loving Blessings for good health & safety, and joyful days to You, Family and Friends and Colleagues, here …there … and anywhere on this fragile Planet, right back from the beginning of time. Amen!

    Social Justice Network.

  3. concerned parent,

    I received a letter from the Hon Amanda Rishworth (polly here in Aust) and she wrote that the TGA do…”stringent testing on all vaccines”…

    Could she have been lying to me!?

  4. To: Aussie Mum
    You should ask Hon Amanda Rishworth that very question, and also what her definition of “stringent testing” is.
    If you research for TGA “testing facilities” you will easily discover the truth. TGA does not test vaccines.
    Perhaps you could provide us a copy of Amanda’s letter to you. It could be her downfall.
    Perhaps you have been deceived into thinking that the TGA has their own laboratory? Sadly, they don’t. The TGA is an Australian Government department, top heavy, and which receive all funding from manufacturers and anyone else who wants a drug approved.
    Do you believe any (all) politicians?

  5. If the TGA did test the vaccines, did they test them on new-born babies? Did they test them on lab-rats? Were the lab-rats with equal human-baby cell-structures, and did those rats have any human likening’s? Where were the tested human babies sourced from? Did TGA testing on new-born human babies consider long-term effects for the development of organs flushed with such ingredients of the vaccines? Did you really believe the Hon. Amanda Rishworth, or did you just accept her political response? Ask her directly, and without reservation, if she lied to you. Sorry, but I cannot answer your question. Amanda can.
    Ask Amanda for the “TGA test results”. This will comprehensively answer your query. Publish Amanda’s response please, along with her justification that “TGA does stringent testing”.
    You will then know if Hon. Amanda Rishworth lied to you or not.
    ps: what electorate does Amanda Rishworth represent
    pps: are there many children in Amanda Rishworth’s electorate?

  6. Amanda Rishworth, who wrote that TGA does “stringent testing on all vaccines” is not a qualified to speak on this subject. She is wrong, and should apologise to you, AussieMum.
    No doubt you are as concerned as I am, so let’s start holding people like Amanda to account for their statements. Will you begin?

  7. I completed an overview of the machinations happening in Australia now in response to Aussie Mom.
    Sadly i was advised that AVG could not find You…i clicked on (try again) but it all disappeared……………..sad

  8. [ED: Hotfoot from being trashed on another blog, Preston has come to CHS to troll – yet again.

    Here he wants to make it look like babies are a general at risk group for catching Hepatitis B to justify mass vaccination of all infants at birth against Hepatitis B.

    Remember when reading this that Preston is arguing ALL infants should be vaccinated against Hepatitis B even though there can be extremely serious consequences of the vaccination including death.

    Babies in developed western economies are NOT a general risk group for Hepatitis B infection nor are they a high-risk group.

    His big point appears to be that infants MIGHT be at risk from Hepatitis B infection and yes we are all at risk of being hit by meteorites so let’s all wear tinfoil hats.

    Now remember that this means he advocates that your child gets this vaccine even when not remotely at any risk.

    And of course, as usual, grandiose claims are made by health officials for the safety and efficacy of Hepatitis B vaccines – which is easy to do – just ignore the vast majority of adverse reactions – including death and permanent injury.

    Just so you can see how misleading and cherry-picking Dr Goldacre’s BadScience Forum trolls can be we set out here for you to compare what Preston says with information from the Hepatitis B Foundation how the infection is transmitted and the at-risk groups.


    Hepatitis B is transmitted through blood and infected bodily fluids. This can occur through:

    direct blood-to-blood contact
    unprotected sex
    unsterile needles
    from an infected woman to her newborn during the delivery process.

    Other possible routes of infection include sharing sharp instruments such as razors, toothbrushes or earrings. Body piercing, tattooing and acupuncture are also possible routes of infection unless sterile needles are used

    Hepatitis B is NOT transmitted casually. It cannot be spread through sneezing, coughing, hugging or eating food prepared by someone who is infected with hepatitis B. Everyone is at some risk for a hepatitis B infection, but some groups are at higher risk because of their occupation or life choices.

    High Risk Groups

    Health care workers and emergency personnel
    Infants born to mothers who are infected at the time of delivery
    Partners or individuals living in close household contact with an infected person
    Individuals with multiple sex partners, past or present
    Individuals who have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease
    Illicit drug users (injecting, inhaling, snorting, popping pills)
    Men who have sex with men
    Individuals who received a blood transfusion prior to 1992
    Individuals who get tattoos or body piercing
    Individuals who travel to countries where hepatitis B is common (Asia, Africa, South America, the Pacific Islands, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East)
    Individuals emigrating from countries where hepatitis B is common, or born to parents who emigrated from these countries (see above)
    Families adopting children from countries where hepatitis B is common (see above)
    Individuals with early kidney disease or undergoing kidney dialysis
    Individuals who use blood products for medical conditions (i.e.hemophilia)
    Residents and staff of correctional facilities and group homes]

    Here is what Preston has to say:

    I am afraid you are incorrect again here. Infants are at risk of Hepatitis B. The various ways it can be caught can be found in the following health advice:

    The Victorian Department of Health states:

    Hepatitis B virus is spread in the blood, sexual secretions or saliva of a hepatitis B infected person by:

    •sharing drug injecting equipment
    •sharps injury
    •sharing razors, toothbrushes etc
    •sexual contact
    •mother to baby at birth
    •child to child, usually through open sores or wounds

    That is correct, transmission at birth and through breastfeeding.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states:

    Hepatitis B spreads through blood or other body fluids that contain small amounts of blood of an infected person. People can spread the virus even when they have no symptoms.

    Babies and children can get hepatitis B in the following ways:

    •At birth from their infected mother.
    •From bites from an infected person.
    •By touching open cuts or sores of an infected person.
    •Through sharing toothbrushes or other personal items used by an infected person.
    •From food that was chewed (for a baby) by an infected person.
    •From ear piercing needles that were not cleaned well.
    The virus can live on objects for 7 days or more. Even if you don’t see any blood, there could be virus on an object.

    Again hepatitis B is transmitted at birth. Not only that, but people who are infected, but have no symptoms can still spread the virus.

    The World Health Organisation states:

    In highly endemic areas, HBV is most commonly spread from mother to child at birth, or from person to person in early childhood.

    Perinatal or early childhood transmission may also account for more than one third of chronic infections in areas of low endemicity, although in those settings, sexual transmission and the use of contaminated needles, especially among injecting drug users, are the major routes of infection.

    The hepatitis B virus can survive outside the body for at least seven days. During this time, the virus can still cause infection if it enters the body of a person who is not protected by the vaccine.

    Mother to baby transmission is the most common form of transmission in the world.

    Always happy to help.

  9. [ED: More trolling in the Preston comment below.

    He wants everyone to believe all babies should receive the hepatitis B vaccine because they are at risk.

    But here he confirms the babies considered to be at risk are those born to mothers infected at the time of delivery and not all babies.

    And what he also misses out is how many of them there are.

    The numbers of mothers who are infected at the time of birth is miniscule. But Preston thinks all 600,000 infants should risk death or serious injury from the vaccine because of that.

    To get an indication of how rare it is for an infant to be borne to a mother infected at the time of delivery. the number of babies born in the UK who are vaccinated – because their mothers come from countries with higher rates of infection – and not necessarily because the mother is infected at the time of delivery – is about 0.3%. That is about 2000 out of around 600,000 annual births.

    So the mothers who are infected at the time of delivery are likely to be a very small proportion of the 0.3%.

    But worse than that – Preston pedantically picks a really minor point in the context of the CHS blog post to make a grossly misleading point and at the same time shows a callous disregard for infants who die from the vaccine.

    Preston considers it is a game – he uses a football analogy.

    And on a Saturday he shows what seems typical of the BadScience Forum trolls. He spends his time commenting on blogs – and that is not in the course of running a blog. Preston does it for sport in his spare time and on a Saturday. Sad boy.]

    Ed, did you notice the second of the high risk groups in that link from the Hepatitis B foundation? Just in case you missed it.

    “Infants born to mothers who are infected at the time of delivery”

    So infants are at risk of Hepatitis B. Particularly when it is known that people can be asymptomatic and still have active virus.

    I think you scored an own goal here.

    Always happy to help.

  10. [ED: Even more trolling from BadScience Forum troll Chris Preston with unsubstantiated claims which are false as usual.

    This time in the comment below he tells an outright whopping untruth. He claims “mother to baby transmission” of Hepatitis B is rare in the Western world is entirely because of vaccination.

    That is completely false. Around 600,000 infants born in the UK annually are not at risk because their mothers are not infected and none of them have been vaccinated – neither mothers nor babies.

    The fact the mothers are not infected has nothing to do with vaccination. Hep B vaccination is not routine in the UK.

    Preston trolls here with this kind of false information to mislead.

    On a different blog he claimed only 20% of children in Pakistan had been vaccinated against measles whilst simultaneously citing figures that 80% to 88% had been vaccinated. He cited a newspaper editorial as his source – ha! That is the quality of information Preston provides.

    Preston is always happy to help with unsubstantiated false and misleading information. What a troll [or perhaps idiot?].

    We are only grateful he has provided yet another example. “Own goal” in his terminology.

    Hope that clarifies matters for you Preston.

    We are always happy to help.

    Heh, heh.

    Read it now:]

    Ed, an addendum to my post of yesterday. The WHO states that mother to baby transmission is the most common form of transmission world wide. The fact that this type of transmission is relatively rare in the Western world is entirely down to vaccination.

    Hope that helps.

    Always happy to help, etc., etc.

  11. Readers can see the kind of thing many blogs have to contend with and why CHS and other blogs have to moderate comments from Dr Ben Goldacre’s BadScience Forum troll-spammers.

    Having made the totally false claim that mother to baby transmission is rare in the Western world is entirely down to vaccination Preston claims now on another blog in a distant galaxy far far away that he is correcting errors on CHS.

    What a troll-spammer Preston is.

    Always happy to help Chris 🙂 .

  12. As breastfeeding is a cause of transmission, should every breastfed baby be vaccinated, to appease those who are affected? They say that a baby is born every second of the day now. That’s an awful lot of vaccines, and an awful lot of money involved. What is the rate of survival of those who are not currently injected with this vaccine? How much did the court award the parents of the child killed by the vaccine?

  13. This is not only place he trolls. Should get a job.

  14. Are any vaccines considered safe? My baby is due his first 6 in 1 and PCV next week and I’m very concerned about them. I know the doctor will push them. I was considering getting individual vaccines on our own schedule but I’m not educated enough on the science to know if any are safe and therefore feel the doctor will feel able to debate me into conceding. I’m also worried if it will effect him further down the line, play schools and other groups may reject him if he’s not immunised. Has anyone any advice. Please.

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