New Research Shows How Gardasil and Cervarix Vaccines Can Silently Kill Your Daughters And Sons

How have vaccines been silently killing children and adults without seeming to leave any trace?   Many unexplained infant deaths have occurred over decades following vaccination but the vaccines are never blamed by health officials as the cause.

New research into Gardasil and Cervarix HPV vaccines just published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs by researchers at the University of British Columbia, Canada reveals what appears to be evidence of the smoking gun – traces indicating the vaccines have been triggering potentially fatal autoimmune vasculopathies.  Below we publish the abstract of the new research with a link for you to download and read the full paper.

Autopsy results of two young women who died from seemingly unknown causes following vaccination with the HPV vaccine Gardasil revealed no anatomical, microbiological nor toxicological findings that might have explained their deaths.  The two young women suffered from cerebral vasculitis-type symptoms following vaccination with the HPV vaccine Gardasil.  Post-mortem brain tissue specimens from their brains were analysed for various immunoinflammatory markers.

Results from this research suggest that HPV vaccines containing particular substances [antigens HPV-16L1] pose an inherent risk for triggering potentially fatal autoimmune vasculopathies.  Cervarix also contains these substances.

So should you risk your daughter’s life and health by exposing her to the HPV vaccine?   The vaccine itself is pointless for 12-13 year old British school girls.  The chance of death from cervical cancer before age 20 is ZERO [see Cancer Research UK statistics – Cervical cancer mortality Statistics By age] – download stats as a table].   The evidence of duration of protection is 5 years [assuming the vaccine works as claimed – which is unproven and will not be known for 40 years].

The research shows that many of the symptoms reported to vaccine safety surveillance databases following HPV vaccination are indicative of cerebral vasculitis, but are unrecognized as such (i.e., intense persistent migraines, syncope, seizures, tremors and tingling, myalgia, locomotor abnormalities, psychotic symptoms and cognitive deficits).

CHS has separately obtained evidence showing that British Health officials in the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency [MHRA] published analyses of adverse reactions to GSK’s Cervarix vaccine in such a way that the conditions underlying the reported symptoms of 4700 adverse reactions in 4.2 million British schoolgirls could never be identified.  This looks like “cooking the books” to ensure no information would be made public which might suggest the vaccine is dangerous – thereby ensuring the lives and health of British school children was put at risk in this mass experiment on these schoolgirls.  British health officials have now from this September abandoned GSK’s Cervarix vaccine in favour of Gardasil claiming the change is all due to tendering competition.  That of course cannot be correct because the Department of Health was previously heavily criticised for allowing only a single source to supply a vaccine when that resulted in supply difficulties.  So leaving a single source for the HPV vaccine would similarly repeat the previously heavily criticised arrangements.

To diagnose an underlying condition it is fundamental that all the symptoms be considered together.  What the MHRA officials did was to split up the symptoms each girl suffered to report the symptoms separately under five categories which bore no relation to the potential underlying conditions suffered by these children.  A large number of the reported individual symptoms are symptoms of an encephalopathy – which is a general medical term for a brain disease or injury.  But it will never be known from the MHRA’s published analyses because 1) all the symptoms were split up and 2) not a single reported adverse reaction was the subject of clinical investigation despite Cervarix being a new vaccine whose full adverse effects were unknown.

98 in every 100 adverse drug reactions are known to be under-reported and symptoms of some vaccine adverse reactions do not appear for months or years so the real rate of adverse reactions from the mildest to the most severe could well have been as high as 1 in every 10 girls receiving the vaccine.

So can we trust government and health officials with anything including when it comes to keeping our children safe from harms they insist the children are exposed to?  No.  So nothing new there then.  Same old same old crooked government behaviours.  Which is the bigger risk to your children?  World terrorism or your own government?  Yes that’s right – government wins that contest by a massive margin.  It is unbelievably rare for any of your children to be at risk from terrorist attack.  It is vastly more common for your children to be at risk from all manner of government health and other agencies.

And why does our headline refer to sons?  It is being suggested the same vaccines be given to boys also.  Breathtakingly health officials are coming for your sons too.   It is more bizarre than the plot of a Batman movie.

For previous CHS articles about HPV vaccine and the widespread harms they have been causing please see the following:

Abstract:  Death after Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine: Causal or Coincidental?

Lucija Tomljenovic1* and Christopher A Shaw1,2,3
1Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada
2Program in Experimental Medicine, University of British Columbia, Canada
3Program in Neuroscience, University of British Columbia, Canada


Background: The proper understanding of a true risk from vaccines is crucial for avoiding unnecessary adverse  reactions (ADRs). However, to this date no solid tests or criteria have been established to determine whether adverse events are causally linked to vaccinations.

Objectives: This research was carried out to determine whether or not some serious autoimmune and neurological ADRs following HPV vaccination are causal or merely coincidental and to validate a biomarker-based immunohistochemical (IHC) protocol for assessing causality in case of vaccination-suspected serious adverse neurological outcomes.

Methods: Post-mortem brain tissue specimens from two young women who suffered from cerebral vasculitis-type symptoms following vaccination with the HPV vaccine Gardasil were analysed by IHC for various immunoinflammatory markers. Brain sections were also stained for antibodies recognizing HPV-16L1 and HPV-18L1 antigen which are present in Gardasil.

Results: In both cases, the autopsy revealed no anatomical, microbiological nor toxicological findings that might have explained the death of the individuals. In contrast, our IHC analysis showed evidence of an autoimmune vasculitis potentially triggered by the cross-reactive HPV-16L1 antibodies binding to the wall of cerebral blood vessels in all examined brain samples. We also detected the presence of HPV-16L1 particles within the cerebral vasculature with some HPV-16L1 particles adhering to the blood vessel walls. HPV-18L1 antibodies did not bind to cerebral blood vessels nor any other neural tissues. IHC also showed increased T-cell signalling and marked activation of the classical antibody-dependent complement pathway in cerebral vascular tissues from both cases. This pattern of complement activation in the absence of an active brain infection indicates an abnormal triggering of the immune response in which the immune attack is directed towards self-tissue.

Conclusions: Our study suggests that HPV vaccines containing HPV-16L1 antigens pose an inherent risk for triggering potentially fatal autoimmune vasculopathies.

Practice implications: Cerebral vasculitis is a serious disease which typically results in fatal outcomes when undiagnosed and left untreated. The fact that many of the symptoms reported to vaccine safety surveillance databases following HPV vaccination are indicative of cerebral vasculitis, but are unrecognized as such (i.e., intense persistent migraines, syncope, seizures, tremors and tingling, myalgia, locomotor abnormalities, psychotic symptoms and cognitive deficits), is a serious concern in light of the present findings. It thus appears that in some cases vaccination may be the triggering factor of fatal autoimmune/neurological events. Physicians should be aware of this association.

Access entire article here.

*Corresponding author: Lucija Tomljenovic, Neural Dynamics Research Group, 828 W. 10th Ave.,Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5Z 1L8, Tel: 604-875-4111 (ext. 68375); Fax: 604-876-4376; E-mail:

Received September 13, 2012; Accepted October 02, 2012; Published October 04, 2012

Citation: Tomljenovic L, Shaw CA (2012) Death after Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination: Causal or Coincidental? Pharmaceut Reg Affairs S12:001. doi:10.4172/2167-7689.S12-001

Copyright: © 2012 Tomljenovic L, et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

18 Responses

  1. Interesting. I’ll be investigating further.

    JFYI, in australia here, boys are already getting the vaccine ( gardasil I think )

  2. And do the two people who conducted the research have any known previous bias towards vaccinations, ome way or the other ? ( that you’re aware of ? )

    [ED: Does a history of uncovering unpalatable findings about vaccines in previous research count as bias or does it mean a truly scientific approach to research – to go where others who favour the drug industry will not? So your question is loaded and maybe you might want to consider what is bias? Might people consider that bias is following the evidence regardless of where it takes us? If someone sees wrongdoing and reports it – are they biased or are they doing what everyone else ought to but are not?]

  3. Excellent article which should be widely spread.
    Two tragic cases after Gardasil, and it is known that many more have lost their lives due to this scandalous vaccine.

    There is very little support and often resistance regarding thorough autopsies after Gardasil deaths. This is no doubt because vaccine promoters do not wish to be presented with information which signals the cause of death after Gardasil.
    Perhaps a fund should be started to support the sorrowful families who wish for autopsies to be carried out after Gardasil deaths?

  4. hey ED – I understand your point and I already hold that view myself anyway. I was asking as it plays a part in any related discussions, and I want to know all the facts about everything and everyone. It’s how I work. I don’t know these researchers so it just goes into my brain and stored for later, if ever necessary or needing consideration.

    It’s not a blaming factor, but it is something I want to be aware of, no matter who is doing the talking, or the research.

    As an example, even though I support a similar position to yourself and this site, I would still investigate who you were ( background, history, financials whatever etc ) to make sure I knew who I was dealing with was indeed who they are representing themselves to be. ( no offence, or judgements to you, or anyone, by the way ) ( Something I can’t do with you because of your anonymity however, unfortunately )

    If I am to be thorough, then I have to make myself explore and know all avenues of input, the history of everything and everyone, as I have to be able to make my best own judgements on things. I wish it didn’t have to be this way, but I have learnt not to take anything at face value – a result of the lack of integrity in our world.

    This site, and I assume you as well, have been investigating and reporting on these things for quite a few years it seems, I’m fairly new.

    And I trust my own judgement best. ( but no-one’s perfect of course ).

    So, since posting my harmless, actually sincerely unloaded question, I’ve seen some other research that one of these researchers has done. And that helps me form a mental profile on who he is. A start anyway.

    Then of course I also have to cross reference all the actual science, the data, with help from other scientists and researchers, as I’m not a scientists, but I do have a fairly decent brain ( I like to think ).

    Just so you know where I’m coming from. For future reference.

    And there will be, the way things are shaping at this end, anyway.

  5. PS when I say ‘financials’ I mean to note any financial relationships, sponsorships, investments or whatever, should there be any.

    Overall, just anything that might or might not be relevant.

    [ED: Any individual or group of people who criticise vaccination as a practice even on sound evidence are treated as heretics and are metaphorically burnt at the stake and would be literally if some had their way.

    Here is a CHS article which by inescapable logic on the basis of hard and pretty obvious fact sets out the correct position running directly counter to the entirely scientifically and intellectually fraudulent position held by those who promote vaccines:

    Small Pox – Big Lie – Bioterrorism Implications of Flawed Theories of Eradication

    Now – who would publish that if they had untoward financial relationships? No one.

    Hope it helps you make up your mind.]

  6. This is a very poor study. For a start, when you set out to prove the vaccine is responsible you are introducing huge bias.
    There are no controls or validation of the tools used (which were by their admission developed to look for vaccine culpability in these cases).

    They make a number of suspect leaps, one of which is to say that edema= focal blood brain barrier disruption (because it fits their theory).
    Also, there is no way that cerebral vasculitis severe enough to cause death woul be missed in an autopsy. I understand that special stains may be needed to demonstrate inflammation, but if that is the case, how did this micro inflammation cause death. Sudden death from vasculitis would be due to stroke, and they didn’t have any evidence of this.

    Edema and herniation would not cause sudden death as described. They would have significant mental status changes over hours at least. In any case it seems that edema wasn’t severe enough to cause death either, and was probably secondary.

    Is that enough for you to see that it is all very easy to believe a “study” like this if it supports your belief that vaccines are bad, but it isn’t that simple. A study needs to be evaluated, which needs a bit of scientific background.

    T & S don’t make any such disclosures but I think they have in the past been funded by anti vaccination groups. Like other researchers who receive funds from drug companies, this should be disclosed. Otherwise they seem to be treading a Wakefield type path, dare I say it. Lionize him all you like, but his research was fraudulent.

    [ED: Hardly independent reliable comments from Carolyn Bursle if this is the same Carolyn Bursle found on claiming currently to support three causes two of which are “The Anti-anti-vaccine campaign” and “The Immunization Initiative” the latter of which claims “There is no scientific controversy about the safety or effectiveness of vaccines. This Cause is dedicating to supporting awareness of the value of vaccines in the face of a small minority who deny the overwhelming scientific and medical evidence.”

    Regrettably it is an unthinking minority who go about making claims that vaccines are safe and effective in the teeth of the evidence that there are problems with vaccine safety and with their efficacy – as currently being demonstrated with Whooping Cough vaccine – it does not work and epidemics result in which children die – when what are needed are effective treatments in the 21st Century for these 19th Century diseases but the medical professions just ignore the issue and put children at risk from vaccine adverse reactions:

    Major Whooping Cough Epidemics – Vaccine Not Working

    Whooping Cough Vaccine – Doesn’t Work – GSK Says “We Never Bothered to Check”]

    There are of course just the nasty attention seekers like Dr David Gorski and the pseudo-skeptics whose free time appears to be spent spewing forth incorrect information and propaganda often spiced with bile and unpleasant sometimes vicious personal remarks against those who point out how unsafe and ineffective vaccines really are.

    Children deserve better and especially children deserve safe and effective treatments for diseases and not to be put at risk of death and injury from vaccines. It is time the medical professions got off their collective backside, pulled their fingers out and got on with it for the sake of children worldwide instead of cosying up to a drug industry which has more than its share of fraud and crookery and regarding the safety and efficacy of drugs in general.

  7. […] Gardasil- that is surely in the news lately. It may help show what happens when we rush into pushing things before we know long term or even side effects. They even tried pushing it for boys-more money. Now there is an update on that vaccine here. […]

  8. Our daughter Lucy is the girl in the above article ‘Girl 13 in waking coma, sleeps 23 hours a day’. She actually went on to suffer a coma like sleep for 13 weeks. She was only ever semi-conscious to take food and medication. She never opened her eyes and couldn’t speak. She had a constant headache. She has no memory of the 13 weeks.The National Health Service have been totally unable to identify a cause but it all started on the day of the vaccine. This research explains precisely why our daughter has been so ill.

  9. […] New Research Shows How Gardasil and Cervarix Vaccines Can Silently Kill Your Daughters And Sons […]

  10. Thank you for helping get the word out. cat’s out of the bag & not going back in.

  11. […] New Research Shows How Gardasil and Cervarix Vaccines Can Silently Kill Your Daughters And Sons […]

  12. […] New Research Shows How Gardasil and Cervarix Vaccines Can Silently Kill Your Daughters And Sons […]

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