How To Blame The Placebo When A Clinical Trial Drug Kills – Do You Really Want to Trust That Vaccine On Your Kids?

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This excellent lecture by Dr David Healy shows many things about how drug trials are manipulated to get ineffective dangerous drugs approved and marketed.  It includes an example of how the suicide of a drug trial participant was recorded as a “placebo suicide”.

So are you really sure you want your child to be vaccinated with a vaccine from drug companies that do these kinds of things:

Time to abandon evidence based medicine?


Adults To Get Routine Booster MMR As Studies Prove MMR Vaccine Is Failing

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The summary below of a study covering a 30 year period is from the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases Conference Review 31st Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID), held in Milan Italy May 28 – Jun 1 2013

This brief report reinforces previous CHS articles reporting formal studies regarding vaccine failure and disease outbreaks in the vaccinated and in particular this report: Mayo Clinic Expert Confirms Measles Vaccine Is Failing – So it’s NOT the unvaccinated. [See end for links to other related CHS reports].  Of course if anyone claims vaccines do not cause autistic conditions, this is for them: Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines].

If you are not sure whether to feel cheated by medical “science“, read this and remove all doubt: Measles To Be Eradicated in 1967 With 55% Vaccine Coverage”.  These people do not know what they are doing and they are eradicating natural human disease immunity in the process.  Quite an achievement for “science“.

Clearly, effective treatments are needed for age-old basic childhood diseases.  These treatments would solve the problems vaccines cause, not least the corruption in medicine and government regarding claims vaccines are safe when they cause numerous chronic health problems, including asthma, allergies, diabetes and many more in a large proportion of the child and adult population.  These health problems cost health services very substantial amounts to treat over each victim’s lifetime and make a great deal of money for the drug industry.

Cohort study for 30 years: persistence of measles, mumps and rubella antibodies induced by 2-dose MMR vaccination

Speaker: I Davidkin

Summary: A cohort study was started in Finland in 1982 at the same time the 2-dose MMR nationwide vaccination programme was introduced. Over time, the persistence of MMR vaccine-induced antibody levels in the cohort has been studied. This follow-up study showed a remarkable decline of measles, mumps and rubella antibody levels in the 30 years after vaccination.

Comment (SR): Data were presented from Finnish cohort study concerning 30-year immunity following MMR vaccine with the first dose in 1982 and second dose in 1987, with high coverage for both doses. This longitudinal study started with a cohort of 350 individuals and just over 160 individuals were available for this analysis. In this cohort, the data show that rubella immunity is stable with close to 100% remaining seropositive, for measles 90% remain seropositive and for mumps immunity had declined more significantly to around 80% seropositivity. The GMT declined against all three antigens but immunity depends on antibodies and cellular immunity. In summary, there have been some cases of measles in vaccinated individuals, in mumps outbreaks approximately 50% of cases have occurred in vaccinated individuals but protection against rubella is secure. These data do raise the possibility that adult booster doses of MMR vaccine may be required; disease surveillance with known vaccination status will determine whether such doses are required.

Session: Oral session 4. Vaccinations in special circumstances

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Mother Left to Rot In Gaol On Discredited Science – Australia’s Famous “Fair Play” Is Only For Cricket – Not Mothers – The Case of Kathleen Folbigg

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CHS brings you an excellent newly published paper by legally qualified former journalist Michael Nott.  It deals with the Kathleen Folbigg case and addresses how mothers are convicted of murdering their children with no evidence other than unproven discredited theories from expert witnesses and when the causes of death can be natural.  Here is the abstract and to download the full academically published paper click the title.  It is published on the law website Networked Knowledge dealing with miscarriages of justice, law and the legal system.


‘People are … convicted for the illegal acts that they do’ Interview with Richard Refshauge, (then) director of Public Prosecutions ACT, 20 July 2004.


This article considers the two discredited hypotheses of Sir Roy Meadow: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (‘MSBP’) and the ‘rule of three’ in relation to multiple infant deaths. These hypotheses are controversial. While appellate courts have either rejected them outright or called them speculative, they have been used to achieve convictions in other courts.

This article considers how these hypotheses were used in the trial of Kathleen Folbigg, specifically in the prosecution’s questioning and eliciting of witness responses. Although not acknowledged specifically by name, the hypotheses underlined the expert testimony of the prosecution witnesses, thereby creating a presumption of guilt. It is argued that this presumption was compounded by the use of exclusion evidence and the implied use of discredited statistical calculations previously utilised, and rejected, in the trial of Sally Clark.

These questionable hypotheses were rejected in a later similar Australian case.

There is a failure of courts in the Folbigg case to recognise that siblings could die for reasons that are natural. This article considers the view that evidence of significant bacterial infection cannot be ruled out as a potential cause of death in two of the Folbigg children, thus giving rise to the prospect of an unsafe conviction.


Folbigg, Meadow, cot death theory, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, MSPB, judicial failure, system failure, medical expert evidence, bacterial infection, statistics, sudden infant death, sudden unexplained infant death, rule of three.

Making Medicine More Dangerous for You and Your Children – Drug Industry Wins System Which Hides Drug Hazards

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Why You Should Not Trust Dr Ben Goldacre On Drug Safety – Is Goldacre Really GlaxoSmithKline’s Trojan?

[See also recent new posts: 1) Congratulations Dr Ben Goldacre On Undermining Drug Safety Worldwide and 2) Dr Ben Goldacre Forced By CHS to Answer Criticism Over Drug Safety – But Not Before Goldacre’s Usual Response – Bullying, Abuse & Harassment]

If you go out and buy a car which the dealer knows has serious undisclosed faults, a crime has been committed.

It is an accepted fact even in the drug industry that most drugs do not work in most people.  So if you go out and buy a drug which for most people does not work and which has serious undisclosed faults which could kill or injure [eg. VIOXX] no one in the drug industry goes to gaol.

This CHS post is about safety: your safety, your children’s safety and your family’s safety.

This is also in part about how drug companies withhold data on drug trials which show their drugs do not work and are dangerous.

This post is also about Dr Ben Goldacre’s role in giving the appearance of holding the drug industry to account over drug trial data whilst the end result seems to be Dr Ben Goldacre is helping the drug industry make it look like progress is made whilst in fact manipulating drug safety issues so that we have the same old same old.  In recent times Dr Goldacre along with Dr Fiona Godlee, British Medical Journal Editor, have been campaigning to get drug companies to sign up to the AllTrials campaign. 

Dr Ben Goldacre founded the AllTrials campaign.  Why did he found the AllTrials campaign? What was in it for him?  Who suggested it?  Who funded it? Who supported it? And why have we ended up with what Dr Healy describes as a disaster for us all and a victory for the drug industry, all successfully fronted by Dr Ben Goldacre:

Everyone is in a spin.  AllTrials are asking for more donations to continue their successful campaign.

As someone who has been working the GSK system, I can say with confidence that this is a disaster.

Dr David Healy has published HERE a remarkably astute analysis of how GlaxoSmithKline has succeeded in manipulating the AllTrials campaign and giving the appearance of transparency in making drug trial data available:

…….  soon after being fined $3 Billion, GSK trumpeted their endorsement of transparency by signing up to the AllTrials campaign and declaring their intention to put in place a method to allow researchers access to clinical trial data that would go beyond the wildest dreams of researchers.  See April Fool in Harlow, and GSK’s Journey.

Healy notes regarding Dr Ben Goldacre:

When GSK signed up to AllTrials Ben Goldacre rolled over and purred.  The BMJ featured Andrew Witty on their front cover as the candidate of hope.  ………….

In contrast, on this blog, 1boringoldman and on RxISK a small group have warned consistently that this was not good news.  That what would be put in place was a mechanism that gave the appearances of transparency but in fact would lock academics into agreeing with GSK and other companies as to what the outcomes of their trials have been.

No one wanted to rain on the AllTrials parade – it never seems like a good idea to fracture a coalition. RxISK put the AllTrials logo on its front page.

Not content with a few academic ghost authors, GSK’s maneuver has put industry well on the way to making Academia a ghost, a glove puppet manipulated by company marketing departments.

Meanwhile Iain Chalmers co-wrote an editorial with GSK endorsing the GSK approach (The Attitude of Chicks to Trojans and Horses) and the British Government produced a document on clinical trial data access that could have been written in GSK central.

Seasoned observers of Dr Goldacre’s progress and career may feel they have good reason to be sceptical of Dr Goldacre’s actions and motives.  Sun Tsu counselled that to know what the enemy thinks observe what they do, not what they say.

Dr Goldacre in his books and other writing gives the appearance of being critical of the drug industry.  But he only ever seems to write about issues and events that have been known about for a very long time.  Of course, if enough people start making the same observation then perhaps Dr Ben Goldacre may change his approach and write the occasional exposé. Until then, it is a fairly safe bet that Dr Ben Goldacre will carry on as he has always done and never write anything critical about the drug industry which has not already been well covered elsewhere.

In short, Goldacre has ensured he and his camp followers have the fig-leaf to claim he is critical of the drug industry whilst the reality is no damage is done as it has already been done by many others before.

The fact that Dr Goldacre, from absolutely nowhere, suddenly emerged to found the AllTrials campaign is frankly bizarre.  Why him and why then and now?

Dr Ben Goldacre also owns and operates an online “BadScience” forum.  Members of the forum are encouraged to attack practitioners of herbal and complementary and alternative medicine on blogs, in comment fora and to public authorities claiming their treatments are not scientifically proven.  Dr Goldacre wrote in his advice to his forum members: “The time for talking has passed. I draw the line at kidnapping, incidentally.

Now there are good reasons to conclude one too many of these people are bullies.  But there is one supervening reason.  Other reasons include that some members of the BadScience forum block discussion and that some for sport in their spare time disrupt other fora on the internet and attack, bully, abuse and harass ordinary people and parents of very sick children wanting to share information. Groups like Dr Ben Goldacre’s BadScience forum are organised for just such a purpose on the internet.

A bully picks on others who are weaker than them and Dr Ben Goldacre and one too many of his followers seem to be no exception to this. A bully makes sure, right or wrong, he is always on the stronger side.  Dr Ben Goldacre’s main approach is to attack what he claims is “Bad Science“.  He has for years written as a columnist in a UK national newspaper, The Guardian, a “Bad Science” column.  His website is called “BadScience” and his forum is called “BadScience“.

It is of course also a mystery how it could be that a medical doctor with no degree level scientific training and qualifications was appointed to write a column about science.  And at the time Dr Ben Goldacre was a psychiatrist at the Institute of Psychiatry.  Psychiatry is the least successful branch of medicine in history with treatments lacking any scientific foundations like cutting nerves in a patient’s brain and applying 400 volts to a patient’s brain with what is called electro-convulsive “therapy” [ECT].  Do that to your laptop and the results will not fail to disappoint.

So here is the problem and harm Dr Ben Goldacre poses to everyone by his actions.  The drug industry has had the same approach for over a century.  Medicines from herbs, vitamins and many other other natural products like cod liver oil are known for be safe and effective.  The modern pharmaceutical industry has its foundations and origin in supplying just such products.  But now they are inexpensive and not patented, but still effective and so are a threat to the drug industry’s profitability.

The main reason why Complementary and Alternative Medicine is not “scientifically proven” is because no one has been funding the research to prove remedies already known to be safe and effective for hundreds and even thousands of years.  Dr Ben Goldacre knows this.  So like all bullies he takes the stronger side to bully those in a weaker position.

Now let us put some numbers to this so you can see just exactly what kind of bully Dr Ben Goldacre is.  The U.S. National Institutes of Health [NIH] spends annually on medical research about US$27 billion, on pharmaceutically-oriented Western medicine.  The amount it spends on alternative medicine is a tiny tiny fraction of approximately US$130 million and it did not start supporting CAM research until 1992.

So how can Goldacre claim most of CAM has no scientific basis?  That is easy.  No one has paid to do the science on it whereas they spend billions of dollars on research the drug industry benefits from.  For CAM research to catch up would require the US NIH to devote its entire annual budget just to CAM research and do so for several decades.

Yet Dr Ben Goldacre is reported to have said:

one of the central themes of my book [Bad Science] is that there are no real differences between the $600 billion pharmaceutical industry and the $50 billion food supplement pill industry“.

Clearly that is not true when one looks at the amount just the US government spends via the NIH on pharmaceutically-oriented Western medical research.

One of the other problems with Dr Ben Goldacre is that he targets easy targets where criticism might be justified say where an individual makes claims about a product which are not supportable.  That kind of thing is easy.  But the impression given to the entire world by the actions of Dr Ben Goldacre is that all of these treatments are useless and peddled by charlatans when that is not true.

And you must also ask yourself, how can it be then that Dr Ben Goldacre is not campaigning for say half of the US NIH budget to be spent establishing the sound scientific credentials for CAM?  Surely, Dr Goldacre cannot be ignorant of the fact that herbal and CAM treatments and remedies have in many cases long histories of safe and effective use? 

And so why does Dr Ben Goldacre spend so much of his time bullying others when he would be doing a much greater service campaigning for research to prove CAM treatments as safe and effective.  Instead he spends his time trying to eradicate safe and effective CAM treatments and deny them to everyone to the benefit of the drug industry.

Why would he do that if we all can benefit from the wider availability of proven safe effective inexpensive natural treatments?  What is in it for him to harm everyone else’s interests in that way?

And why is he so hell-bent on pursuing the drug industry’s agenda of wiping out herbal medicine and CAM treatments instead of campaigning to establish they are safe and effective?

To know what the enemy thinks observe what they do, not what they say.

And we recommend to all CHS readers to go to Dr David Healy’s blog and read what Dr Healy has to say about Dr Ben Goldacre’s AllTrials campaign and how badly it has ended for all of the rest of us.

This is what Dr Healy has to say about what Dr Ben Goldacre’s AllTrials campaign has achieved:

The key thing that companies are trying to hide are the data on adverse events.  To get to grips with the adverse events in a clinical trial is a bit like playing the children’s game Memory – where you have a bunch of cards with faces turned face down and you get to pick up two and then have to remember where in the mixture those two were when you later turn up a possible match.

Patterns of Deception

In the same way, picking up adverse events is about recognizing patterns – patterns of events, and patterns of deception.

To do this you have to be able to spread maybe a hundred documents out over a big area and dip back into them if something in one document reminds you of something in another.  The new GSMA-ESK remote access system simply won’t allow this.

Not only will it not allow this but it is about to make things far far worse than they are at present.

At the moment when it comes to studies like Study 329, GSK have been stuck by a Court order with putting the Company’s Study Reports up on the web where they can be downloaded and pored over – all 5,500 pages of them for Study 329.  They have refused to do the same for the 77,000 pages of raw data from Study 329, making it available to a small group of us through a remote desktop system.

For all other trials – future and past – investigators won’t even be able to get the Company Study Reports in usable form.  They too will only be accessed remotely.

For anyone who wants to look at the efficacy of a drug this might just about work for outcomes that involve rating scale scores or lipid levels.   The efficacy of drugs is pretty well all that most Cochrane groups, Iain Chalmers and Ben Goldacre are interested in.  The Cochrane exceptions have been Tom Jefferson, Peter Doshi and the Tamiflu group.

But this system is a bust when it comes to adverse events and it won’t work if the efficacy outcomes are in any way complex.

Health Officials, Press & Police – Caught Covering Up Vaccine Death of Child Aged 2 – Officials Continued Vaccinations Harming Many More Children With Dangerous Known Useless Flu Vaccine

Regular CHS readers know one too many health officials lie about the dangers for children of vaccines, but in this case the cover-up was documented and copies of the documents were obtained and published. 

If you do not understand how zealotic one too many health officials are about promoting vaccines and covering up the hazards for your children, maybe this might help you. Greg Beattie of the renamed Australian Vaccination Network [‘AVN’] reports the case: Apparently “…there’s nothing to debate” May 20, 2014.

Whilst the documents have only recently been obtained, this relates to the Australian flu vaccination campaign in 2010 when the vaccine had to be withdrawn, but not before large numbers of Australian infants were harmed by a vaccine which is pointless for them.

After the body count mounted up Australian health officials eventually withdrew the vaccine but they did not admit to deaths:  Australia Bans Flu Vaccine – Child In Coma – Many Hospitalised with the Chief Medical Officer Jim Bishop claiming the concerns were:

about a spike in the number of West Australian youngsters experiencing fever and convulsions after getting the shot”: “Don’t give children flu jab: chief medical officer“  Syndey Morning Herald April 23, 2010

Despite a death giving Australian health officials plenty of reason to take precautions after the deaths, they carried on vaccinating until forced by the numbers of injured children to stop, with Bishop disingenuously saying:

This is a precautionary measure while the matter is being urgently investigated by health experts and the Therapeutic Goods Administration.”

This may be the first well-documented case of journalists being responsible for children’s injuries and deaths from vaccines for not reporting the news and covering it up instead.

To promote vaccines you can see an example of health officials faking the figures: UK Fakes Flu Death Numbers and then will claim children will die from flu when that is a bizarre shroud-wavingly false claim: “Children to Die” – Latest Flu Scaremongering.

Whilst flu is highly unlikely to kill, it seems the flu vaccine is much more likely to kill a child but parents will not know because, as can be seen, vaccine deaths and injuries are covered up as AVN’s Greg Beattie’s report records:

Brisbane two-year-old, Ashley Jade Epapara, died shortly after a flu vaccination on April 9, 2010, just two weeks before the vaccine was withdrawn nationally in a blaze of publicity due to severe reactions. Police attending the scene of the death told reporters there were no suspicious circumstances apart from the vaccine. But Queensland Health staff acted quickly to quash that suggestion, instructing police to “ensure no further statements of the nature were made”, and securing agreement from media outlets to not pursue the story.”

“With the story suppressed, the vaccine continued on a path of destruction, particularly in Western Australia where an aggressive campaign was underway to vaccinate every child in the state.”

If you read the full report from Greg Beattie you can see direct quotes from official documents of messages passing between officials covering up the death. The official cover-up meant parents were not warned that health officials were making sure their children were about to receive a dangerous vaccine which had already killed.

The Fluoride Action Network Australia obtained the documents under Australia’s Freedom of Information laws.  The messages passing between officials are remarkable and show what a hazard to your child’s health one too many government health officials are.  These AVN published official documents revealing the cover-up of the death can be found here: part 1 and this link for part 2.

But Australian taxpayers need not worry about these sorts of occurrences costing them any extra in taxes.  When this kind of thing happens one too many health and other government officials bend over backwards to deny vaccines cause the problem and deny compensation, leaving you, the parents, to care for what can be a child seriously injured for life and no justice for you or your child and no steps taken to ensure vaccines are not dangerous. And there is no extra cost for running prisons as no health officials will ever be going to gaol for killing children with vaccines.  The chances of the Australian police investigating health officials for criminal culpability is also likely to be zero.

If you want to get poor real quick – have a child suffering a vaccine injury like classic childhood autism needing lifelong 24/7 care so you have to give up your job and then worry about who will care for your child when you are dead.  Some parents in despair have killed their children and then themselves.

And the problem is of course that this was the flu vaccine which is one of the most useless and pointless vaccines there is especially for children: Can You Trust Known-to-be Corrupt Governments When They Also Push Useless Flu Vaccines.

So if you vaccinate your children, do bear these kinds of issues in mind.

Lancet Refuses to Reinstate 1998 Royal Free Paper Despite Its Reasons Being Overturned in Court

The following has been published by Jake Crosby under the title: Lancet Keeps Wakefield et al. Retracted in Contempt of Court.  CHS points out that in the strictly legal sense what Jake Crosby describes in ordinary terms appears contemptuous of the legal process but is not per se a Contempt of Court in the legal sense.  However, that contempt for due process and formal fact-finding demonstrates how little any of this has to do with medical science and how much it has to do with medical politics and the protection from criticism of vaccines which have been proven dangerous and the people who wrongfully allowed their use in the United Kingdom.  Pluserix MMR vaccine was known to be dangerous and had been withdrawn in Canada [branded as “Trivirix”] when it was approved after consideration by a range of medical professional advisors to the British Government and the UK contract was signed on behalf of the NHS Procurement Directorate in 1988.  One of those advisors was Professor George Nuki who was in 1987 a member of a British government committee which was considering Pluserix MMR vaccine for approval.  It was Professor Nuki’s son, Paul Nuki, when he was an executive at The Sunday Times who hired Brian Deer in September 2003 to get something “big” on the MMR vaccine: Secret British MMR Vaccine Files Forced Open By Legal Action.

Here is Jake Crosby’s article

 Lancet Keeps Wakefield et al. Retracted in Contempt of Court

Findings of the UK General Medical Council against the Wakefield et al. paper were overturned by the High Court, yet the Lancet still keeps that paper retracted – citing those overturned findings. Previous attempts have been made to persuade Lancet editor Richard Horton and the previous Lancet ombudsman Charles Warlow to restore “Ileal-Lymphoid-Nodular-Hyperplasia, Non-specific Colitis and Pervasive Developmental Disorder in Children” by Wakefield et al. Horton flatly refused, while Warlow denied having any responsibility for reconsidering the status of the paper.

Then in March, the Lancet hired Wisia Wedzicha – a new ombudsman to take Warlow’s place. In April, I contacted her asking that she repeal the retraction and restore Wakefield et al. Below is my email correspondence with her. Interestingly, she did acknowledge having responsibility for reconsidering the status of the paper, despite keeping it retracted for no given reason. She also  made it clear that she did not want to hear about this matter again.

Click here to read on for more at Jake Crosby’s website including his interesting exchanges of correspondence with The Lancet:

Lancet Keeps Wakefield et al. Retracted in Contempt of Court

MERS Kills 1 in 3 Clinical Cases – No Vaccine – Not A Global Emergency – Polio + Vaccine + Just 68 Cases Worldwide IS Declared Global Emergency

Will an emergency for this slowly spreading new disease of unknown origin which kills one in three cases be declared to coincide with when there is a vaccine or other drug treatment announced?  Will the world then be panicked to promote the drug by promoting the disease? We are all about to find out as a potential vaccine was announced just two days ago in a Business journal [well how else are you going to get your share price up]: How Novavax created a vaccine candidate to fight MERS, May 7, 2014 Tina Reed Staff Reporter – Washington Business Journal.

In comparison, for polio for which a vaccine is promoted and with just 68 cases worldwide WHO declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) as reported in New Scientist: Global emergency declared as polio cases surge 14:30 05 May 2014 by Debora MacKenzie New Scientist.

And CHS has already commented Why Is Polio With 68 Cases Worldwide This Year A “Global Emergency” But Autism Not With 1 in 25 Families Affected?

Cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome have been increasing slowly over the past two years and have now reached the USA but there has been no emergency.  That would in other circumstances be commendable as in a world population of approximately 7 billion souls 262 people in 12 countries have been confirmed to have MERS infections and reported to the world health organization, over about the past two years. Ninety-three of these people have died. 

The problem with this picture is simple.  There is no vaccine and no treatment. So nothing for WHO to push on behalf of the drug industry.  The restraint by WHO is also not commendable because WHO is very likely only now behaving responsibly because it has been caught crying “wolf” too often, with examples like SARS, bird and then swine flu and now few will believe its pronouncements on disease.

The US Centers for Disease Control [CDC], is an abject failure in addressing a serious disease in children caused by the multiplicity of vaccines the CDC pushes on US families and their infant children: Centers for Disease Control Failure on Autism To Cost Americans US$3.84 Trillion & Using Your Tax Dollars To Do It.

The US CDC exaggerates disease figures out of all proportion when there is a drug to push and presents false information and hires wanted criminals like Poul Thorsen [who is still on the run from other US authorities] to procure questionable medical research in its efforts: Congressman “CDC Should Be Investigated” – US Centers for Disease Control Vaccine Safety Corruption Compared to Bernie Madoff.

Well, surprise everbody!!!  The Homer Simpson of disease control, is now [as of May 2] getting interested in MERS.

The CDC has announced what is claimed to be the first case of MERS to reach the USA but who knows if that is truly only the first case or is it the first case anyone has taken notice of before in the USA: CDC announces first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus infection (MERS) in the United States – May 2, 2014 and CDC Transcript: MERS in the United States – May 2, 2014.  Well we all know how the CDC likes to make it appear disease is everywhere and how they are there to take care of it so they keep getting their US$11+ billion annual budget approved out of the pockets of tax dollar paying Americans.  What? …. So? …… Well they do have mortgages to pay, didn’t you know?

The CDC was officially castigated by the US Senate in an official report CDC Off Centeras an agency which “cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease“  but which was managing to spend US$11 billion in US tax dollars every year not doing what even its name says it is supposed to – Center for Disease Control.


Why Is Polio With 68 Cases Worldwide This Year A “Global Emergency” But Autism Not With 1 in 25 Families Affected?

Here is a report from New Scientist and please note 68 is the entire number of cases worldwide:

This year there have already been 68 cases, meaning numbers could now rise much higher. Nine of those were in five countries which had no known cases last year.”

Global emergency declared as polio cases surge 14:30 05 May 2014 by Debora MacKenzie New Scientist

Just a short question for you to consider.  Autism is an international emergency outstripping all other health issues for children put together and that is literally mathematically. It is affecting around 1 in 25 families in the US, UK and other parts of the world.

Polio cases are in the region of a few hundred in the entire world and billions are being spent allegedly eradicating polio.  So if you have an answer post a comment.  It might be “because Bill Gates doesn’t care about autistic kids, but only with claiming the credit for eliminating polio” [oops you can’t do that one – not really – as we just did it just now].

Mayo Clinic Expert Confirms Measles Vaccine Is Failing – So it’s NOT the unvaccinated

An article in Canada’s Financial Post quotes extensively from the Mayo Clinic’s vaccine heavyweight Professor Gregory A Poland about the failure of the measles vaccine: Lawrence Solomon: Vaccines can’t prevent measles outbreaks May 1, 2014 Financial Post

What Poland does say is extraordinary.  And as CHS has recently reported about vaccine failures, it is not the unvaccinated and it is not just the measles vaccine but mumps, whooping cough and polio vaccines at a minimum: Vaccines Are Causing Measles.

Poland is Professor of Medicine and founder and leader of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group.

But Professor Poland was not asked why there is no effective treatment for measles nor whether it would obviate the problem or even just treat those who cannot be vaccinated or those who contract measles despite being fully vaccinated.  It’s about time someone like him was asked.  Poland confirms the vaccine is failing and his  answer is “we need a new measles vaccine“.  Yet this is after over 50 years of failure to eradicate measles, when it was meant to be eradicated in 1967 with just one shot: “Measles To Be Eradicated in 1967 With 55% Vaccine Coverage”

That seems pretty dumb.  It will also mean another 50 years of experiments on children with new vaccines causing serious adverse reactions, which government and health officials will again pretend do not exist and even more autism and other chronic health problems for children for life.

The Financial Post story is apparently based on Professor Poland’s paper from 2012: The Re-Emergence of Measles in Developed Countries: Time to Develop the Next-Generation Measles Vaccines?

Poland is heavily quoted including:

….. he sees the need for a major rethink, after concluding that the current measles vaccine is unlikely to ever live up to the job expected of it: “outbreaks are occurring even in highly developed countries where vaccine access, public health infrastructure, and health literacy are not significant issues. This is unexpected and a worrisome harbinger — measles outbreaks are occurring where they are least expected,” he wrote in his 2012 paper, listing the “surprising numbers of cases occurring in persons who previously received one or even two documented doses of measles-containing vaccine.” During the 1989-1991 U.S. outbreaks, 20% to 40% of those affected had received one to two doses. In a 2011 outbreak in Canada, “over 50% of the 98 individuals had received two doses of measles vaccine.”

the “UK has declared measles once again endemic.… the more fundamental problem stems from the vaccine being less effective in real life than predicted, with a too-high failure rate — between 2% and 10% don’t develop expected antibodies after receiving the recommended two shots. Because different people have different genetic makeups, the vaccine is simply a dud in many, failing to provide the protection they think they’ve acquired. To make matters worse, even when the vaccine takes, the protection quickly wanes, making it unrealistic to achieve the 95%-plus level of immunity in the general population thought necessary to protect public health.

Measles Vaccines’ Long History of Failures

On 1st November 1966 US Government vaccine experts announced momentously to the world in a paper presented to the American Public Health Associations meeting in San Francisco, November 1,1966 that measles was to be eradicated in 1967 and just 55% vaccine coverage would do the trick.  You can read it for yourself here in this formally published paper by those experts: EPIDEMIOLOGIC BASIS FOR ERADICATION OF MEASLES IN 1967.

With the isolation of the measles virus and the development and extensive field testing of several potent and effective vaccines, the tools are at hand to eradicate the infection. With the general application of these tools during the coming months, eradication can be achieved in this country in the year 1967.

This paper states the epidemiologic basis in support of this statement, specifies the essential conditions, and outlines the priorities for attaining this goal.

The experts were the Sencer and Dull [yes really – their real names] with their colleague Langmuir.

They were from the forerunner to the The US Centers For Disease Control – The Public Health Services National Communicable Disease Center of Atlanta, Ga. , USA.   Dr. Sencer was chief and Dr. Dull was assistant chief of the Center.  Dr. Langmuir was chief of the Epidemiology Program.

They wrote:

….. it is evident that when the level of immunity was higher than 55 percent, epidemics did not develop. This is an estimate of the threshold of herd immunity providing protection to the city against a measles epidemic.  


There is no reason, however, to question the validity of the basic assumption that the occurrence of measles  epidemics depends upon the balance of immunes and susceptibles, and that for all areas and special groups in this country the immune threshold is considerably less than 100 percent.

So from 1966 to 2013 the measles vaccination programmes were based on this wisdom from the US CDC.  And from 1966 to 2007 something else did not change – the CDC’s ineptitude – except when it comes to spending billions of tax dollars. 

The US CDC was castigated by the US Senate as one which “cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease“.  “CDC Off Center” is an extraordinary 115 page review published in June 2007 by the US Senate on the US Centers for Disease Control:-

A review of how an agency tasked with fighting and preventing disease has spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars for failed prevention efforts, international junkets, and lavish facilities, but cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease.”  CDC OFF CENTER“- The United States Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information and International Security, Minority Office, Under the Direction of Senator Tom Coburn, Ranking Minority Member, June 2007.

So what is the score today?  Health officials have kept increasing and increasing the level at which vaccine uptake is necessary to eradicate measles.  Today it is 95%.  They have increased the number of times children have to be vaccinated.  It was just one shot of measles vaccine and then one of MMR.  Now it is two shots and teenagers and adults are also told they can be vaccinated with the MMR at any time they like. 

But hey, we see measles and mumps outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations. 

And the fact that children are killed and injured by the vaccines is hushed-up.  In their rabid religious zealotism for vaccinology health officials introduce vaccines they know to be dangerous for children like Pluserix in 1988 and like Cervarix for 12 year old schoolgirls in the UK in 2008.

And millions of third world children have been dying despite vaccination and it is because they still get measles and there are no effective treatments for it and other basic childhood diseases.  These experts have concentrated on vaccines and when their approach fails they do not change even though there is a desperate need for development of effective treatments TO SAVE THE LIVES OF CHILDREN and when WE CAN DO IT.  We have the technology.

And after the failure of measles eradication programme in 1967, it kept failing during the 1970s, failed again in 1984 in the USA and 1988 in the UK and other countries with the introduction of the MMR [with the also unnecessary mumps component].  Failed again when MMR two doses were introduced because one was not enough.  Failed again and again as health officials kept raising the level of vaccination coverage to achieve supposed “herd immunity” [they started with 55% coverage in 1967]. And now even with 95% coverage levels it is failing.    After that it will be 100% coverage enforced with compulsory vaccination and it will be failing again, with boosters already being suggested for adults:  Vaccines Are Causing Measles. Child Who Caught Measles From Vaccine Was Shedding Live Vaccine Measles Virus In Throat and Urine

Now that is a spectacularly under-impressive record for medical “science” [or should we say pseudoscience? Because that is more accurate.]

The destruction of natural disease immunity is yet another step along the route of making citizens believe and feel they are dependent upon the state and those who control it for their health and security and that of their families and children, just like false flag attacks in the USA do.  The cause of adults in highly vaccinated populations contracting measles and perhaps even dying when with natural immunity they would not, is the vaccines and the vaccine programmes.  So the ways in which the safety from disease conferred by natural immunity is undermined by vaccines are manifold.

New Paper – Autism caused by viral infection – First published report of enterovirus encephalitis leading to an autism spectrum disorder

It has been known since at least 1964 that a viral infection can lead to autism. This CHS article records 4 ways autism can be caused including by viral infection: Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines

Live virus vaccines like MMR vaccine cause viral infections. Most people do not realise that 5% of those receiving the MMR vaccine develop symptoms of measles from the live virus in the MMR vaccine:

About 5% of immunocompetent children receiving their first dose of MMR vaccine have mild measles with fever and rash. The vaccine strain can cause severe measles in immunocompromised people.”

BMJ CASE REPORT Rash in a 15 month old girl

Additionally, the possibility that a vaccine can cause autism was known 38 years ago: A Vaccine Causing Autism Was First Reported in 1976.

This following new paper records what the authors believe is the first recorded case caused by an enterovirus.

Autism spectrum disorder secondary to enterovirus encephalitis.

Authors  Marques F, et al.  J Child Neurol. 2014 May;29(5):708-14. doi: 10.1177/0883073813508314.


Millions of children are infected by enteroviruses each year, usually exhibiting only mild symptoms. Nevertheless, these viruses are also associated with severe and life-threatening infections, such as meningitis and encephalitis. We describe a 32-month-old patient with enteroviral encephalitis confirmed by polymerase chain reaction in cerebrospinal fluid, with unfavorable clinical course with marked developmental regression, autistic features, persistent stereotypes and aphasia. She experienced slow clinical improvement, with mild residual neurologic and developmental deficits at follow-up. Viral central nervous system infections in early childhood have been associated with autism spectrum disorders but the underlying mechanisms are still poorly understood. This case report is significant in presenting a case of developmental regression with autistic features and loss of language improving on follow-up. To our knowledge, this is the first published report of enterovirus encephalitis leading to an autism spectrum disorder.

Former British Spy Reveals Highly Placed Paedophile Network In British Government

You can also read Andrea Davison’s formal evidence to the British Macur Review of the previous British cover-up of abuse of children in Welsh care homes decades ago for which none of the senior paedophiles have ever been brought to justice:   Macur Review Statement of Andrea Davison Sunday, July 14, 2013