Consumer group seeks Apprehended Violence Orders against members of the Australian Skeptics

After interim Apprehended Violence Orders [AVO’s] were granted against the Stop the AVN founder Daniel Rafaelle and member Dan Buzzard, the following news release was issued last October 2012 on the PRLog press release site.  The case against Peter Bowditch, a notorious “skeptic” crank, is pending a hearing in Australia later this year [2013].

Past president of the Australian Skeptics, Peter Bowditch, is to appear in court in early November [ED: 2012] to answer an application for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) lodged against him by the head of a consumer watchdog group.


PRLog (Press Release)Oct. 4, 2012

Past president and current committee member of the Australian Skeptics, Peter Bowditch, is to appear in court in early November to answer an application for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) lodged against him by the head of a consumer watchdog group. Two others, Daniel Rafaelle and Dan Buzzard, were issued interim AVO’s last week.

Meryl Dorey, President of the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), made the applications after enduring what she described as three years of violent threats, intimidation, and abuse. The three respondents are linked via a group calling itself ‘Stop the AVN’, founded by Rafaelle. Described as an offshoot of the Australian Skeptics, the group was awarded ‘Skeptic of the Year’ in 2010.

Rafaelle has publicly declared a deep hatred for Dorey over her work with AVN, and claims to be her ‘arch-nemesis’. He and fellow members have publicly discussed their aim to crush AVN, and Dorey herself, by any and all means.

Recently a series of threatening and abusive messages left on Dorey’s home phone were traced to Rafaelle’s home. He was questioned by police but denied making the calls. This occurred following a series of anonymous threats, violent pornographic images, and abuse received by Dorey.

Australian Skeptics issued a statement after the AVO applications were lodged, denouncing abusive and threatening behaviour amongst its members.

More information can be read at the following links:

Interim orders granted

Most recent threats

Listen to the messages from Rafaelle’s home phone….

— End —

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  1. hi there

    Be careful of your facts on this one.

    Bowditch’s case I think got deferred to jan 14 or 15 or so and then again to march I think, at the request of Meryl Dorey ( I believe ). There are frequent details at his website ( millenium project ) and through his twitter pages. I follow bowditch’s tweets frequently and though he’s smarmy and sarcastic about it all, I can tell a part of him is quite nervous.

    The other two I belive, it seems, though I haven’t verified personally but have read apparent evidence from their own postings / twitter etc were exonerated and no effective AVO was applied.

    This apparently can be verified by searching the databases at the ballina courts ( northern nsw anyway ) websites ( sorry don’t have exact details here but that is what I’ve been told some time back ). Seemed genuine at the time ( that they got off, that is )

    Just in case it helps to know this.

    I’ll let you know if I hear of anything


    PS if you didn’t know, peter bowditch’s twitter account is @ratbagsdotcom

    On 21/02/2013 9:41 PM, ________________Child Health Safety_________________ wrote: > > ChildHealthSafety posted: “After interim Apprehended Violence Orders > [AVO’s] were granted against the Stop the AVN founder Daniel Rafaelle > and member Dan Buzzard, the following news release was issued last > October 2012 on the PRLog press release site. The case against Peter > Bowdit” >

  2. Thanks Paul. We cannot find any reference to the interim orders against Buzzard or Rafaelle being discharged. As these people are very noisy on the web it should be easy to find the references.

    If you have can find specific rebuttals etc by them or anyone else or details of any discharges of the interim orders please let us know.

  3. Facts are a little thin on the ground here.

    As can be seen by a search of the NSW local court calendar, there is a mention of my case on February 26 at Lismore Local Court. (Nothing has been happening at Ballina for some time.) This is a five-minute process to set a date for the full hearing. I am not the least bit nervous.

    The case against Dan Raffaele was settled some time ago. The one against Dan Buzzard is still going but I don’t know any details about dates.

  4. Found what seems to be the link to search New South Wales Australia local court lists:

    Does not appear to be working when tried:

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.
    IBM_HTTP_Server Server at Port 80

    And no details provided of how the Dan Raffaele case was settled nor about the Dan Buzzard case. Just the bare claims made.

  5. The Court lists link appears still not to be working:

    The page on which the link appears is this one and that page is working:-

    If a helpful reader can get access to the search page and provide the details in a comment here that might be helpful.

  6. There is no case listed for a defandant called Bowditch on 26th February 2013 in the Lismore Court according to the calendar for that Court:

    Here is the list on that page:
    LISMORE Criminal Lists 26/02/2013

    Daily List

    Defendant Court No. Time Decision Maker
    AGNEW, BENJAMIN Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    ARNOLD, JADE GLENN Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    BERRY, TRACEY ANNE Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    CHERRY, FRANCIS ARNOLD Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    CHERRY, FRANCIS ARNOLD Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    COLE, ROBYN DENISE Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    CRAMP, COLIN JOHN Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    CROSS, RAY Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    DALY, TODD JASEN Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    DAWSON, FRANCIS MEGAN Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    FERGUSON, KEN Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    FORD, DONNA MICHELLE Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    FUNNELL, REGAN Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    GAUKROGER, SAMANTHA AMY-LEE Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    GRAY, ROBERT ARTHUR Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    GRAY, ROBERT ARTHUR Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    GREENWOOD, ROSS Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    HANNAN, EMMA JOSEPHINE Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    HAYES, PHILLIP Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    HENRY, RICHARD WILLIAM RAY Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    HERTZ AUSTRALIA P/L Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    HOBBS, AMRITA Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    JONES, VICTOR P Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    KING, CHRISTOPHER SHANE Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    KING, JOHN WILLIAM Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    LEHANE, GABRIEL Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    MARTIN, PETER LESLIE Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    MASON, BROOKE ANNE Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    MCTIGUE, JOSHUA STEPHEN Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    NEWMAN, DYLAN STUART Unassigned 10:00 AM Unassigned
    PATSELLIS, JENNY Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    PUVINAYAGAM, SEBANAYAGAM GEORGE Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    RHEE, KONKAI Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    SLEE, NOLA CONSTANCE Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    WATSON, JACQUELINE LESLIE Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    WEARING, ADAM JAMES Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    WESTWOOD, GEOFFREY BAMMAN Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned
    WHITTON, ALLAN DREW Unassigned 09:30 AM Unassigned

  7. Nothing also listed for the other days:-

    LISMORE Criminal
    1 March, 2013
    28 February, 2013
    27 February, 2013
    26 February, 2013
    25 February, 2013
    23 February, 2013
    22 February, 2013

  8. Perhaps my name doesn’t appear because it’s not a criminal trial, despite what some fools might claim. We will all just have to wait until Monday when someone fixes the server error.

  9. Last I heard from the cases against both Dan’s is that Ms Dorey failed to appear in Ballina, not once but several times so her case against ( at least Dan Raffaele ) is most likely to be thrown out.

  10. Firstly they are not AVO’s instead they are what are called APVO’s which stands for “Apprehended Personal Violence Order” which is distinct from the one initiated via Police/LEO’s that is called ADVO (The D standing for Domestic).

    Also both ADVO’s and APVO’s are civil cases only where the only criteria is that the PINOP (Protected person) be ‘reasonably’ fearful of some imminent act that the defendant might attempt at some stage. In other words it is all about fear, and highly subjective fear at that.

    ADVO’s & APVO’s are not criminal orders and are not ‘cases’, though criminal sanctions can come into them if once an order is granted a breach has been proven to of occurred. If a breach is alleged it becomes a criminal hearing that has to abide by all criminal procedures including ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ and also has the ability to initiate malicious prosecution onto a PINOP (or other party) if the breach can be proven not to of occurred. Also an order for an ADVO/APVO is not recorded under criminal matters (though it is placed on a database for access by police in callouts).

    Interestingly if an application for an APVO can be proved to of been initiated for malicious, vindictive, or similar reasons there is actionable sanctions that can be imposed under civil torts, and also in some egregious cases by criminal action against the perpetrator.

    As for Mr Bowditch his APVO matter (case #201200278631) is set down for mention at Lismore Local Court on 26th February 2013.

  11. The court search is working now. Mention (AVO Private), 9:30 tomorrow, Lismore Local Court

  12. Search result @

    List No –

    Date 26 Feb

    Time 09:30

    Listing Type Mention (AVO Private)

    Jurisdiction Criminal

    Court Local

    Presiding Officer Unassigned

    Location Lismore

    Court Room Unassigned

    Case Title/Party Apprehended Violence Application/Meryl DOREY for Meryl DOREY v Peter BOWDITCH

    Case Number 201200278631

  13. Adjourned until April 26 for a full hearing. I will be attending by video link, most probably from Penrith Local Court.

  14. [ED: Following is heavily edited to keep it as close to a basic account of the commenter’s report of the outcome of the hearing this week in Lismore Court.]

    Adjourned, you say? Well you are right! [xxxxxxxxxx] Mr. Bowditch

    [xxxxxxxxxx] It had originally been considered civil until the court reviewed [xx] a variety of different sworn informations [xxxxxxxxxx].

    Once the court clerk had investigated the [allegations] [xxxxxxxxxx] The case was then moved from civil jurisdiction to criminal. That investigation must be completed by April 26, 2013 with recommendations to either the crown or the magistrate to pursue criminal prosecution. [xxxxxxxxxx]

    Well Mr. Bowditch, that’s it for now. [xxxxxxxxxx].

  15. Hello Mr [xxxxxxxx]. I wondered when you would turn up to grace everyone with your fantasies. And why the “[xxxxxxxxxx]” name? Are you ashamed of your own name? For those who came in late, [xxxxxxxxxxx] is a [xxxxxxxxxxx] from [xxxxxxxxx] who keeps putting on his [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] to pretend he knows something about the Australian legal system. The only way an AVO application can turn into a “criminal prosecution” is if the application is granted and someone violates the conditions set out.

    Just for the record, [xxxxxxxxxxx] has made more than a hundred predictions or outright statements about legal action against me. Not a word of truth in any of them, although I still laugh about how he was going to take me to the International Court Of Justice in The Hague for being nasty about him [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx].

    [ED: Edited to remove bullying and harassing content]

  16. @Paul Armour: Bullshit. Especially in that it was only a mention and that for it to go to a hearing it only needed Mr Bowditch to refute the allegations of the APVO and ask a court to decide whether or not a Final order is required.

    Also your so called “account” totally breaks down into laughable and very fallacious territory at the mention of a clerk (really?) stating the words “crown” in relation to criminal proceedings and not the DPP or LAC, and a Local Magistrate pursuing?? *snorts*

    @Peter: Good luck with the AVL hearing and hopefully both sites (Lismore/Penrith) will be working at same time to allow AVL

    [ED: Not Edited – slightly milder bullying and harassing content retained. These kinds of postings are being tolerated to allow a response.]

  17. @Editor: I apologise to yourself and your readers if the first word of my comment (the B word) to Mr Armour caused any offense it was not my intention to do so nor was it my intention to suggest any bullying (subjective as that word is) nor harassing behaviour on my behalf towards Mr Armour .

    My sole intention was, and is, to explain the facts as they are known via my own professional experience with the Australian judicial process, what APVO mentions are and are not, and using the actual case itself (which is moot until a formal hearing is initiated since transcripts are not released on mentions) . Personally I have no clue whom Mr Armour is nor care. In point of fact I have never met nor communicated with Mr Bowditch on anything other than a few twitter posts and here either, though I do know of him via his professional work and have previously read some of his personal articles.

    As far as I can see from your site here it is tightly controlled with an emphasis on both cordial conduct and backing up any data via standard forensic methodologies which is one of the reasons that I was adamant to place at the forefront the specious statements that Mr Armour had made.

    And as you would understand the best thing is to let the sunshine in and let people make up their own minds based on full knowledge from all sides of any debate.

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