Autism – Scientist “Daisy May Fatty Pants” Writes

This is a hoot and why you cannot take some people who call themselves scientists seriously.  A fundamental skill in science is observation.  And here we can see why some people in science have selective blindness to basic observations.

“Daisy May Fatty Pants” is a blogger and “biologist” who according to her own account only just made it:

Despite blowing the chemistry curve in Chem II in high school and placing out of freshman biology in college, Emily ended up earning a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Texas at Austin”

“Daisy May Fatty Pants” [aka Emily Jane Willingham PhD] lays claim to being the author of “The Complete Moron’s Guide to College Biology”.  There is nothing like understanding your audience for being able to write for it.

Here and here you can see “Daisy May Fatty Pants” in action attempting to take down a scientific study of the effects of pediatric vaccines on infant Macaque monkeys.

“Daisy May Fatty Pants” seems to have a problem reading what she claims is her “native language”.  This is despite laying claim to a degree in English.  But she is a fan of the drivel written by drug industry funding beneficiary David Gorski [David Gorski’s Financial Pharma Ties: What He Didn’t Tell You].

After writing two long scribbles on her blog complaining about too few control cases in the study “Influence of pediatric vaccines on amygdala growth and opioid ligand binding in rhesus macaque infants: A pilot study” “Daisy May Fatty Pants” seems to have wholly failed to note the magic words “pilot study” in the title and in the author’s conclusions:-

In this pilot study …… the results of this pilot study warrant additional research into the potential impact of an interaction between the MMR and thimerosal-containing vaccines on brain structure and function. Additional studies are underway in the primate model to investigate the mechanistic basis for this apparent interaction.

The phrase “pilot study” appears 7 times in the paper.  Observation – a fundamental skill in science – which even schoolkids are taught.

And to blow the irony meter “Daisy May Fatty Pants” ends up saying:

Why are people who are so dismissive of almost all scientific findings so anxious to give a shout-out to science when it seems to support their beliefs?

Well “Daisy May Fatty Pants” looks like that applies to you.

[“Daisy May Fatty Pants” is science editor and a contributor to another blog, The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism and also has yet another blog, College Biology Blog.]

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