More on US CDC Vaccine-Autism Scandal – WHDT Praises Andrew Wakefield As First Researcher to Link Vaccines to Autism

As a reminder to CHS readers of what this is all about, a highly placed whistleblower within the US Centers for Disease Control has broken ranks and revealed with detailed documents and data how the US CDC knew the MMR vaccine was causing autistic conditions.  The CDC not only for over 14 years suppressed data showing black children were nearly four times at greater risk of contracting autistic conditions from the MMR vaccine than white children but also published what appears to be “research” which airbrushed out of history the black children the CDC has so seriously harmed along with their families in the process.

Here you can see Dr Andrew Wakefield being praised as the first researcher to reveal the link between the MMR vaccine and autistic conditions. Here are some prior CHS articles on the remarkable revelations:

US CDC Caused Thousands of US Black Children to Develop Autism & Hid the Data – CDC Whistleblower Named

CDC Whistleblower: CDC Knew in 2003 MMR vaccine was causing higher autism rate and covered it up

WHDT is an independent US TV network and the oldest high definition broadcast television network in the USA.  Here is the WHDT video interview with Dr Andrew Wakefield:

2 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on Dolphin and commented:
    According to this, the CDC has known about vaccines causing autism, especially in African American boys for years….
    …black folks please take note that these are white folks trying to help. Not trying to be snarky, but just pointing out that some of us care about the world–all of the world, not just a few.

  2. Andy said it all. What an exceptional man.

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