BBC Correspondent Seriously Ill After Yellow Fever Jab – Drug Maker Sanofi Pasteur Denies Evidence of Link [As Usual]

The UK’s Mail On Sunday newspaper reports today “BBC’s Man in Greece became psychotic and believed he was Jesus after yellow fever jab”  Charlotte Eagar 4th December 2011.  Within hours of the Stamaril jab from drug company Sanofi Pasteur:

Mr Brabant’s temperature had spiked and his condition deteriorated rapidly. He became psychotic, sobbed and saluted at television pictures of military uniforms during the Royal Wedding and believed he was Jesus.”

The familiar figure from BBC foreign news reports, who has been missing from British TV screens since April this year, remains seriously ill.  The Mail reports:

Mr Brabant, 55, an award-winning veteran of the siege of Sarajevo, is currently in hospital in Copenhagen, the home town of his wife, best-selling Danish writer Trine Villemann.”

His wife started an online petition on about 25th November [found here Sanofi Pasteur – Truth Now!.  Ms Villemann met her husband during the siege  of Sarajevo when she was a TV  producer. 

She claims French drug company Sanofi Pasteur:‘ignored me for months until I started this internet campaign and petition. They just said the vaccine was fine.’ 

She wrote on 28th November:

I have spent the entire day at the hospital with my husband. He was a bit more upbeat, but also angry, VERY angry.”Every time I get back on my feet, I am slammed down again by this devastating vaccine. When will it end? And when will someone take responsibility for what happened to me,” he asked and added:”There has to be justice, not just for me but for the next poor bugger, who gets a Sanofi Pasteur jab and suffers like I have.” PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION BELOW! Trine B.

So don’t do anything else until you have signed the petition here  Sanofi Pasteur – Truth Now!

And after you have signed the petition you can post a comment on the petition site and point out that when millions of children around the world have developed autistic conditions and other serious health problems after a vaccine Malcolm Brabant, all his BBC fellow news reports, his news Editors and everyone else at the BBC have just ignored the plight of these children and let the drug companies get away with in it.  Worse, they continually pump out news stories fed to them by UK Government Health Officials promoting vaccines and downplaying people who raise serious issues about vaccine safety.

We also suggest you ask why if they want your help they are not helping all these sick injured and dead children and their families.  You can ask them why, when it was not convenient to Malcolm Brabant to report on vaccine safety he failed these children in his obligations as a journalist but now his family are turning around and asking for your help.  That’s right – your help.

This is what has happened to him witnessed by his 12-year-old son, Lukas.  Within hours his temperature was 104F, he was shaking and shivering. His bed was rocking backwards and forward.  He developed insomnia became irritable and anxious.  He suffered delusions.  He became psychotic and was convinced he was Jesus. He recovered and returned to work, but had a relapse in July and was flown to a psychiatric hospital in Britain. He recorded only occasional reports over the past few months and moved with his family to Copenhagen.  He was in hospital again on November 8 and has suffered from blood clots on his lungs.

Ms Villeman says about Sanofi Pasteur.

They ignored me for months until I started this internet campaign and petition. They just said the vaccine was fine.’

And Sanofi Pasteur issued the usual junk science claims saying:

Carefully investigating all the medical information that was disclosed to us up to July 2011, we have been unable to establish evidence for a causal relationship between the administration of the  yellow fever vaccine Stamaril and the reported medical conditions.’

Does that sound familiar. Yes it certainly does. This is what all these companies say and dump the victims on their families with no help, no compensation.

Government Health Officials worldwide do the same. Most Doctors do the same and so do most of their professional organisations.

A big culprit of course is the American Association of Pediatricians whose members earn vast sums giving a huge number of vaccines to previously well American children at “Well baby visits”. A lot of American kids are not so well after and the numbers of children who would develop problems catching the natural disease would be far lower.

See Yourself What Vaccines Can Do To Previously Normal Healthy Babies  November 12, 2011 by childhealthsafety

You should also ask why in the 21st Century there is no measles pill so only sick kids get treatment and your kids are not put at risk. The answer is the drug companies, the profits they make not just from vaccines but from the drugs needed to treat the conditions in children the vaccines cause, corruption in the medical professions, corruption in Government health departments and the money doctors make giving vaccines and then treating the harm they have caused by giving them.


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