Australia – Unvaccinated Children To Be Banned From Childcare & Fines For Childcare Centres Who Take Them

In New South Wales, Australia, unvaccinated children will be banned from childcare facilities, and centres which enrol them will face fines, after changes to the local laws passed through State cabinet (28 May 2013):  Vaccinate your children or declare why not, parents told  Sydney Morning Herald 29 May 2013; Big win for No Jab, No Play as NSW state cabinet approves tough new vaccination laws Alicia Wood, Jane Hansen and Leigh van den Broeke The Daily Telegraph May 29, 2013

This action follows a campaign by one of the state’s major newspapers, the Daily Telegraph (owned by News Corporation), against parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.  This pro-vaccination campaign has gained the support of both the right (the government) and left wing major political parties.  It allows follows one-sided reporting by other major media outlets including the major daily newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, whose medical writer supports vaccinations and the Channel Ten program, the Project, that recently told viewers that it would not allow anti-vaccination supporters on its program.

In such a political and media environment, it would be virtually impossible for reasoned and logical debate to occur on the matter of vaccination adverse reactions and the concern that many people have regarding the potential dangers of vaccinations.

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  1. I hope you don’t mind, but I would like to leave a link to a post on the Australian Vaccination Network’s blog from this morning about this very issue. If we are not willing to fight discrimination and government-sponsored tyranny, we will be in hot water indeed! Thank you for everything you do to raise awareness on this important issue.

  2. Ed
    You can still apply for the Conscientious Objection Form (downloaded from website) or Religious Exemption Form- so if you present either form to the daycare centre, your unvaccinated child can still attend.

    The “No jab, no play” is nothing more than a strategic scare campaign by “Big Pharma” because they are losing money from those parents who are refusing to use their “products.”

    At the end of the day vaccinated children and unvaccinated children will be blissfully playing side-by-side in the sandpit oblivious to all this vicious campaigning by “Big Pharma” and that is how it should be!

  3. This is a sad day indeed for a place I now laughingly describe as a democracy. Sadly, they are trying to do it Australia wide. Perhaps this will open the door for us to take legal action against the Politicians who voted for this and the medical professionals who administered the vax as they have not provided informed consent on all the available information & then there’s the conflict of interest aspect. I hope their insurance companies are on board with this. We need the truth on this issue and a proper debate from all sides, freedom from the propaganda. Amass the research people, lets get out of our, “they wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t ok” mentality and seek the truth. Their ‘he said she said & she’s mean‘ bantering is not productive and way past it’s use by date. Here’s an idea….Before this is adopted, all politicians & media people who are feeding the propaganda machine, must line up with their children & grandchildren & receive the vac schedule shots on TV on mass, & then we’ll do a little clinical research as to how they react over the next 12-18 months – 5 years. If they all do this & I’ll include Bill Gates & our federal govt as well we might consider adopting it as a legislation after the 5yr clinical trial in which they will be monitored closely for any adverse effects by an independent researcher. It may be interesting to see what turns up. They will have the right to go to their Dr to get a talking to and a signed exemption form, but we the people have the right to know who does that as well. All ready been vaxd? We’ll need to see substantial proof of that thanks. So should parliamentarians who are not vaxd be allowed to attend parliament? I vote yes, because they are probably not suffering from an auto-immune disorder and may be able to think clearly.

  4. This is a lie.
    The new legislation will only require you to register as a conscientious objector in the same way you would need to in order to receive certain benefits from the government and to attend some private schools.

    It is extremely disingenuous for your community to continue to misrepresent this issue; you are causing parents unnecessary stress. The government will not force you to vaccinate, in spite of the evidence you have chosen not to. The government knows you will not be convinced, but there are many who have simply forgotten to get it done, this will force them to do so.

  5. Leigh,

    We all know that the “Polly’s” will never vaccinate themselves or their children, they only want the rest of us and our innocent, susceptible children to suffer.

    Whatever happened to Paul Offit receiving his 10,000 vaccines, wouldn’t this be a good way to endorse the product/s

  6. BEWARE- facebook is doing more than banning articles like this one.

    This is a very slippery slope!

  7. The new JEWS

  8. Embarrassing to live in nsw…

  9. You will poison your children!

    You will be happy!

  10. This is yet another step forward into the direction of medical fascism. Take note, in the Daily Telegraph article ‘Big win for No Jab’, its states that horror diseases such as polio are vaccine preventable but I see polio as a poison disease, not a germ disease, which is covered by Jim West’s excellent research on pesticides and polio at Clearly polio vaccines were a medical blunder, and may I add that vaccines do not immunize anyone, they suppress disease and poison the cells of the body, leading to chronic ill health. I personally do not see that as a protection of our children. I see it as a mass poisoning program that makes a profit. I suggest to the Australian government, to take all profit out of mass vaccination programs and then see how long it will take them to drop the issue completely. I suggest that it will take a few days only and that will be the end of vaccines for ever. The sooner that day comes, the better. Its very sad seeing human rights being thrown down the drain in Australia. Seems like the concentration camps and the gas ovens will be back in fashion sooner or later. They are playing a very dangerous game, just like the US who are in a state of self destruction. OK then, it makes a profit but what a high price that we pay.

  11. please sign the petition for health freedom i just created in response to this news at avaaz / 5ocqD6

    (remove spaces in this url)

    or this more detailed one at / 15Ljr50

    thank you

  12. Exactly right John, and in addition to taking the profit out of vaccine campaigns there should be implemented for every vaccine given a robust methodology to track adverse reactions over an extended period of time (now that we have the web the system could be implemented easily) with penalties to GP’s for non-disclosure: and bring the culpability and financial liability directly onto the vaccine manufacturer that caused the adverse reaction. We need a vaccine injury compensation program funded by big pharma, not the taxpayer. That should clear out the industry of the poisoning thugs. Will there be anything left???

  13. Demand proper vaccine manufacturer liability for vaccine adverse reactions, and a better adverse event reporting system.

    Help please, take back your rights, please sign!

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