EU Drug Safety Disaster – AllTrials Campaign – Dr Ben Goldacre Intervenes But Fails To Explain Why AllTrials is Achieving The Opposite of His Promises Of Greater Drug Safety

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Age of Autism is currently running a story on this:  Goldacre’s Munich Agreement – Publishing Data on the Pharma’s Terms

CHS commented, including to say we don’t trust Dr Goldacre.  Then Dr Ben Goldacre dropped by to comment.   The debate is looking interesting.  You could do yourself a favour by taking a look: Comments.

CHS has recently reported this issue:

Martin Walker’s book on Dr Ben Goldacre can be found here:  Cultural Dwarfs and Junk Journalism: Ben Goldacre, Quackbusting and Corporate Science

Meanwhile we cherrypick:

This is what CHS first wrote:

Dr Ben Goldacre then posted this:

CHS then wrote this:




One Response

  1. Ben Goldacre has commented on Age of Autism’s story “Goldacre’s Munich Agreement – Publishing Data on the Pharma’s terms”
    saying the AoA website “is generally used for vindictive personal attacks on individuals…”

    For a website that “is generally used for vindictive personal attacks on individuals”, I suggest Ben Goldacre should look closer to home to his own so-called ‘science’ forum, which is particularly antagonistic and spiteful towards anybody raising questions about vaccine products.

    I’ve endeavoured to raise serious discussion pertinent to individual vaccine products on Ben Goldacre’s ‘Bad Science’ forum but was met with hostility and derision by people, mostly hiding behind pseudonyms, who were intent on closing down discussion on vaccination and protecting the status quo. See for example:

    Is the MMR ‘booster’ necessary?

    Is universal HPV vaccination necessary?

    Whooping cough epidemic – caused by vaccination?

    Lethal flu virus research…

    Cancer and immunology

    Swine Flu – Where did it go?

    Unnecessary vaccination of pets / Daily Mail article

    I was permanently banned from participating in Ben Goldacre’s ‘Bad Science’ forum in December 2012 (ostensibly for not responding to a sarcastic and time-wasting person hiding behind the apt pseudonym ‘Pipsqueak’), so the opportunity to publicly air concerns about vaccination on his forum was closed to me. Any questioning of vaccine products and the vaccine industry is effectively verboten on his ‘Bad Science’ forum, which appears to be a gatekeeper for the vaccine industry.

    It is truly frightening the way legitimate concerns about vaccination are stifled in our so-called democratic society. As a result, more and more vaccine products are added to national vaccination schedules, with little or no consultation with the community. There is a serious lack of transparency and accountability in this area.

    It’s time there was an objective look at the burgeoning vaccine product market. A report published in late 2013 notes: “Totaling just US$5 billion in 2000, today the global vaccine market is worth an estimated $24 billion and is projected to rise to $100 billion by 2025”(1)

    Aggressive vaccine marketing by the pharmaceutical industry and conflicted industry-affiliated ‘experts’ is threatening citizens’ bodily autonomy. The potential conflicts of interests of academics working in the areas of vaccine development and promotion, and the influence of these academics on government policy, needs to be examined.

    We need an investigation into the relationships between governments, the vaccine industry, and the industry’s handmaidens in the scientific/medical establishment, but who can we trust to do that? The mainstream media has generally been completely useless on this matter, and incapable of providing critical analysis, merely supporting the status quo. Websites such as Ben Goldacre’s ‘Bad Science’ forum play an integral role in stifling debate. Indeed, his dogmatic and bullying ‘science’ forum is a travesty, the very antithesis of what a science forum should be.

    Citizens must be allowed to have open and rational discussion on this important subject to ensure public confidence in vaccination practice. All vaccination recommendations must be transparently evidence-based.

    Elizabeth Hart

    (1) Melissa Pistilli. Global Vaccine Market Experiencing Substantial Growth. Life Science Investing News. 27 November 2013:

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