“Measles To Be Eradicated in 1967 With 55% Vaccine Coverage”

On 1st November 1966 US Government vaccine experts announced momentously to the world in a paper presented to the American Public Health Associations meeting in San Francisco, November 1,1966 that measles was to be eradicated in 1967 and just 55% vaccine coverage would do the trick.  You can read it for yourself here in this formally published paper by those experts: EPIDEMIOLOGIC BASIS FOR ERADICATION OF MEASLES IN 1967.

With the isolation of the measles virus and the development and extensive field testing of several potent and effective vaccines, the tools are at hand to eradicate the infection. With the general application of these tools during the coming months, eradication can be achieved in this country in the year 1967.

This paper states the epidemiologic basis in support of this statement, specifies the essential conditions, and outlines the priorities for attaining this goal.

The experts were the Sencer and Dull [yes really – their real names] with their colleague Langmuir.

They were from the forerunner to the The US Centers For Disease Control – The Public Health Services National Communicable Disease Center of Atlanta, Ga. , USA.   Dr. Sencer was chief and Dr. Dull was assistant chief of the Center.  Dr. Langmuir was chief of the Epidemiology Program.

They wrote:

….. it is evident that when the level of immunity was higher than 55 percent, epidemics did not develop. This is an estimate of the threshold of herd immunity providing protection to the city against a measles epidemic.  


There is no reason, however, to question the validity of the basic assumption that the occurrence of measles  epidemics depends upon the balance of immunes and susceptibles, and that for all areas and special groups in this country the immune threshold is considerably less than 100 percent.

So from 1966 to 2013 the measles vaccination programmes were based on this wisdom from the US CDC.  And from 1966 to 2007 something else did not change – the CDC’s ineptitude – except when it comes to spending billions of tax dollars. 

The US CDC was castigated by the US Senate as one which “cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease“.  “CDC Off Center” is an extraordinary 115 page review published in June 2007 by the US Senate on the US Centers for Disease Control:-

A review of how an agency tasked with fighting and preventing disease has spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars for failed prevention efforts, international junkets, and lavish facilities, but cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease.”  CDC OFF CENTER“- The United States Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information and International Security, Minority Office, Under the Direction of Senator Tom Coburn, Ranking Minority Member, June 2007.

So what is the score today?  Health officials have kept increasing and increasing the level at which vaccine uptake is necessary to eradicate measles.  Today it is 95%.  They have increased the number of times children have to be vaccinated.  It was just one shot of measles vaccine and then one of MMR.  Now it is two shots and teenagers and adults are also told they can be vaccinated with the MMR at any time they like. 

But hey, we see measles and mumps outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations. 

And the fact that children are killed and injured by the vaccines is hushed-up.  In their rabid religious zealotism for vaccinology health officials introduce vaccines they know to be dangerous for children like Pluserix in 1988 and like Cervarix for 12 year old schoolgirls in the UK in 2008.

And millions of third world children have been dying despite vaccination and it is because they still get measles and there are no effective treatments for it and other basic childhood diseases.  These experts have concentrated on vaccines and when their approach fails they do not change even though there is a desperate need for development of effective treatments TO SAVE THE LIVES OF CHILDREN and when WE CAN DO IT.  We have the technology.

And after the failure of measles eradication programme in 1967, it kept failing during the 1970s, failed again in 1984 in the USA and 1988 in the UK and other countries with the introduction of the MMR [with the also unnecessary mumps component].  Failed again when MMR two doses were introduced because one was not enough.  Failed again and again as health officials kept raising the level of vaccination coverage to achieve supposed “herd immunity” [they started with 55% coverage in 1967]. And now even with 95% coverage levels it is failing.    After that it will be 100% coverage enforced with compulsory vaccination and it will be failing again, with boosters already being suggested for adults:  Vaccines Are Causing Measles. Child Who Caught Measles From Vaccine Was Shedding Live Vaccine Measles Virus In Throat and Urine

Now that is a spectacularly under-impressive record for medical “science” [or should we say pseudoscience? Because that is more accurate.]

The destruction of natural disease immunity is yet another step along the route of making citizens believe and feel they are dependent upon the state and those who control it for their health and security and that of their families and children, just like false flag attacks in the USA do.  The cause of adults in highly vaccinated populations contracting measles and perhaps even dying when with natural immunity they would not, is the vaccines and the vaccine programmes.  So the ways in which the safety from disease conferred by natural immunity is undermined by vaccines are manifold.

And they want to blame it all on Dr Andrew Wakefield for having the guts to point out the vaccines cause autism [but it is also a whole lot more besides].  Sheesh!

There are no words which can describe what low-lives these people are.

5 Responses

  1. I think their predictions suffered from the Black Swan syndrome. What they optimistically predicted did not take into account factors they did not anticipate, such as that they were spreading the live measles virus by vaccination. They also, therefore, assume vaccination herd immunity to be the same as natural herd immunity. I don’t think they meant to “lie.” I don’t much like the CDC, either, but I’d prefer it if you didn’t call names.

    The first paragraph of the paper I found most interesting. Measles was in 1967 in a better state of control, naturally, than it is today. It was “ecologically stable,” predictable, notably constant and of moderate severity. By tinkering with it, man has done more harm than good, apparently. Also, I guess we learned “the hard way” that the age of one was too young to vaccinate a baby with measles virus.

    I had measles in 1963, the first year, I have read, of mass measles vaccination of American schoolchildren (my first grade year). I got measles that year, and–it was thought–chicken pox at the same time. I had not received any vaccinations prior to school entrance. I don’t believe my younger brother and sister were vaccinated in any way, either. Neither caught my measles, despite close proximity (I remember my baby sister being right in my face). I’ve wondered whether I got the measles from live vaccine shedding, with presumably my entire class being vaccinated that year, rather than from a sick individual. Thank you for posting the article.

  2. What you’re missing here is the change in social movement and transportation that could not have been adequately predicted in 1955. This is not a deliberate lie by the cdc. They simply did not allow for social changes that occurred.

  3. @listerdude – so your theory is that in 1967 the US population went on “walkabout” and that is the reason why the prediction in Fall 1996 that measles would be eradicated in 1967 proved not to come true.

    That’s a great approach. Very inventive. But of course you cite no journal reference to back up this theory.

    Nice try buddy.

  4. The document is actually EXCELLENT it is unfortunate that the thousands of regulators, industry and government cant read and UNDERSTAND!

    Measles has no POOL except the pool in humans caused by foolhardy doctors injecting live viruses into people every minute of every day every year.

    If the world gave the virus at one particular time of the year ONLY; then the virus would by the known properties explained in the article be unable to survive.

    Ie the measles would be extinct 40 years ago.

    Sadly this does not suit regulators, industry or government who like to maintain their incompetence to our detriment.

  5. […] But Professor Poland was not asked why there is no effective treatment for measles nor whether it would obviate the problem or even just treat those who cannot be vaccinated or those who contract measles despite being fully vaccinated. It’s about time someone like him was asked. Poland confirms the vaccine is failing and his answer is “we need a new measles vaccine“. Yet this is after over 50 years of failure to eradicate measles, when it was meant to be eradicated in 1967 with just one shot: “Measles To Be Eradicated in 1967 With 55% Vaccine Coverage” […]

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