Vaccination-Induced Autism, The Debate That Won’t Go Away

Some parts of the British media are finally responding to growing evidence of vaccination caused autism; but why do so few British reporters appear to be in the know, has the profession reached an all time low?

Autism, now believed to afflict more than 1 in 100 UK children, ought to be story of the day when breaking news occurs; a nation’s children at risk, not least a nation’s future. So where are all the journalists?

Are Doherty, Jardine, Beck and Phillips the only British journalists and are their publications the only ones who recognise the implications of these recent developments?

MMR The Debate That Won’t Go Away – Cassandra Jardine & Sally Beck – The Daily Telegraph – 26 May 2008

Autism-link writer in talk to MPs – May 25 2008 by Phil Doherty, Sunday Sun

The debate that won’t go away – Melanie Phillips Monday, 26th May 2008 – The Spectator

Jury still out on MMR jab – Sunday Sun May 25 2008 Sunday Sun