Larry King Live – Breakthrough Coverage & More

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Larry King Live, hisone-hour program called “The Debate Over Autism”

Watch the video

Read the transcript

Entire show available on iTunes for free (go to Store, search Larry King, should be first podcast on list)

“The Debate Over Autism” featured, in three separate instalments:

  • Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey
  • Jenny and Jim plus Dr. Jerry Kartzinel and J.B. Handley and
  • Dr. Meg Fisher, Dr. Max Wiznitzer and Dr. Bernadine Healy.

Dr. Kartzinel is a pediatrician who has an autistic son.  His wife told him, “You broke them, now you fix them.”

J.B. Handley is founder of Generation Rescue

Dr. Fisher is President elect of the NJ chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Dr. Wiznitzer is a pediatric neurologist from Children’s Hospital in Cleveland

Dr. Healy is former director of the NIH, health editor of USN&WR, member of the IOM

Related news:

Autism: 1 in 10,000 Amish

Autism and Vaccines around the world

A response to Peet’s “there is no association between autism and vaccines”


4/3: Drug firms told stop using some internet ads, no product names, side effects (NYT)

4/3: Our government seeks partnerships for vaccine development (more shots in our future!!)

4/2: Letter from FDA scientists to Obama details corruption of the last several years (see attached PDF file)

4/2: New Theory of Autism Suggests Symptoms/Disorder May Be Reversible (Science Daily)

4/2: Autism Isn’t the Only Adverse Reaction, Our Son Cameron Passed Away (blog)

4/2: It’s Flu Season in the Southern Hemisphere, Get Your Flu Shots (Reuters)

4/2: Autism kit for parents (but how do we eliminate the need for the damn kits?)

4/2: Nancy “there is no controversy” Snyderman on Today, discloses niece has autism

4/2: “I was the queen of denial on autism” (Didi Conn, “Frenchie” on Grease) (CNN)

4/2: “Open Your Eyes To Autism” Rally in London (Age of Autism)

4/1: Rocket fuel (perchlorate) in infant baby formula (plus melamine, what’s next?) (EWG)

4/1: Peet vs. Peete on vaccines and autism

3/24: My son’s deadly struggle with food allergies (CNN)

3/20: One in 60 UK children with autism (= 1 in 38 boys) (UK Daily Mail Online)


It is NOT too late to write your letter!  Go to for more information.  They are prioritizing the combo MMR vaccine to meet the public health and medical need of patients in the US and internationally.  Send more letters; tell Merck they are not meeting your family’s need.  If you have press connections, use the attached release as-is or modify to add your quotes and contact info for your local press.  You can also go to and sign their petition.



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Vaccination-Induced Autism, The Debate That Won’t Go Away

Lies, Damn Lies and Blog Posts

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