US CDC Vaccine Autism Scandal – Original Internal US CDC Documents Expose the Vaccine-Autism Cover-Up – US CDC knew & hid the problem for at least 14 years

Here CHS presents below from just Friday 29th August not just the video of Dr Brian Hooker presenting internal data and documents from US Centers for Disease Control but you can also read the documents on screen revealing not only did the US CDC know for at least 14 years that the MMR vaccine causes autism but deliberately and knowingly published peer reviewed research which had been doctored to hide the data and the problem.  MMR vaccine causes autistic conditions and was worst in black male children of under three years of age.  The US CDC hid for 14 years the fact they had hard data showing that black male children were over three times more likely to develop autistic conditions than white kids.

The CDC simply removed the data about the injured children so their results did not show the problem and published.

You can see in the video CDC whistleblower and senior scientist Dr William Thompson’s own hand-written notes and read what they say.  It was Dr Thompson who revealed to Dr Brian Hooker the extent of the CDC deceit.

You can also see very clearly the CDC Study Reviewers’ written comments on the screen during Dr Hooker’s presentation.  The original “reviewers” of the original CDC studies were highly critical.  Despite the CDC’s own reviewer’s condemnation, the CDC presented them as factual representations of findings.  And Pediatrics, the official peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics published this research and refuses to remove and retract it. [So if you are in the USA you can be sure not to trust your local family pediatrician with the health and safety of your kids].

The CDC published in peer reviewed journal Pediatrics in 2004. That was when in the UK The Sunday Times newspaper published articles by Brian Deer attacking Dr Andrew Wakefield for first revealing the problem. Deer had been hired by Sunday Times section editor Paul Nuki in September 2003 to “find something big” on the MMR vaccine.  Whether or not this was the notorious Rupert Murdoch using his New York, USA based international news empire to do favours for the US government or other interests is purely speculative conjecture for which there is no evidence.  Additionally, Paul Nuki is son of Professor George Nuki. Professor Nuki had been involved in the UK approval processes of Pluserix MMR vaccine which was withdrawn by the manufacturer as it was dangerous.

Whatever the motives for the directive to Brian Deer, here you can see for yourselves Dr Brian Hooker presenting data:

Skip to 6 minutes 40 seconds of this “hot off the presses” unedited AutismOne/THRiiiVE August 29th Top Ten Seminar by Dr Brian Hooker

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