Parents Cure Autism – As Useless Docs Fail Kids

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This headline in today’s UK Daily Mail explains it all with just one quote:-

I helped my son beat autism by making him give up Weetabix
By Sally Beck – 23rd June 2009

It frightened me, because I thought if people were asking me, then there really wasn’t any help out there.”  Polley Tommey, The Autism File & The Autism Trust



A few weeks ago, a one-woman campaign culminated in Polly Tommey meeting the Prime Minister to improve support for the families of children with autism.

She was fighting for the sake of thousands of other parents around the country, having become an unofficial ‘Good Samaritan’ for the desperate parents of autistic children.

Here, Polly, 42, the mother of an autistic child, tells her extraordinary story.

Polly Tommey with her autistic son Billy
Polly Tommey with her autistic son Billy

Any normal child would have been taken to A&E at some point and given a battery of tests, but with autistic children doctors say it’s just part of their autism.

Billy stopped eating most things, and eventually all that was left in his diet was cow’s milk and Weetabix. He was so skinny his hair started falling out, and he had sores all over his lips and up his arms.

Then, one day, a leaflet dropped through my door explaining how a wheat and dairy-free diet could help autistic children. Jon was sceptical, but I thought it was worth a try.

I replaced cow’s milk with rice milk and began baking gluten-free biscuits, which I gave him instead of Weetabix. Billy starved himself for a few days then began eating the biscuits  –  and, amazingly, his gut problems started to get better.

That really woke Jon up, because he thought if Billy could improve just by making a change to his diet, what else could be done? He found an organisation called Allergy Induced Autism, and through them we met other people who were doing things to help autistic children.

Jon flew to the States for a Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) conference and learned how biomedical intervention could help. He threw himself into finding help for Billy and re-trained as a clinical nutritionist.

At the time, Jon was David Liddiment’s personal trainer. David was head of LWT (London Weekend Television) then, and during a run one day, Jon told him that we were going to try treating Billy with the hormone secretin, which stimulates the pancreas.

Billy still suffered terrible constipation, and we thought it would help regulate his gut. It worked and Billy’s behaviour improved.

That was ten years ago and as Billy was the first British child to try secretin, David suggested that Trevor McDonald follow his progress on the Trevor McDonald Tonight show.

We set up a website for anyone who wanted to know more about secretin. It got 150,000 hits, the computer crashed and LWT couldn’t cope with all the inquiries.

We’d thought that by doing the programme, we’d find other people who knew of other treatments that could help Billy. Instead, we were inundated with people asking us for help.

It frightened me, because I thought if people were asking me, then there really wasn’t any help out there.


I helped my son beat autism by making him give up Weetabix
By Sally Beck – 23rd June 2009

CHS Ed’s Comment:

At least the Weetabix Company have done something about this and produced “Oatibix” – which is a whole lot more than some docs seem to have done.

Here is an example of a nonsense waste of money which would be better spent on clinical investigations of what ails these children:-

University of Louisville researchers have been awarded a grant of nearly one million dollars by the National Institutes of Health to fund a clinical trial related to autism.The treatment combines magnetic stimulation with behavior therapy to ease the symptoms of autism, and researchers believe the treatment will help participants focus on therapy to improve social interactions, according to a news release.

National Institutes of Health to fund University of Louisville autism study – Business First of LouisvilleMonday, June 22, 2009

And who says Wakefield was wrong about autistic kids having gut problems?  Only most of the doctors who are also the ones failing the kids and failing to do what doctors are meant to – help heal.  Today one too many are too busy selling drugs for drug companies to worry about that and then there are the few of them who publish fake data in medical journals to sell more drugs like the harmful psychiatric drugs now being given to autistic children instead of simple cures – like the ones described above: AHRP Reveals Corrupt Practices.  It’s the century of “Do-It-Yourself” medicine –  because doctors are not doing it for you – what a waste of space.  And are you going to trust them over vaccines for your kids too when many have  insufficient knowledge and soak up what they are fed?



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2 Responses

  1. ii believe mmr may contribute to autism if the child already has a low immune system through allergys asthma eczma .The immune system is not fully developed until the age of two yet they give our children the injection.They talk about not having enough clinical studys but they are not asking for our support. when ever we mention injections we are hushed up nobody really truely listens.Andrew wakefeild may not have followed procejure but he was not far wrong in my book,first step he listened. watch LISTEN TO THE SILENCE then followed by the documentry DR VERSES THE PUBLIC. There were plenty of unanswered questions. My youngest son who is now 13yrs old was diagnosed with autisim aged 4yrs he got regressive autisim. I will spend my life fighting his corner looking for answers or a possible cure.

    [ED: You have something in common with the US government, its health officials and their medical and scientific experts. They also believe vaccines [ie. not just the MMR] cause autistic conditions. This is what the US HRSA wrote in an email to CBS news journalist Sharyl Atkisson:

    “We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures.”

    And you can read more about it here and download the text of the email from the link provided:
    Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines

    Sorry to hear about your child. It does not really help to know that autistic conditions now officially affect 1 in 54 US boys and overall 1 in 88 children according to figures recently released by the US Centers for Disease Control [criticised by a US Senate committee because it spends over US$11 billion each year but cannot demonstrate it is controlling any diseases.

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