Health Wars

Is this the kind of world you want? 

7 Deaths In Bill Gates Foundation Funded HPV Vaccine Trials – Trials Were “Child Abuse” Says Parliamentary Panel – India, The Hindu

30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts Show UK Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards – A paper presented at a scientific conference reviews official records of confidential internal government meetings obtained under Freedom of Information.

Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics – official statistics show vaccines do not live up to the claims made for them and other very basic health measures like clean water and sanitation are far more valuable especially in the third world.

Secret British MMR Vaccine Files Forced Open By Legal Action – following legal action under the Freedom of Information Act: Starting in 1986 Canada, to 1988 Japan and the UK to the present this previously unpublished account is definitive carefully researched and accessible.  The British government has prevented its child citizens being compensated and treated. Money and politics override child health safety.  Children continue to be injured.

Vaccines are not just big business – market worth US$52 billion by 2016.  Investors are piling in to emerging nations in Asia Pacific, India, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Russia, South Africa and Latin America.  The connection between vaccines and the harm they cause is difficult to prove so most people cannot easily understand the connections – like lifetime chronic disease so you don’t get to realise the extent of the problem.

They drain less wealthy countries of billions of dollars from health budgets and divert life saving health resources – India US$8 billion spent causing 67,000 cases of paralysis in children and death.

Ordinary people and the courageous few medical professionals who tell you are attacked, bullied and abused by people who do it for sport in their spare time – in groups organised on the internet “The time for talking has passed. I draw the line at kidnapping by the way” managed by opinion formers in the mainstream medical professions.

Mainstream media are manipulated and manipulate you in turn.

Check out the three short videos below and ask yourself – is this man – Andrew Wakefield universally attacked and reviled by the mainstream worldwide – a fraudster – who lost his career as a leading medical doctor and researcher accused of being a child killer by Bill Gates.

Or is he wronged for speaking out to keep you and your children safer and protected from the massive money machine of the vaccine industry – who are turning your children into pin-cushion profit centres to keep them and the banksters in champagne.  Is he what another Doctor who was also attacked but won says he is – an honest and caring doctor whose only concern is for the health and safety of children in the UK and worldwide.

Donate here – Dr Wakefield Justice Fund and read more about it here.  And get involved online – using just your internet connection, computer and phone you can do it all just from your home or whereever may be – any time day or night 24/7.

In the three short videos here Wakefield exposes the motives, the marketing, and the deception behind US and UK MMR vaccine policies. He urges the UK’s head of immunization to debate him in public and answer key questions on vaccine safety in the wake of untold levels of sickness in today’s children and sparked by recent British Government propaganda, and calls by vaccine millionaire Dr. Paul Offit to end religious exemptions in the US and mandate vaccination in the UK.

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