BBC World News – Bill Gates’ & WHO’s Polio Eradication Plans Under Fire Today – Polio Cannot Be Eradicated & “US$ 8 Billion Spent On This Only Well Spent If We Learn Never To Do This Again”

Watch here on YouTube the BBC News Impact programme which hosted a debate today during which the US$ 8 billion polio eradication vaccination programme was put under fire.  Defending the programme was an advisor to the Pakistan Government and also the World Health Organisation’s polio programme Director, Dr. Hamid Jafari.  Putting very eloquently the case against the programme was Dr Jacob Puliyel, Head of Paediatrics of St Stephen’s hospital Delhi.

Dr Puliyel’s criticisms can be viewed @ 6m 19  and @ 11m 16.

The programme presenter posed the question of why spend all this money when it is diverting resources from bigger killers.  Annual deaths of 37 in Afghanistan, 58 in Pakistan and 122 Nigeria respectively were compared to annual malaria deaths of 600,000 and HIV/Aids of 1.7 million.

Dr Puliyel pointed to major problems with the programme:

    • non polio paralysis cases were 61,000 in India and are associated with polio vaccination campaigns;
    • “vertical” [ie. single] disease programmes address only one disease and divert resources from other areas;
    • the disease cannot be eradicated and polio vaccination campaigns will have to continue forever.

Dr Puliyel also compared what happened to the DPT vaccination programme during the polio campaigns.  DPT coverage dropped from 70% to 55% because the DPT programme is not being delivered to the patients and polio is instead.

When asked whether the polio programme was worth the money he answered:

I do not believe this vertical programme has improved anything where public health is concerned” and that the US$8 billion was “Well spent if at least we learn never to spend money again on a vertical programme like this in the future“.

3 Responses

  1. They ignore the main point he makes – that the side effect from the polio vaccine is AFP – vaccine paralysis- is at a greater rate than wild polio paralysis. How can the drive continue?
    The US and the UK withdrew the live Polio vaccine when the risk / ‘benefit’ shifted and I just do not understand the blindness in vaccination drives which clearly cause more harm.
    Dr Puliyel must be mighty frustrated

  2. I find it difficult to work out why they wish to kill and maim with vaccinations,after all the vaccine makers just shrug their shoulders and continue their BILLION $ profits.Polio : 61000 vaccinations in India with 61000 now with AFP

  3. I do not even believe that polio is a viral disease, I think it is a poison disease. Remember polio epidemic circa 1950s/1960s, this was caused by DDT poisoning taking into account the excellent research by Jim West at Bad science equals bad medicine, and endless wasted money down the polio drain – it’s the same old story. More polio vaccine, more so-called non-polio paralysis. This points to the vaccine, which is basically a poison, doing what one would expect a poison to do, and that is poison people, which would cause more polio paralysis and also ‘non-polio paralysis’, whatever that may mean. It’s not rocket science, it’s merely cause and effect, a universal law. I just wonder how they can make the distinction between polio paralysis and non-polio paralysis. I would guess that they cannot, but those vaccinated are diagnosed as non-polio paralysis, and if this is so, then this is merely rotten science and rotten politics with a pinch of grand assumptions and wishful thinking added to the menu. So if the 1950s polio epidemic was caused by a poison, is this a disease that is caused by a poison one moment and a germ the next moment. That is a very strange disease indeed! If they spent the money that is being thrown away on vaccines, on public hygiene and clean drinking water, then I would guess that the sickness and paralysis caused by this would disappear from the face of the earth. The answer is to stop poisoning people with polio vaccines and improve public hygiene. There is no vaccine ever manufactured that can immunise against a poison. Take the profit out of polio vaccines and then we shall see how important polio vaccine is. The vaccine will then be dropped like a hot potato, of no use whatsoever.

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