Epidemic of Mumps among Vaccinated Persons, the Netherlands, 2009–2012

QUOTE: “Most cases occurred in persons who had received 2 doses of MMR, which suggests inadequate effectiveness of the vaccine.” 

This is according to a new study just published in the April edition of the journal Research: Epidemic of Mumps among Vaccinated Persons, the Netherlands, 2009–2012.

So instead of children contracting a mild case of mumps [as mumps is predominantly a short mild self-limiting illness], the MMR vaccine is putting adult males at risk of sterility.  That is a coup for the MMR vaccination programme.  The world was told if they were vaccinated with MMR they would be safe [which is like being saved from the Cookie Monster, as mumps was never a big problem anyway]. They now find they, or at least men, are at vastly increased risk from the disease they were told they would be protected from by MMR vaccine.  How clever the US CDC is and health officials the world over.  They know best, don’t they.

But then according to allegations in a legal case brought in the USA Merck always knew the vaccine was not effective against mumps.  CHS reported previously on Merck facing two Court actions in the USA in which it was alleged it fraudulently represented its MMR II vaccine worked as claimed when it did not: 

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But then Merck has had issues regarding fraud in the past:

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And as a company they have not been shy about the measures they are prepared to take to silence criticism:

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Here is the abstract of the new paper [and you can read the full paper here Epidemic of Mumps among Vaccinated Persons, the Netherlands, 2009–2012]:


To analyze the epidemiology of a nationwide mumps epidemic in the Netherlands, we reviewed 1,557 notified mumps cases in persons who had disease onset during September 1, 2009–August 31, 2012. Seasonality peaked in spring and autumn. Most case-patients were males (59%), 18–25 years of age (67.9%), and vaccinated twice with measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (67.7%). Nearly half (46.6%) of cases occurred in university students or in persons with student contacts. Receipt of 2 doses of vaccine reduced the risk for orchitis, the most frequently reported complication (vaccine effectiveness [VE] 74%, 95% CI 57%–85%); complications overall (VE 76%, 95% CI 61%–86%); and hospitalization (VE 82%, 95% CI 53%–93%). Over time, the age distribution of case-patients changed, and proportionally more cases were reported from nonuniversity cities (p<0.001). Changes in age and geographic distribution over time may reflect increased immunity among students resulting from intense exposure to circulating mumps virus.”