Why You Must Not Sign A “Refusal To Vaccinate” Form – [At least, if you want to keep your kids that is]

CHS reproduces this post from the For Ohioans website February 9, 2014.

[UPDATE: For Ohioans is now Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines [PAMV]. The article and further advice is now found on that site here:

**(Details for parents and vaccine-aware health care providers.)**
 **(Details for employees and students**)

CONTACT PAMV: Email: sayno2flushots@gmail.com]


The following is not legal advice. It is merely sharing ideas, understandings and suggestions regarding ways of dealing with vaccine recommendations by the CDC and vaccine mandates by the STATE.

The “Refusal to Vaccinate” form was created by the American Academy of Pediatric’s ‘legal department’ as a response to the growing number of toxic vaccines recommended by them and the growing number of parents who are becoming educated on this issue. According to the CDC our children should now receive 37 doses of vaccine between 0-16 years. [See Vaccine Schedule]

Recently in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA a statute was implemented (AB 2109) that requires their own form filled out and submitted to get a vaccine exemption.

The following strategy now being used to overcome vaccine awareness is the most diabolical strategy possible! It is unlikely that physicians have any idea what they are asking their patients to sign . . . or to sign away. It is essentially a signed confession. So please read and understand why you can’t sign it and why it is really something other than what if appears to be.

Here are 12 reasons that no parent can sign this form unless they are interested in being statutorily charged with neglect or intentionally causing harm. Repeating more boldly:

This form, if signed, could be used to have your child(ren) removed from your custody! It is a form designed to stand up in court!


The form attaches a child ID # that will be identifiable in the electronic records system across the country. Everyone from the school to the NSA will be able to determine who is and who is not vaccinated.

The scientific term for HPV vaccine is listed to discourage parents from making the connection to the dangerous vaccine for HPV called Gardasil. [See Open Letter From a Grandmother to Her Daughters About Gardasil]

Do not place any marks in any of these boxes. The physician’s records will indicate which vaccines your child has received. It would be best to put a large X through the entire section.

The CDC Vaccine Information Statement is pure unadulterated propaganda. The real information about vaccines was exposed in 30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts Show UK Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards See info about the CDC – #9.

Again the parent is misled to think the truth about vaccine risks is on the CDC web site.The doctor has the vaccine package inserts right in his/her office. Why is it not offered and explained to the parent? The physicians may have read them or not. However, the physicians are certainly aware that if the parents read the ‘official risks’ put out by the drug corporations, they would refuse the vaccines. Full disclosure is almost NEVER a part of the process.

“I understand the following: The risks and benefits of the recommended vaccine(s).” This of course would be agreeing to a false statement. You cannot understand the risks without reading and understanding the package inserts.

Parents are falsely told that without vaccines their children could suffer dire illnesses but are not told the dire illnesses/injuries the vaccines themselves could cause . . . including death. [See 30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts Show Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards]

This refers to the “herd immunity myth” of 1933, which has been proven unscientific over and over and over again. Simply put: if other children have been vaccinated – and the vaccines work – they won’t contract a disease from your child.

Entities are listed as “strongly recommending” the vaccine schedule. Again however, parents are NOT given full disclosure as to exactly who/what the entities are and what their motivations might be. Listed on the Refusal to Vaccinate form are the following:

  • The ‘physician’ – is rewarded for administering vaccines by higher reimbursements for his fees. His vaccine “rates” are checked to determine whether or not he/she is entitled to more money. Physicians, public health workers, and drug companies have all been given immunity from any possible lawsuits that may arise as a result of vaccine-caused injury or illness. In other words, if a vaccine harms your child or causes autism you cannot sue any of them.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics which is a corporation headquartered in the STATE OF ILLINOIS – that receives lots of money from drug corporations for advertising in their Journal, etc. This organization relies heavily on what they believe to be a “government” health advocacy agency known as the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • The American Academy of Family Physicians which is a corporation headquartered in the STATE OF KANSAS – that also receives lots of money from drug corporations for advertising in their Journal, etc.This organization also relies heavily on what they believe to be a “government” health advocacy agency known as the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Bottom line: all of the above “entities” make more money if they vaccinate our children and even more if our children get sick from the vaccines . . . including the pediatricians themselves.

This is the broadest and most nefarious part of this so-called form.

Nevertheless, I have decided at this time to decline . . . I know that failure to follow the recommendations about vaccination may endanger the health or life of my child and others . . . I therefore agree to tell all health care professionals in all settings what vaccines my child has not received because he or she may need to be isolated or may require immediate medical evaluation and tests that might not be necessary if my child had been vaccinated.”

This is not only deceptive and untruthful [see numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8] it is asking you to confess that you know you are harming your child (and others) and don’t care. It is asking you to agree to inform any/all people who consider themselves to be healthcare “professionals” (not defined) of your child’s vaccination record. You are also agreeing to permitting undefined healthcare professionals to keep your child in isolation due to unproven or unknown exposure to a myriad of undefined communicable diseases – with or without testing.

This is an admission that you understand this contractual document – and its significance – ‘in its entirety’. This means that you accept the false information sited as factual, chose NOT to do what you now know to be good for your child and others (are negligent), obligate yourself to embarrass and confuse your child by tracking and reporting on the vaccines you protected your child from, and give permission for your child to be tested or removed from your care and put in isolation for any ‘supposed’ exposure to any ‘undefined’ communicable disease by anyone calling themselves a healthcare worker. [Ohio Revised Code 3701.13]

In short, the form wants you to attest to the following . . . in writing:

1. You understand you are signing a contract with performance requirements

2. You accept false information as factual and don’t care

3. You don’t care if your child or others are harmed by your decision

4. You agree to volunteer to all pretend healthcare workers your child’s vaccine record

5. You agree to allow others to test or isolate your child for unproven exposure to a disease

Here is the kicker. You are asked to sign, initial and date this document in front of a witness who also dated their signature. This is called an unconscionable adhesion contract: “a legally binding agreement between two parties to do a certain thing, in which one side has all the bargaining power and uses it to write the contract primarily to his or her advantage.”

Let’s think . . . how much money is made by forcing all children in America to be ‘fully’ vaccinated? Billions or is it trillions?

*For Californians

Here is the form that is being used in California as is should be filled out:  **California Personal Beliefs and Exemption Form**

Note: only the child’s name is filled out and the form refers to an attached VACCINATION NOTICE (see below). The LEGISLATORS and employees of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA have absolutely no authority to require parents go to a health care provider. They are not qualified to make that determination and have absolutely no authority (or training) to establish those parameters



  • Inform the nurse or doctor that as the Refusal to Vaccinate form is an adhesion contract with performance requirements, you must take it home and read it more thoroughly. No one can force you to sign a contract. It is very important that you don’t allow yourself to get bullied into signing this form on the spot.
  • Ask for the vaccine package inserts to take with you. Explain that you always get a list of side effects from the pharmacist when you pick up a prescription – before your take it. Say you need those inserts to make an informed decision. If they ask you to accept a ‘handout’ say no. Just politely repeat your request. If they still say no, just let it go.
  • On your next visit to the pediatrician or family practitioner, inform him or her that you are not interested in signing the Refusal to Vaccinate form because after due consideration you have decided that it would not be in your child’s best interests . . . which it would not!



It is time to place our position regarding vaccines on the record (and in the record) for the physician and the school system. The physician needs to have your notice regarding vaccines on file. This also protects him or her from the vaccination-business police (like public health employees) who monitor patient records.

This notice is designed to inform your doctor or your child’s school of the reasons you are opposed to their administering vaccines to your child and make it perfectly clear that you do not consent. The reasons listed on the notice are easy to validate. Suggestions for implementing this notice are on page 1 and the notice itself is on page 2. Read the notice thoroughly before you fill it out and present it. It has to be something you agree with and will attest to by signing it before 2 witnesses or a notary public. Without the witnesses or notary public it is nothing more than a memo, which will most likely be ignored. If you do not agree with the notice, do not use it. People can always create their own. A notice is only a signed statement of facts that you know to be true.

Vaccination Notice

The Vaccination Notice will be an education for all parties involved.

  • Most folks don’t know their physician gets more money for vaccinating ALL children in his/her practice.
  • Most folks don’t know that all those manufacturing or administering vaccines have been granted immunity from lawsuits.
  • Most folks don’t know that by refusing to give the parent/guardian the package insert the parent is kept unaware of the real health risks associated with vaccines.

These facts are stated on the vaccine notice. Notices are used by many for many purposes. According to the http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Notice

The concept of notice is critical to the integrity of legal proceedings. Due process requires that legal action cannot be taken against anyone unless the requirements of notice and an opportunity to be heard are observed.

This notice will stand irregardless of the myriad of vaccine mandates the untrained legislators decide to pass via statutes in the future. Be sure to keep a copy for your own records and note the date it was presented, and the party it was presented to!!

The vaccination notice is designed to inform your doctor, hospital or school of the reasons you are opposed to their administering vaccines to your child and that you do not consent. See Notice http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Notice The reasons listed on the notice are easy to validate. This approach should help put an end to the endless pressure that pediatricians and school personnel inflict on vaccine-aware parents.


  1. Items in red need to be personalized.
  2. Select son or daughter as applicable.
  3. Corporate entities need to be in all caps.
  4. The health department of each state is listed in its corporate name in all caps on Dun and Bradstreet. This information is accessible for free online.
  5. At the bottom of the notice is a space for the parent’s signature and the signature of two witnesses. Of course the dates need to be identical. An acceptable alternative to two witnesses would be to sign in front of a notary and have them stamp it for you. Use blue ink for signatures.

This notice requires little discussion. Just hand it to the nurse, doctor or clerk, or attach it to the Refusal to Vaccinate or the PERSONAL BELIEFS EXEMPTION TO REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS forms[1]. Politely explain that you are not comfortable with the vaccine risks and wish to have this notice placed in the child’s records so you don’t have to bring in a new one each time your child sees the doctor or nurse. If asked where you obtained the document, simply say from another parent, which is true. Giving more information is not required and is not advisable. Citing websites or vaccine aware organizations just motivates those in the vaccination-distribution-business to track down and discredit folks that are doing their best to bring good information to the public.

Do not answer detailed questions about your objections to any vaccine or the source of your information. Just repeat what is on the notice; “I am aware of multiple scientific peer-reviewed papers that have exposed the dangers of many vaccines.” Doctors and nurses are well armed with ‘talking points’ designed to overcome all claims you might make regarding vaccines and nearly all authors you might site. According to Russell Blaylock, MD there are lots of peer-reviewed articles on this topic for doctors and nurses to read. It is their job to seek this information. It is not your job to provide it to them. The notice just states facts and is designed to be self-explanatory.

Should the clerk, doctor, or nurse refuse to accept your notice, politely explain that their decision to accept your notice as the “agent” is not optional as it is directed to the “principal’ as well. Keep a copy for yourself and write the name of the agent, his/her position and the date on the bottom of your notice. Save the notice for your records. If there is too much resistance to placing the notice in your child’s records, send it certified mail to the physician, hospital administrator or superintendent of schools.

[1]The only info the parent should provide on these forms is name of the child and “see attached addendum”. (Sample) Anything more can be used against the parent AND the doctor, as these forms are designed to be tracked.

The Vaccination Notice

Template (updated 6-17-14)

43 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this invaluable information. Very timely, just what I needed.

  2. […] Health Safety has a post up on the “Refusal to Vaccinate” form now being pushed upon parents.  Their stance is […]

  3. The jpg will not load. Saying not found. I have tried on two different browsers.

    [ED: Thanks. It looks like the website the jpg is on is either suffering technical difficulties or has been deleted. There is nothing we can do about that unfortunately.]

  4. What do I do if ive already signed this?!

    [ED: Contact Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines [PAMV] here:
    Email: sayno2flushots@gmail.com]

  5. I was asked to sign this at my sons 2yr check up I refused they almost didnt let me get out (nurses) the doctor is very understanding and doesnt bully me into anything she doesn’t even ask me about vaccines because she knws my stands ,however she did say she wod get in trouble if I didnt sign it cuz she haf to report who and why any child was not vaccinated,I said I was late to pick up my son and I would come back ,but what should I do now?

    [ED: Contact Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines [PAMV] here:
    Email: sayno2flushots@gmail.com]

  6. What if you were pressured to sign and the doctor made it appear as if it was mandatory? What should you do??

  7. What if someone was pressured to do so and was told it was a requirement??

    [ED: Contact Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines [PAMV] here:
    Email: sayno2flushots@gmail.com]

  8. Any answer on the question, what happens if you already signed??????

  9. [ED: Try here for an answer to your question. Contact Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines [PAMV]:
    Email: sayno2flushots@gmail.com

    And here is their website:


    It is what used to be the site forohians which generated the information on “Do Not Sign A Refusal To Vaccinate Form

  10. It is absolutely disgusting and horrific that you spread lies which endanger innocent children. You are sorely misinformed, and have absolutely no scientific evidence to support your broad claims.

    Parents. YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. Please for the sake of your own children do not listen to these articles, written by those with absolutely no credentials. Would you take advice from your google happy neighbor on what to do if you have been diagnosed with cancer? Absolutely not! Please for the sake of your children listen to the doctors and scientists, and not a bunch of unqualified bloggers on the internet.

    [ED: This is unacceptable. The article contains specific statements which you do not provide anything to show the facts stated are not correct. And you have the temerity to claim people are being lied to.

    In other words exactly what you say applies to what you say – do not listen to an unqualified person’s comments and especially one who provides nothing whatsoever to suggest he is right and anything he disagrees with is incorrect.

    Its yet another lazy drive-by comment.]

  11. The CDC is a federal agency whose director is appointed by the president of the United States. You are referring to the CDC Foundation, not the same thing, which is a private but not for profit corporation that works with the CDC.

    If you can get such basic, easily verifiable facts wrong, how can I trust anything said here?

    [ED: Anyone reading the article can see it specifically refers to the US Centers for Disease Control. If you can get such basic, easily verifiable facts wrong, noone can trust anything you have said here.]

  12. On your vaccine notice template it says at the bottom: “NOTE: This document can be used to protect those that administer vaccines (physicians, nurses or others) or are obliged to adhere to corporate statutes (including educational institutions) from any punitive statutory actions or penalties. “. Do you mean to say “This document can NOT be used…” instead?? It seems like this word is missing otherwise this document would be a good thing for those that administer vaccines. Right?

    [ED: Wrong. Read again and think more carefully.]

  13. I just signed this at my daughters 2 year well visit!!! What can I do about this??

    [ED: Try here for an answer to your question. Contact Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines [PAMV]:
    Email: sayno2flushots@gmail.com

    And here is their website:


    It is what used to be the site forohians which generated the information on “Do Not Sign A Refusal To Vaccinate Form

  14. […] Now pediatricians are having non-vaccinators sign a “Refusal to Vaccinate” form.  This post outlines several reasons parents should not sign […]

  15. Any advice for what to do if we have already signed it? We no longer see that dr, but we signed it 3 times because they kept losing it. Can we do a Freedom of Information Act request? And replace it? Or write a notarized letter stating that we rescind those signed forms?

    [ED: Try here for an answer to your question. Contact Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines [PAMV]:
    Email: sayno2flushots@gmail.com

    And here is their website:


    It is what used to be the site forohians which generated the information on “Do Not Sign A Refusal To Vaccinate Form

  16. There is not one legitimate scientific study that shows any correlation between vaccines and autism. The increase in Autism is due to an increase in exposures to persistent organic pollutants in air, and chronic exposures to various other chemicals from industrial use and agriculture. There is legitimate scientific studies that document this. There is none that shows a correlation between Autism and vaccines. You try and discredit what I say by claiming it’s simply a lazy “drive-by” post?

    I was not saying for people to take my word on vaccines and autism, but rather the THOUSANDS of scientists who have performed research on it. Pray tell, what are your credentials? Anyone can start a blog on the internet. That doesn’t mean anything.

    Parents you are being lied to. We are seeing an increase in diseases that had been all but eliminated. Several children have died as a result of these diseases. You are putting the lives of your children and others at risk by listening to these conspiracy theorists.

    [ED: Now you are revealing your credentials and confirming these are lazy drive-by comments. You are one of the many self-appointed commenters on “science” who clearly do not understand it and it is clear you have not read any of it relevant to the subject you comment on.

    If you knew what you are commenting about you would know that the most recent Institute of Medicine report on the matter relies on not thousands but five epidemiology papers – (Farrington et al., 2001; Madsen et al., 2002; Mrozek-Budzyn et al., 2010; Smeeth et al., 2004; Taylor et al., 1999).]

    None of them are reliable papers. Mrozek-Budzyn et al and Madsen in particular have serious problems. Poul Thorsen one of the authors of the Madsen paper is an US OIG “most wanted” fugutive for fraud and other offences relating to monies he fraudulently obtained concerning the research work he procured for the US CDC.

    In other words, the US IoM is so short of “science” it has to rely on junk science including from a wanted fraudster.

    This is from the OIG Most Wanted list regarding Thorsen:

    From approximately February 2004 until February 2010, Poul Thorsen executed a scheme to steal grant money awarded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC had awarded grant money to Denmark for research involving infant disabilities, autism, genetic disorders, and fetal alcohol syndrome. CDC awarded the grant to fund studies of the relationship between autism and the exposure to vaccines, the relationship between cerebral palsy and infection during pregnancy, and the relationship between developmental outcomes and fetal alcohol exposure.
    Thorsen worked as a visiting scientist at CDC, Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, before the grant was awarded.
    The initial grant was awarded to the Danish Medical Research Council. In approximately 2007, a second grant was awarded to the Danish Agency for Science, Technology, and Innovation. Both agencies are governmental agencies in Denmark. The research was done by the Aarhaus University and Odense University Hospital in Denmark.
    Thorsen allegedly diverted over $1 million of the CDC grant money to his own personal bank account. Thorsen submitted fraudulent invoices on CDC letterhead to medical facilities assisting in the research for reimbursement of work allegedly covered by the grants. The invoices were addressed to Aarhaus University and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The fact that the invoices were on CDC letterhead made it appear that CDC was requesting the money from Aarhaus University and Sahlgrenska University Hospital although the bank account listed on the invoices belonged to Thorsen.
    In April 2011, Thorsen was indicted on 22 counts of Wire Fraud and Money Laundering.
    According to bank account records, Thorsen purchased a home in Atlanta, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, an Audi automobile, and a Honda SUV with funds that he received from the CDC grants.
    Thorsen is currently in Denmark and is awaiting extradition to the United States.]

  17. Dear Parents, Please go online and research each one of these diseases that have vaccinations. Go look at the graphic photos. Then go look at the mirror and ask yourself how you would feel if your child contracted that disease? Maybe these vaccines have worked too well? Do you see many of these diseases today? Ask yourself that. Take it from a deaf person who’s mother was pregnant with him when she contracted Rubella (German Measles), do you think she would do ANYTHING to have a hearing son? I can not get a high paying job, so think about that.

    [ED: And also parents go and take a look at the charts here:
    Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics
    Ask yourselves – how many of these diseases over time have attenuated so much (that is diminished) that they are far less of a threat to your child than the adverse effects of vaccines. And do you trust government health officials and the drug industry to tell you and your doctor the truth.

    Is your child more likely to get an autistic condition or develop a speech impediment or tics or die after a vaccine than the very few who might go deaf from rubella infection. And there is no need for that either.

    Rubella vaccine used to be given to pre-pubescent girls and not infants and only girls not boys. The later in age the vaccine the less chance there is of a serious problem – so rubella infection can still be prevented. We just do not have to kill and injure babies and toddlers doing it.]

  18. What if I have already signed this form? Is there anything I can do?

    [ED: Try here for an answer to your question. Contact Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines [PAMV]:
    Email: sayno2flushots@gmail.com

    And here is their website:


    It is what used to be the site forohians which generated the information on “Do Not Sign A Refusal To Vaccinate Form

  19. I would really like to get this straight.
    You state: “The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which is a corporation headquartered in the STATE OF GEORGIA. The CDC IS NOT PART OF A LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT. Repeat: the CDC IS NOT PART OF A LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT! It is a private for-profit corporation that is chartered under the umbrella of the private for-profit UNITED STATES corporation] with extremely close ties to the pharmaceutical companies.”
    Are you stating the US government is not a legitimate government? Or are you referring to some other organization than the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention in Dekalb County GA which “… is the leading national public health institute of the United States. The CDC is a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services”? {http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centers_for_Disease_Control_and_Prevention}
    Please clarify. Thank you.

  20. irregardless is not a word.

    [ED: apparently it is:



    Irregardless originated in dialectal American speech in the early 20th century. Its fairly widespread use in speech called it to the attention of usage commentators as early as 1927. The most frequently repeated remark about it is that “there is no such word.” There is such a word, however. It is still used primarily in speech, although it can be found from time to time in edited prose. Its reputation has not risen over the years, and it is still a long way from general acceptance. Use regardless instead.]

  21. I am freaking out right now. I signed this stupid thing. Felt pressured even though I didn’t agree with it. What can I do now? Please help

    [ED: Try here for an answer to your question. Contact Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines [PAMV]:
    Email: sayno2flushots@gmail.com

    And here is their website:


    It is what used to be the site forohians which generated the information on “Do Not Sign A Refusal To Vaccinate Form

  22. What if the document signed at public health is a “e sign document?” I reside in south florida and was told to read the declination form and sign electronically. There was no physical place to scratch anything out. 😦

  23. […] Why You Must Not Sign A “Refusal To Vaccinate” Form – [At least, if you want to keep your kids that is] […]

  24. […] Why You Must Not Sign A “Refusal To Vaccinate” Form – [At least, if you want to ke…. […]

  25. This is not a legally binding contract, because there is no consideration.

    I think we in the vaccine safety movement have to be very careful when we talk about the risks of getting disease, because if we sound callous about the suffering and permanent disability of other people’s children, why would anyone care about the suffering and permanent damage done by vaccines to our children? You can read my thoughts about that at https://vaccinesafetydad.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/anger-about-the-measles/

  26. Reblogged this on A Beautiful Mind Burdened with Chaos.

  27. […] Why You Must Not Sign A “Refusal To Vaccinate” Form – [At least, if you want to ke…. […]

  28. I would also like clarification on your statement that the CDC is not part of a legitimate government.

    [ED: Refer to the website of the authors of the article.]

  29. Is there a version I can use if in CA?

  30. What do you do if you refuse to sign the form and are told in order to be a patient, you have to sign it? Can I then just sign it once for all the vaccines since I don’t want to have my kids get any of them?

    Of course, I don’t want to sign it but I think it’s the only practice that not only accepts my insurance but respects all my other parental choices.

  31. SB277 states:
    (d) Issuance and revision of the form shall be exempt from the
    rulemaking provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter
    3.5 (commencing with Section 11340) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title
    2 of the Government Code).

    Does this mean that the PBE form CANNOT be amended?

  32. Dear Child Health Safety, Thank you for the hard work that is evidently the key to this excellent blog. And congratulations on your ability to ‘set your face like a flint’, in dealing with the mockers and gainsayers. Alone in my family I did my research and refused all vaccines for my son in 1999. He’s coming up on his 17th birthday in stellar health. Nick hasn’t had a sick day in almost 11 years! He got over chicken pox at age 6 in just 3 days, and has not had so much as a cold since. I could wish my siblings would have heeded my advice. They vaccinated their children, who now suffer from a variety of autoimmune diseases. I researched the benefits of breast feeding, and the dangers of vaccines when I was still pregnant. Like you, once the evidence was clear, no one could sway me. Recently I watched an important talk on the subject of Polio, by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, which I would highly recommend to your readers. In the video – Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twch-T-n8Ns – Dr. Humphries lays out a fantastic array of information on Polio, destroying the myths and falsehoods. Among the most interesting points for me personally, was how that in the Polio epidemics of the early 20th century not a single breast fed baby contracted polio! With the help of Blogs like yours, doctors like Dr. Humphries, and the world wide web, perhaps there will be a full scale counter revolution and the children of the next generations of babies will once again be allowed to enjoy the health that the creator endowed in us naturally. God bless you and keep up the great work! Victoria Christine Bingham

  33. Those vaccines like the dtap has formaldehyde in it …look it up on osha they have a list of all hazardous material and chemicals …and formaldehyde is in the there as a dangerous chemical DO YOUR REASEARCH !!!

  34. What can you do when you provide your own alternate Refuse to Vaccinate form (and have been for 3 years) and a pediatrician (you’ve never encountered before) at the office you’ve been taking your children to; bullies you and tells you if you dont sign their APA form then you will need to transfer your childrens records, even though they stated their fine with not vaccinating but if you dont sign “their” form then they will no longer care for my children?

  35. Thanks!

  36. [ED: edited for anonymity].

    My name is XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX I have a son, I been pressured by the dr. To immunize my son, I continually refused, and my question to you? I live in California and I want my son to attend to a preschool and I don’t know how they are going to accept my son, question is what options do I have for them to accept my son in to school? I am very concerned how I been rejected by school, I need to know how could they accept my son, do you think with the notice will be acceptable for them to accept my son, or what do I need to provide for them other than vaccines how could i accept my son in to school? I think I been repeating myself thats my concern to not be rejected by schools. Thank you please I need help thank you and god blessed you I will notarized my notice to protect my self thanks to your information I feel more protected but now, what is the next step for my son to be accepted to the school? Thank you… sincerely XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX…

  37. What does “agent” and “principal” mean?

  38. The only purpose of these forms is to protect the physicians so that when your poor children get the diseases you refuse to vaccinate them for, and have serious complications or even die, you cannot sue the doctors and say it is their fault for not fully informing you of the risk you were taking by not vaccinating you child. This is the stupidest thing I have read. God bless all of your poor children and protect them from your ignorance.

  39. I can not access the notice and would like to have it

  40. The vaccination notice link no longer works

    [ED: Sorry. Not within our control. It looks like the sites are no longer in operation.

    Try the internet archive and see if you can find the URL backed up there:

  41. Oh poo, please pray that my family is kept together. I wish i had of known this!! 😭😭😭

  42. I am looking to send my child to private school and they’ve requested a copy of their immunization record. If not the state exemption form, what can I provide to them to honor this requirement?

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