New US Report MMR Vaccine Causes Serious Conditions – Says US Institute of Medicine – Measles, Seizures, Anaphylaxis & Many More

NaturalNews has published an article reviewing the recent US Institute of Medicine [IOM] Report on MMR vaccines.  You can download and view the report yourself: Adverse Effects of Vaccines Evidence Causality

The full NaturalNews article can be read here:

Institute of Medicine adverse reactions report admits MMR vaccines cause measles, seizures, anaphylaxis and other health problems Sunday, August 28, 2011 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of

The IOM conclusion that “vaccines do not cause autism” is erroneous.  Someone should tell them US Government agencies, officials and medical experts do not agree:

Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines

And the IOM did not interview any parent of an autistic child nor conduct a medical review of any autistic children.


“The Institute of Medicine ……. has issued a report that declares the MMR vaccine is not linked to autism.  This is now being widely reported in the conventional (controlled) media, which isn’t telling you the real story.

That this IOM report now confirms that vaccines cause measles, febrile seizures, anaphylactic shock and other potentially fatal side effects. It also admits that other vaccines are linked to a wide range of side effects, including skin lesions, difficulty breathing and live virus infections (see complete list, below).

Conclusions of the Institute of Medicine report on vaccine adverse reactions

Here are some of the conclusions of the IOM’s report not reported in the media:

MMR vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing measles. (Just as we told you here on NaturalNews, the vaccine is what’s causing the disease.)

MMR vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing febrile seizure, just as we also reported here on NaturalNews.

MMR vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction that can result in death within minutes. This is what kills many young children who are injected with MMR vaccines.

MMR vaccine is likely linked to causing transient arthralgia in women and children.

Varicella vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing Disseminated Oka VZV, a viral disease (Varicella Zoster Virus) which causes skin lesions and can also infect the lungs and brain. The fact that this vaccine is causing VZV infections is proof that the vaccines contain live viruses!

Varicella vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing Vaccine Strain Viral Reactivation, meaning the vaccine contains live viruses that are reactivated in the human host, multiplying and causing widespread infections.

Varicella vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing anaphylaxis, the life-threatening allergic reaction mentioned above.

The influenza vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing anaphylaxis

The influenza vaccine likely causes Oculorespiratory Syndrome, a vaccine reaction described as causing “bilateral conjunctivitis, facial edema, and upper respiratory symptoms.

The Hepatitis B vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing anaphylaxis.

The HPV vaccine (for cervical cancer) is also likely linked to causing anaphylaxis.

The TT (Tetanus Toxoid) vaccine is also likely linked to causing anaphylaxis.

The Meningo-Coccal vaccine is “convincingly” linked to causing anaphylaxis.

Vaccine injections (of all kinds) are “convincingly” linked to causing Deltoid Bursitis (severe pain and swelling at the injection site) and Syncope (loss of consciousness). 

What the IOM report on vaccines also reveals

 The IoM study admits vaccines cause infectious disease!

The IoM report confirms that MMR vaccines cause measles. It describes the evidence as “convincingly supports” and says the mechanistic assessment is “strong.”

The IoM report dismissed any link between vaccines and a list of conditions based on a “lack of sufficient evidence“. 

[ED: But if you read these CHS articles you can judge for yourself the value of this list:

US Government Concedes Hep B Vaccine Causes Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Posted on April 25, 2011,

UK Government Caught Lying On Baby Hep B Vax Safety Posted on April 13, 2009 by childhealthsafety

Hepatitis B vaccine has been shown in many peer reviewed research papers [including from Harvard University – detailed references at end] to be associated with numerous infant deaths in the USA and Europe, multiple sclerosis and numerous chronic auto-immune disorders.  These latter include Guillain-Barre syndrome, lupus, rheumatism, blood disorders and chronic fatigue.  ].

This is what the IOM say are not caused by vaccines:-

Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic Inflammatory Disseminated Polyneuropathy
Asthma Exacerbation
Type-1 diabetes
Rheumatoid arthritis
Autoimmune hepatitis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Myocardial Infarction
Infantile spasms
Optic neuritis
Bell’s Palsy
Transverse myelitis
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

The IOM admits it did not consider the “benefits” of vaccines

We were not charged with assessing the benefits of vaccines, with weighing benefits and costs, or with deciding how, when, and to whom vaccines should be administered. The committee was not charged with making vaccine policy,” says Ellen Wright Clayton of the Chair Committee to Review Adverse Effects of Vaccines.

The report says:

The 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine is covered by the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, and evidence about its safety is not covered in this report.”

The IoM admits it did not have accurate data

In the introduction to the report, the IoM admits it doesn’t have enough data to accurately assess the totality of vaccine adverse reactions.

…we learned some lessons that may be of value for future efforts to evaluate vaccine safety. One is that some issues simply cannot be resolved with currently available epidemiologic data…”

The IoM effectively admits that many vaccine side effects are blamed on the “natural infection.”

Some adverse events caused by vaccines are also caused by the natural infection. These effects often cannot be detected by epidemiologic methods, which typically cannot distinguish between the adverse events that are caused by the vaccine itself and the decrease in adverse events due to the decreased rate of natural infection.”

The IoM admits it threw out all data covering long-term adverse events

All the conclusions of the IoM are based on short-term adverse reactions from single vaccines. The IoM’s report did not consider long-term adverse reactions or the cumulative effects of multiple vaccines compromising the immune system or nervous system.

The IoM admits:

Case descriptions that did not have the three basic elements described above were not considered in the mechanistic weight-of-evidence assessments.”

One of those three elements was a “specified and reasonable time interval (i.e., temporality or latency) between vaccination and symptoms.” But the IoM failed to define this “temporality” stating that “What constitutes reasonable latency will vary across vaccines and across adverse events.

The Institute of Medicine

The IoM declared Agent Orange was safe for U.S. veterans who fought in Vietnam.

The IoM  was directly involved in the unlawful medical experiments conducted on Guatemalan prisoners, a “dark chapter” of conventional medical history that came to light in late 2010.

When these experiments became known President Obama was forced to issue a public apology and organize an investigation.  He appointed the Institute of Medicine to lead the investigation.

But the IoM had to recuse itself, admitting that some of its own people conducted the illegal medical experiments. The Guatemalan medical experiments were a U.S. government funded operation conducted under the NIH.  The IoM has strong financial ties to the government, receiving as much as 64.9% of its funding from government sources (details on that to be published on NaturalNews shortly).

This was all admitted in a published paper called “U.S. reviews human trial participant protections.” (The Lancet, Volume 376, Issue 9757, Pages 1975 – 1976, Dec. 11, 2010).

This paper declares, “In a sign of just how thoroughly enmeshed in medical establishment approval the Guatemala study was, the IoM had to decline the assignment, citing “overlapping appointments” in the 1940s between individuals on an IoM subcommittee and the NIH Study Section on Syphilis. The fact-finding task has now been transferred to the bioethics committee.”

The IOM is an organization that promotes nutritional deficiencies, ignores the science on disease prevention with nutrition, and that was so involved in the illegal, government-run medical experiments on Guatemalan prisoners that it had to remove itself from the bioethics investigative committee appointed to investigate the matter.

The IoM is also largely funded by both military government interests (including funds from the Department of Defense, which we will explain later), pharmaceutical interests (it takes money from all the top Big Pharma companies) and top global elitists like Bill Gates who are openly calling for the use of vaccines to “reduce world population by 10 to 15 percent.”

New Survey Shows Unvaccinated Children Vastly Healthier – Far Lower Rates of Chronic Conditions and Autism

A new survey of 7724 participants shows unvaccinated children are healthier and have vastly fewer chronic conditions than the vaccinated. 

UPDATE 8 March 2012:

The survey is continually updated so we recommend you visit the source site [links below] if you want to see the updated data.  There is also a summary chart comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children for various conditions on the site on the page found here.  Today numbers in the survey are 10921 participants.

What follows is the original text of this post on 26th August 2011.

You can find the up-to-date results of illnesses and diseases in unvaccinated children here in the results of the survey.

Full details of the survey appear below with graphs.  The results are subdivided into different age groups. Information about country, gender, age, age distribution, breastfeeding, preferred treatment can be found here

This is excellent work from an independent source.  The survey is conducted by and the English version  The survey is originally published here The Health of Unvaccinated Children, Survey Results.

About twenty years ago in 1992 a survey by the New Zealand Immunisation Awareness Society found also that unvaccinated children are healthier than the vaccinated: Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier.

It is interesting neither the US National Institutes of Health [US$30.5 billion annual budget on medical research] nor the US Centers for Disease Control [US$11 billion budget annually] could find the time or money to fund this kind of research but instead waste US tax dollars on a great deal of pointless medical research and promotion of iatrogenic [man made] disease causing agents [modern drug company “treatments”].  Hardly surprising then that an extraordinary 115 page review was published in June 2007 by the US Senate on the US Centers for Disease Control:-

A review of how an agency tasked with fighting and preventing disease has spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars for failed prevention efforts, international junkets, and lavish facilities, but cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease.”  “CDC OFF CENTER“- The United States Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information and International Security, Minority Office , Under the Direction of Senator Tom Coburn, Ranking Minority Member, June 2007.

Oddly the anti-vaccine-safety lobby not only will not carry out studies of the health of unvaccinated children but they just don’t want the studies done. Which should be a strange thing because they all insist the vaccines are safe and effective.  But in the CHS article linked at the end of this paragraph we show they actively sabotage this kind of work for sport at the expense of vaccine injured children.  This shows anti-vaccine-safety blogger Dr David Gorski’s self-admitted “minions” openly boasting on his blog about sabotaging this new study.  That is a fraud by these cyber thugs and bullies on all the parents who provided genuine information and tells you all you need to know about the anti-vaccine-safety lobby.  These animals are nasty, just nasty [Text added 2nd Sept 2011 @1240 EDT & updated 20 Sept 2011 @ 06:40 EDT]:-  Unvaccinated Kids Healthier Study – Gorski & His Internet Bullies Admit Sabotage

The Health of Unvaccinated Children

Survey Results

The results of our survey with 7724 participants show that unvaccinated children are far less affected by common diseases. Due to the fact that the majority of children in the survey are between 0 and 2 years of age and some diseases generally do not appear in this age group, the results are subdivided into different age groups (click on the graphic). Information about country, gender, age, age distribution, breastfeeding, preferred treatment can be found here.

Atopic diseases among unvaccinated children

Asthma, hay fever and neurodermatitis are seen very frequently today. A recent German study with 17461 children between 0-17 years of age (KIGGS) showed that 4.7% of these children suffer from asthma, 10.7% of these children from hay fever and 13.2% from neurodermatitis. These numbers differ in western countries, i.e. the prevalence of asthma among children in the US is 6% whereas it is 14-16% in Australia (Australia’s Health 2004, AIHW).

The prevalence of asthma among  unvaccinated children in our study is 0.2%, hay fever 1.5% and neurodermatitis 2%.

According to the KIGGS study more than 40% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 years were sensitized against at least one allergen tested (20 common allergens were tested) and 22.9% had an allergic disease. Although we did not perform a blood test, less than 10% stated that their children had an allergy.

By clicking on the graphic you can see the age distribution of the selected diseases.

Click here to see graph in new window or to save the graph

ADS, Hyperactivity, Autism, Sleeping problems, concentration problems and migraine

ADS and Hyperactivity was only 1 and 2 %, the prevalence of ADHD in Germany is 7,9% and another 5,9% which were not yet diagnosed, but were borderline cases(KIGGS).

By clicking on the graphic you can see the age distribution of the selected diseases.

Click here to see graph in new window or to save the graph

There are also autism cases in unvaccinated children. However over 80% stated, that it is only a mild form or a high functioning form of autism. Among all participants there were 4 severe autism cases. .

Of these 4 children one tested very high for metals(mercury, aluminum, arsenic), in another case the mother was tested very high for mercury.

Otitis media, Sinusitis, Herpes, Warts, Polyps and fungal infections

KIGGS showed that 12.8% of the children in Germany had herpes and 11% suffer from otitis media (an inflammation of the middle ear). If you compare this to unvaccinated children you can see that herpes among unvaccinated children is very rare (less than 0.5%).

The prevalence of sinusitis in young children has gone up as high as 32% (Albegger KW. Banale Entzüngen der Nase und der Nasennebenhöhlen. In: Berendes J, Link JR, Zöllner F, eds. Hals, Nasen-,OhrenHeilkunde in Praxis und Klinik. Band I. Obere und untere Luftwege. Stuttgart: G Thieme Verlag, 1979: 11.1–11.32.)

In our suvey only 2% of the children have problems with sinusitis, in less than 1% it happened only once.

In young kids under the age of 3 warts are very rare. After the 3 years of age, however, the prevalence is rising. In the ages between 4 and 6 years, 5-10% of the kids have warts, in the age group 16-18, 15-20% have warts.(

Only 3% of unvaccinated children in our survey have warts.

By clicking on the graphic you can see the age distribution of the selected diseases.

Click here to see graph in new window or to save the graph

Fine motor skill problems, dentification problems, growth pains and scoliosis

By clicking on the graphic you can see the age distribution of the selected diseases.

Click here to see graph in new window or to save the graph

Diabetes, Epilepsy and seizures, neurological and autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders

The National Institutes of Health in the USA  states that 23.5 % Americans suffer from autoimmune disease. This is a prevalence of more than 7% of children.

Diabetes affects 0.2% of the children under 20 years of age  in the USA (National Diabetes Fact Sheet)

The KIGGS study showed prevalence of epilepsy with 3.6%, prevalence of Diabetes in Germany with 0.1% and diseases of the thyroid gland  with 1.7%.

By clicking on the graphic you can see the age distribution of the selected diseases.

Click here to see graph in new window or to save the graph

Quotes from parents about the state of health of their children

Lot of parents gave some additional information of their children. Here are some typical quotes:

I am one of 10 children from the same mother and father.  None of us were vaccinated. Our ages are 38-59. We were all allowed to have childhood diseases to boost our immune systems. Most of our children were not vaccinated either.  Most of all none of the non-vaccinated children in our family have major illness.”

I will put the health of my three unvaccinated children up against the health of a vaccinated child any day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

My 3 year old child is in a 5 year old class, and is even advanced for that grade.  She has not been near as sick as a lot of her friends.  She is considered very advanced for her age.  Her two oldest siblings had both been injured by vaccinations and have been recovering for the last 6.5 years.”

My two boys are both uncircumcised, unvaccinated, including no vitamin K shot at birth, and no PKU newborn blood screening, and no painful procedure of any kind.  I gave birth drug-free and naturally in an upright kneeling position, after walking throughout my entire labor and transition.  Both boys are extremely healthy, intelligent, kind, and beautiful.  I breastfed my older son until he turned 4 years, and I’m currently breastfeeding my 2 year old.”

My 3 vaccinated children were sick often during their first 2 years, suffered from ear infections repeatedly for which the doctor was constantly prescribing antibiotics, which would never work on the 1st round. They’d go through 3 separate rounds of antibiotics before the infection would be gone, meanwhile they’d develop diarrhea and candida diaper rash. They got every “bug” that was going around and strep and tonsillitis on several occasions. They all have skin conditions which the doctor has diagnosed as keratosis pylaris. My unvaccinated child has never been sick beyond a slight, short-lived cold. Never had an ear infection and has no skin issues either.”

We chose not to vaccinate for various reasons, and have never tried to create an antiseptic environment for the children. We live on a small mid-western farm and the children seldom wear shoes in the warmer months (warmer than freezing)so that is most of the time. They are subject to occasional cuts from various metals, glass, etc. and have not had any infections to speak of. Not only that, but they get bitten by various animals, cats, mice,(they’re always catching mice)garden snakes, and the like, insects of all kinds, with no adverse affects. All but the first were home-birth, all were breast fed, and none of the last 8 have ever seen a doctor, (or MacDonalds).”

I fully vaccinated his sister. She died at age 5 mos 14 days after suffering many symptoms of mercury poisoning including eczema, milk allergy and hypo tonic-hyporesponsive episodes as well as dilated pupils. Her death was labeled “SIDS”. I know it was vaccine induced. I also suffered a severe reaction to smallpox vaccine and have other family history of severe vaccine reactions. My unvaxed son has never needed an antibiotic, never had an ear infection, and has not seen a doctor since he was 2 and that was for an eye issue that resolved itself.”

He has never had an ear infection or serious illness that required medication and he turned 2 in Dec 2010.  Vaccinated kids I know, including my 8 year old, were always sick.  Croup, eczema, RSV, Scarlet fever, strep, roseola, thrush, ashthma, food allergies, other allergies, and most of all ear infection after ear infection.  Comparing my daughter’s health records she was on antibiotics over 14 times her first 2 years of life.  She was SOOO sick all the time…doc said it was normal and compared to friends kids it was.  Everyone had sick kids ALL the time.  It is considered normal in kids under 3. She was not in daycare…so that argument of picking it up at daycare does not work.  I could not take her anywhere of she was sick.  Even pneumonia!

Amazed at the overall health compared to all the kids her age, she gets the same cold/flu and has extremely mild symptoms compared to the other kids who are experiencing severe infections resulting in urgent care visits and prescriptions. All of the milestones were met early is able to read words before 2 1/2 years of age.”

My father is a MD and when time came for my daughter vaccination he asked me for the schedule and after reading it recommended to me not to do it.I myself when kid, was asthmatic and my dad was worried about the effects of the vaccines on her. She is a super healthy teen, never has been on antibiotic, resists all flu season without a problem and her immune system is super strong. Her brother is just the same”


Click Graphs to Open Larger View in New Window

Survey Autism ADD Hyperactivity migraine sleep disorders in unvaccinated children

Sleep problems, extreme crying, ADHD, autism, migraines, concentration and sleep problems in unvaccinated children

The graphics below show the age distribution of the selected diseases. In the case of a missing bar chart, this means that there are no affected persons in this age group.

Survey Atopy in unvaccinated children

Atopy in unvaccinated children

The graphics below show the age distribution of the selected diseases. In the case of a missing bar chart, this means that there are no affected persons in this age group.

Survey Otitis sinusitis polyps herpes warts and dermatophytes in unvaccinated children

Otitis, sinusitis, polyps, herpes, warts and dermatophytes in unvaccinated children

The graphics below show the age distribution of the selected diseases. In the case of a missing bar chart, this means that there are no affected persons in this age group.

Survey Fine motor skill problems growth pains and disturbances dentification problems and Scoliosis in unvaccinated children

Fine motor skin problems, growth pains and disturbances, dentification problems and Scoliosis in unvaccinated children

The graphics below show the age distribution of the selected diseases. In the case of a missing bar chart, this means that there are no affected persons in this age group.

Survey Diabetes epilepsy neurological autoimmune and thyroid disorders in unvaccinated children

Diabetes, epilepsy(and non epileptic seizures), neurological, autoimmune  and thyroid disorders in unvaccinated children

The graphics below show the age distribution of the selected diseases. In the case of a missing bar chart, this means that there are no affected persons in this age group.

Autism Figures – Existing Studies Show Shocking Real Increase Since 1988

In case you come up against the argument that the increase in autistic cases is only because the diagnostic criteria were broadened in the early 1990’s [in DSM IV] here is information published in the Journal of the Israeli Medical Association which you can use to show a benchmark was established for the position pre 1989 using the very same modern criteria claimed by some diehards to be solely responsible for  the increase: Time Trends In Autism IMAJ Nov 2010:12,711. 

The particularly shocking aspect is that the Paternal Age paper cited below shows that conditions like Asperger’s syndrome practically did not exist pre 1989 such that predominantly all the cases were of autism.  It has pretty much sprung from nowhere to be the front runner.


Baird UK – 1 in 86CHILDREN [figures for 2006 – children born two year period 1995-6]

Baron Cohen UK – 1 in 64CHILDREN when yet to be diagnosed are accounted for [figures for schoolchildren 2005]

Reichenberg, Israel – 1 in 1190CHILDREN with childhood autism and next to no Asperger cases [figures in 2005 – for 17 year old conscripts for Israeli military all born in 6 year period ending 1988].

Brugha UK – 1 in 100ADULTS [figures collected in 2007]

[The latter is not a particularly inspiring piece of work.  Brugha did not find a single adult with childhood autism, nor did he refer to Baird or Baron Cohen but baldly claimed for comparison a childhood figure of 1 in 100, and he changed the standard diagnostic criteria to catch adults who would not normally have a diagnosis.  Of the 14,000 potential participants there was a 50% drop out rate with 7000 responding to the original telephone survey.  The survey looked for adults with one of four mental illnesses.  The only autistic condition was Asperger syndrome but Brugha et al now claim to be able to give a global figure for all autistic conditions which is of course impossible.  Whilst having research ethics approval the study was not carried out according to accepted ethical standards.  Informed consent was not obtained.  Participants were misled as to the purpose of the survey.  They were not told they were being assessed to ascertain if they were mentally ill.  A financial inducement to take part of a shopping voucher was offered – aside from ethical issues that would tend to encourage those of lower incomes to participate and invalidate the study.  Mentally ill people are more likely to be of lower income if their ability to earn a living is impaired.]


And of course one must not forget the information found in this CHS post Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines Posted on June 30, 2010. 

And especially not this information in this PDF Download – Text of May 5th 2008 email from US HRSA to Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News].  In it the US Health Resources Services Administration [HRSA] state to CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson

We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures.

Nor should the information in this CHS post be overlooked: Autism Increase Environmental Not Genetic – Says New Director of USA’s $30.5 Billion Health Research Budget

People who use the argument that there is no real increase in autism start out usually by using incorrect terminology.  They speak of “higher functioning autism” like Asperger syndrome.  It is a common mistake [or done deliberately].

“Autism” refers to what is known variously as “typical”, “Kanner”, “childhood” “classic” or “infantile” autism and that is the benchmark. Not the “higher functioning” kind others try to lump in with it like Asperger’s Syndrome. Autism makes up around 30% of UK autistic spectrum cases and Aspergers around 70%.

So if you stick to autism the paper Reichenberg et al “Advancing Paternal Age and Autism” Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2006;63:1026-1032 helpfully demonstrates this.  It shows real increases in autism by establishing a benchmark for comparing mid 1980’s autism prevalence with mid 1990’s. This was done using contemporary diagnostic criteria under DSM IV. So that helpfully eliminates the argument that modern criteria are wider and so the increase is not simply a matter of definition but real.

The Paternal Age study’s PDD prevalence is 8.4:10,000 in 132,000 Israeli citizens born during six years ending no later than 1988. The authors say most of the diagnoses are autism.  “PDD”or “Pervasive Developmental Disorder” under DSM IV is another term for Autistic Spectrum Disorder under the International Classification of Disease [ICD].

And we can compare that prevalence to papers like Baird 2006 [Baird G, Simonoff E, Pickles A, Chandler S, Loucas T, Meldrum D, Charman T. Prevalence of disorders of the autism spectrum in a population cohort of children in South Thames: the Special Needs and Autism Project (SNAP). Lancet. 2006:15;368:210-215.]

Baird 2006’s range of figures concern 56,946 UK children aged 9-10 years born in a two year period ending no later than 1996 and for autism provides two estimates:-

  • – 24.8:10,000 (17.6-32.0) for narrow definition autism
  • – 38.9:10,000 (95% CI 29.9-47.8) for autism

Baird 2006 provides estimates of a 116.1:10,000 (90.4-141.8) for the total PDD figure [autism, Aspergers etc] and 77.2:10,000 (52.1-102.3) excluding autism.

Baird 2006’s narrow definition figure is the most conservative. It meets autism criteria under DSM IV/ICD10, but also on both ADI and ADOS plus clinical judgement.

These two papers in combination assist to establish a conservative minimum 300% increase in 8 years 1988 to 1996 on Baird 2006’s narrow definition and 450% for autism. For all PDDs, these papers suggest a 1200% increase. Baird 2006 provides estimates of a 116.1:10,000 (90.4-141.8) total PDD figure and 77.2:10,000 (52.1-102.3) excluding autism against the Paternal Age paper’s figures.

Also the Reichenberg paper demonstrates how modern medical professionals go to peripheral issues thereby burying the bigger issue.  The authors focussed on just 3% of fathers in their study [diverting from the more interesting finding noted above] to claim on somewhat shaky data that fathers over 40 are more likely to father an autisitic child. The confidence interval was wide [95% confidence interval, 2.65-12.46]

The problem for them is that these numbers cannot account for the scale of the increase in children born after 1988 which is what papers like Baird 2006 deal with. And it also cannot account for the Cambridge University study that found a rate of 1:64 for all autistic spectrum cases [157 per 10 000] when yet to be undiagnosed cases were included.  This means 1 in 40 boys as 4 in 5 ASC cases are boys.  Baron-Cohen S et al Prevalence of autism-spectrum conditions: UK school-based population study. Br J Psychiatry. 2009 Jun;194(6):500-9.

Three New Studies Show “Psychiatric Drugs Provide No Benefit and Are Dangerous”

Three new published studies [one a pharmaco-genetic study is groundbreaking] confirm that widely prescribed psychotropic drugs that pose serious risks of harm, offer no therapeutic benefit.

The following article is republished from The Alliance for Human Research Protection, non-profit charity, New York USA – infomail  11th August 2011.  [For more factual debunking information on psychiatric drugs which the drug industry does not advertise and presented with humour see also THE BONKERS INSTITUTE FOR NEARLY GENUINE RESEARCH].

For two decades, medical professionals, the public, and public health policy officials who determine the allocation of public funds for healthcare, have been misled about the safety and benefits of psychiatric drugs–in particular, the newer, expensive drugs, the so-called SSRI antidepressants, and the new neuroleptics, marketed as ‘atypical antipsychotics’.

Pharmaceutical industry marketing hype, deceptively packaged as “scientific study findings,” gained the appearance of legitimacy when they were accepted by the FDA for licensure, and accepted for publication in medical journals. Those reported “findings” were fraudulent, concocted and aggressively disseminated by manufacturers of these drugs.

The deception has seriously undermined the integrity of the scientific literature, and misled physicians who unwittingly prescribe hazardous drugs causing patients irreparable harm.

Thanks to years of litigation during which company documents have been uncovered, the truth has been revealed. We now know that SSRI antidepressants and the ‘atypical’ antipsychotics have failed decisively to demonstrate therapeutic benefits in clinical trials and in clinical practice Instead, these drugs have triggered debilitating, chronic illness and even life-threatening risks: antidepressants increase the suicide risk and trigger serotonin syndrome, which is potentially fatal. Antipsychotics undermine normal metabolic, cardiovascular, hormonal function, resulting in cardiac arrest, obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

1. A groundbreaking pharmaco-genetic study by Australian psychopharmacology experts–Dr. Yolande Lucire, a forensic psychiatrist, and Christopher Crotty, a pharmacogeneticist–report in the peer reviewed journal, Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, (abstract below) an alarming finding. They report a significant association among genetic variants, metabolism of psychiatric drugs, and severe, homicidal akathisia.

The authors examined the relationship between genetic variants in the CYP450 family, the interaction of antidepressant-induced akathisia, and violence, including homicide in 129 forensic patients who had referred to Dr. Lucire by lawyers.

Of 138 persons tested for CYP450 genes, 129 had experienced adverse events, “mainly akathisia, due to psychiatric drugs, and nine were first degree relatives of those treated who also had a history of adversity on other drugs.”

Of the 129 persons who experienced drug-induced adverse effects, 8 had committed homicide, 3 had committed suicide, and one had sleepwalked to her death.

The authors report that:

In all of the cases presented here, the subjects were prescribed antidepressants that failed to mitigate distress emerging from their predicaments, which encompassed psychosocial stressors such as bereavement, marital and relationship difficulties, and work-related stress. Every subject’s emotional reaction worsened while their prescribing physicians continued the “trial and error” approach, increasing from standard to higher dose and/or switching to other antidepressants, with disastrous consequences. In some cases the violence ensued from changes occasioned by withdrawal and polypharmacy.

In all of these cases, the subjects were put into a state of drug induced toxicity manifesting as akathisia, which resolved only upon discontinuation of the antidepressant drugs.

This paper has detailed and substantiated in specific terms how the metabolism of each of the antidepressant drugs used by the subjects would have been seriously impaired both before and at the time they committed or attempted homicide. They were experiencing severe reported side effects, adverse drug reactions due to impaired metabolism complicated by drug–drug interactions against a background of variant CYP450 alleles.”

The authors state:

The results presented here concerning a sample of persons given antidepressants for psychosocial distress demonstrate the extent to which the psychopharmacology industry has expanded its influence beyond its ability to cure. The roles of both regulatory agencies and drug safety “pharmacovigilantes” in ensuring quality and transparency of industry information is highlighted.”

Two other recently published studies, one in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the other in the Journal of the American Medical Association, also debunk the validity of psychiatry’s prescribing practices whose rationale is mostly commercially propagated.

2. The authors of the BMJ report, “Antidepressant Use and Risk of Adverse Outcomes in Older People: Population Based Cohort Study” analyzed data for 60,746 persons in the UK who were over 65 and diagnosed with depression between 1996 and 2007. The authors followed the subjects until December, 2008. found that those prescribed SSRI antidepressants are at increased risk of death and heart attack, stroke, falls and seizures than those who were prescribed the older, cheaper, tricyclic antidepressants.

During those 10 years, patients not taking any antidepressants had a 7% risk of dying from any cause. But the risk rose to 8.1% for those taking the older antidepressants and increased to 10.6% for patients prescribed SSRIs.

All classes of antidepressant drug were associated with significantly increased risks of all cause mortality, attempted suicide/self harm, falls, fractures, and upper gastrointestinal bleeding compared with when these drugs were not being used. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and the group of other antidepressant drugs were associated with increased risks of stroke/transient ischaemic attack and epilepsy/seizures; selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors were also associated with increased risks of myocardial infarction and hyponatraemia.”

3. According to government data, 10% to 20% of soldiers who see heavy combat develop lasting symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and about a fifth of those who are treated are prescribed an antipsychotic drug. The JAMA report, by prominent psychiatrists on the faculty of Yale University, examines the treatment outcome for veterans suffering from PTSD, whose treatment with SSRI antidepressants failed, who were then prescribed antipsychotics. See, “Adjunctive Risperidone Treatment for Antidepressant-Resistant Symptoms of Chronic Military Service–Related PTSD A Randomized Trial

The finding:

after six months of treatment, the veterans who were prescribed Risperdal were doing no better than a similar group of 124 veterans, who were given a placebo. About 5% in both groups recovered, and 10% to 20% reported at least some improvement, based on standardized measures.

We didn’t find any suggestion that the drug treatment was having an overall benefit on their lives,” said Dr. John H. Krystal, the director of the clinical neurosciences division of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Center for PTSD and the lead author of the study.

The New York Times reports:

The surprising finding, from the largest study of its kind in veterans, challenges current treatment standards so directly that it could alter practice soon, some experts said.”

In an accompanying editorial, Dr. Charles Hoge, a senior scientist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, who was not involved in the study, stated:

I think it’s a very important study given how frequently the drugs have been prescribed. It definitely calls into question the use of antipsychotics in general for PTSD.”

Although the study focused on one antipsychotic, Johnson & Johnson’s Risperdal, experts agree that the results most likely extend to the entire class, including the drugs, Seroquel, Geodon and Abilify.

These three reports are the latest in a string of scientific reports, untainted by industry influence, that examined the evidence and found that current psychiatric drug prescribing practices are of little, if any, therapeutic value. But since the drugs pose serious risks of harm by triggering drug-induced (iatrogenic) illness–which significantly increases healthcare costs–why does the U.S. government waste billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize their cost?

Read more….

Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav
[001] 212-595-8974

UK Guardian Newspaper Caught Falsifying the Historical Record of Vaccine-Caused-Autism

In a first for journalism, the UK’s Guardian national daily newspaper has been caught falsifying their own newspaper’s public record in a bid to airbrush the facts about vaccine-caused-autism.  Whilst some other media outlets have adopted the approach of ignoring the evidence and writing and broadcasting one-sided reports, this time The Guardian newspaper has been caught changing it.  The Guardian removed the evidence – gone without a trace – from their online newspaper.

Like many other papers, The Guardian allows readers to post comments on articles published in their online version.  On Saturday 6 August 2011 the paper published a commentary by Tracy McVeigh “Research linking autism to internet use is criticised“.  This was about a public row over claims by Lady Susan Greenfield that there is a link between the increase in autism and the increase in the use of the internet.  Greenfield is a medical academic and researcher on brain physiology, particularly on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Inevitably this attracted debate between commenters about the causes of autistic conditions.

The surprising part is what The Guardian did in response to postings of clear evidence of an admitted link between vaccines and autistic conditions.  They obliterated the posts as if they had never been made on their newspaper’s site.  There is no trace of the posts to be found.  They are just gone, barring a trace for one of them only – the first to be removed.  There was no justification for this and none has so far been provided despite having been requested.  The posts met the “Community Standards” whereas in contrast offensive comments from anti-vaccine safety campaigners are not removed.

The importance of this of course is that it underlines the points that:-

  • news media are intentionally covering up the public disaster where 1 in 64 British children [1 in 40 being British boys] have an autistic condition and 1 in 100 US children do also;
  • when they should instead report such a terrible thing fairly and campaign to do something about stopping this happening;
  • the evidence presented is so strong that a UK national newspaper cannot answer it and airbrushes it from its online pages.

What happened was that in response to numerous comments claiming vaccines are not implicated in causing autistic conditions CHS intervened.  CHS posted publicly made quotes and links to evidence confirming numerous US government agencies and officials have confirmed vaccines do cause autistic conditions.  These include:

  • Merck’s current Director of Vaccines Julie Gerberding when she was Director of the US Centers for Disease Control;
  • the US Health Resources Services Administration;
  • the US Federal Court;
  • the US Secretary of State for Health and Human Services.

The evidence and posts appear below in full.  These include posts noting the financial ties between the Guardian newspaper and medical publishers with undeclared substantial conflicting financial and business interests in the pharmaceutical industry.

In all four posts were removed.  Three without trace and one was removed with the incorrect claim left in its place that “This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards.

If you want to make a difference then do something and write to the Guardian “Readers’ Editor” Nigel Willmott ( and ask him to tell you what The Guardian and its Board have to say about this and what they think their journalists should do if they caught another newspaper or broadcaster rewriting and publishing an adulterated history or engaging in misconduct.




8 August 2011 7:46AM

Here is a public opportunity to see The Guardian’s censorship of facts and evidence in action. The following facts are publicly documented yet The Guardian’s Comment is Free [LOL] censors removed it in its entiretly to airbrush the unpalatable facts from their agenda journalism. There was and could be no contravention of any Guardian “Community Standards” [well not official ones that is – only the ones that say the Guardian only publishes facts which fit its political agenda journalism and removes all others.

Tracey McVeigh’s article on Lady Susan Greenfield’s public unscientific comments about the causes of autistic conditions has provoked comment about the causes of autistic conditions.

In response to various comments we posted quotes from numerous US government officials and agencies with links to original sources on what causes autistic conditions. The Guardian censors removed the posting. There is no conspiracy theory here – only documented fact – and The Guardian does this kind of thing repeatedly.

This posting was made 7 August 2011 11:14AM and you can check out above that it was removed.

Floost 7 August 2011 9:49AM

I think arec pretty much nailed it ….. given ageofautism’s dangerous views on vaccination, I think you got off lightly.

So how about the views of 1) Merck’s current Director of Vaccines Julie Gerberding when she was Director of the US Centers for Disease Control 2) the US Health Resources Services Administration 3) the US Federal Court? 4) the US Secretary of State for Health and Human Services?

All have confirmed autistic conditions can be caused by vaccines.


“.. if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.

CNN – HOUSE CALL WITH DR. SANJAY GUPTA Unraveling the Mystery of Autism; Talking With the CDC Director; Stories of Children with Autism; Aging with Autism Aired March 29, 2008 08:30 ET


[when confirming of the 1322 cases of vaccine injury compensation settled out of court by the US Government in secret settlements]:-

We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures.

US HRSA to reporter Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News 5th May 2008

[PDD is the US term under DSM IV for ASD – Autistic Spectrum Disorder]:

“…… Bailey’s ADEM was both caused-in-fact and proximately caused by his vaccination. …… Furthermore, Bailey’s ADEM was severe enough to cause lasting, residual damage, and retarded his developmental progress, which fits under the generalized heading of Pervasive Developmental Delay, or PDD. The Court found that Bailey would not have suffered this delay but for the administration of the MMR vaccine, and that this chain of causation was a proximate sequence of cause and effect leading inexorably from vaccination to Pervasive Developmental Delay.

[Banks v. HHS (Case 02-0738V, 2007 U.S. Claims LEXIS 254, July 20, 2007).


The Department for Health and Human Services conceded the Hannah Poling case – that Hannah’s autistic condition was caused by 9 vaccines [ie. not just the MMR] administered in one day. Last year the US Federal Court determined a settlement which reportedly amounts to US $ 20 million over Hannah Poling’s lifetime:

Court Awards Over $20 Million for Vaccine-Caused Autism PR Newswire (press release) – Sep 15, 2010

Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award CBS News September 9, 2010

“Settlement reached in autism-vaccine case” September 10, 2010 By Carrie Teegardin The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.



8 August 2011 9:20AM

In our post above noting direct censorship of public facts by The Guardian perhaps we should have added “Follow the Money”.

Guardian partners with British Medical Journal Group for online first Tuesday 3 March 2009 00.00 GMT

“Derrick Malone, Guardian Product Manager said: “People naturally turn to the Internet when researching health issues and we were keen to provide our users with factual information they could trust to complement our extensive features on health issues. The pages were developed entirely in house by the GNM technology team in collaboration with BMJ Group.”

Rachel Armitage, Director, BMJ Evidence Centre said: “We’re pleased to partner with the Guardian and bring our knowledge to a wider audience. The information is based on our ‘Clinical Evidence’ product, which provides doctors with access to the very latest and most relevant medical knowledge and is used to make treatment decisions.”

The Editor in Chief of the British Medical Journal was forced to make an embarrassing correction regarding the BMJ’s own failures to disclose its conflicting financial interests in the drug industry.

Here is the correction forced ultimately by online criticism from New York charity The Alliance for Human Research Protection:-

“The BMJ should have declared competing interests in relation to this editorial by Fiona Godlee and colleagues (BMJ 2011;342:c7452, doi:10.1136/bmj.c7452). The BMJ Group receives advertising and sponsorship revenue from vaccine manufacturers, and specifically from Merck and GSK, which both manufacture MMR vaccines. For further information see the rapid response from Godlee ( The same omission also affected two related Editor’s Choice articles (BMJ 2011;342:d22 and BMJ 2011;342:d378).

However, this also still fails to mention the most glaring conflict of all, which it all – BMJ’s business partnership with Merck through their information arm, Univadis (‘MSD signs partnership with BMJ group’).



9 August 2011 8:45AM

Artros @ 8 August 2011 9:32PM

Between the Internet, vaccines and dental amalgams, I think I’ve seen it all. Come on, man, vaccines? That’s like saying “influenza causes autism.”

Comments like this have been answered with quotes posted by us [with links to original publicly documented sources] but The Guardian removed them twice despite being in accordance with “Community Standards”. The second time there is no trace whatsoever of the original posting – The Guardian’s Comment is Free [LOL] removed it in its entiretly. This is an example of a national news media outlet using censorship to rewrite history and airbrushing facts from the record which directly contradict their strongly held personal beliefs.

The quotes were from 1) Merck’s current Director of Vaccines Julie Gerberding when she was Director of the US Centers for Disease Control 2) the US Health Resources Services Administration 3) the US Federal Court? 4) the US Secretary of State for Health and Human Services? All have confirmed autistic conditions can be caused by vaccines.

The second posting [8 August 2011 7:46AM] was removed with no trace of it ever having existed, whereas the position of the first posting can still be seen [7 August 2011 11:14AM].

We also added a posting [8 August 2011 9:20AM] with links to original sources showing the commercial and financial partnerships deals between The Guardian and The British Medical Journal and The British Medical Journal and the drug industry. That posting was removed without trace – no footprints, no traces, just gone.

So two of the three comments are gone and one has the following claiming without any truth that:

“This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards.”

Frankly, normal sensible intelligent people may find such behaviour of The Guardian a little troubling.

If these comments were removed without trace, how much of what The Guardian publishes online is a moving target – being removed, deleted, altered and/or added to in order to write history according to what the Guardian wants it to be instead of what it is? Very Pravda.

And “Community Standards”? Please, no laughter at the back of class:-

10. The platform is ours, but the conversation belongs to everybody. We want this to be a welcoming space for intelligent discussion, and we expect participants to help us achieve this by notifying us of potential problems and helping each other to keep conversations inviting and appropriate. If you spot something problematic in community interaction areas, please report it. When we all take responsibility for maintaining an appropriate and constructive environment, the debate itself is improved and everyone benefits.

In short:

– If you act with maturity and consideration for other users, you should have no problems.

British journalism at its finest and no Rupert Murdoch to blame it on.