Ginger Taylor’s List of Research Linking Vaccines to Autism

Over at Adventures in Autism, Ginger Taylor has compiled an impressive list of research linking vaccines to autistic conditions.

You can find it here: “No Evidence of Any Link“.

And if that is not enough for you, she says that:

TACA has blown my puny list out of the water with their master list that is approaching 600 citations.  So if you have exhausted my list, and are hungry for more, they should keep you busy for quite some time

And I don’t want to hear “No evidence of any link” ever again!”.

You may want to make a note of Ginger’s site for the list and she also does write some exceedingly good factual blog posts.

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  2. […] And a pair of lists compiled by TACA (Talk About Curing AUTISM) and Ginger Taylor, an autism advocate – here. […]

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