Amazing US News Report – Autism Strikes US Reporter Bob MacNeil’s Grandson After MMR & Other Vaccines

See the same old story of a mother describing how her child developed autism after 7 vaccines in one day – the MMR and other vaccines [like the Hannah Poling case – 9 vaccines in one day: US Government In US$20 million Legal Settlement For Vaccine Caused Autism Case]. 

What is different is that this video with transcript is about the grandson of a US reporter and is from his TV show – see Robert MacNeil’s Public Broadcasting Service show: Autism Now: Robert MacNeil Shares Grandson Nick’s Story – REPORT AIR DATE: April 18, 2011

STOP PRESS – View listen and read transcript of Part II – Tonight’s Show April 19 here:

Amazing US News Report – Part II – US Reporter Bob MacNeil – Autism more serious for US children than cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined.

Robert MacNeil, is co-founder of the PBS NewsHour. Until his retirement in October 1995, MacNeil was executive editor and co-anchor of The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, a 20-year nightly partnership with Jim Lehrer on PBS.

And do vaccines cause autistic conditions? If you read nothing else we strongly recommend you read this: PDF Download – Text of email from US HRSA to Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News].  In it the US Health Resources Services Administration [HRSA] state to CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson

We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures.

Despite all the lies and deceit by health official worldwide, the question “do vaccines cause autism” was answered when the Hannah  Poling story broke in the USA [see CHS article here].  Hannah developed an autistic condition after 9 vaccines administered the same day.  Under the media spotlight numerous US health officials and agencies conceded on broadcast US nationwide TV news from CBS and CNN. In the US Federal Court children have been compensated after findings they developed autism and other injuries. Full details with links to the original sources can be found in this CHS article: Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines.


ROBERT MACNEIL: In recent years, the diagnosis of autism has shown startling growth, now affecting one in 110 American children. For over two decades, parents desperate for answers and feeling slighted by the medical community have helped force to create services for their children, raise money for research and campaign for wider awareness of autism and for support from the government.

Today the picture is changing. Researchers now believe there is no simple genetic cause, that autism may involve multiple genetic pathways, and toxic materials in the environment may trigger the symptoms of autism. Autism once was considered only a brain disorder. Now, more doctors say it often involves serious physical illness.

And that’s our first story tonight. Frankly, I have a personal motive in telling it, because it’s about my grandson Nick, who is 6 and lives in Cambridge, Mass.

It’s not easy connecting with Nick. We live in different cities. All my grandchildren are a little shy when we first meet again. But Nick’s shyness is different.

One of the marks of autism is difficulty making eye contact and communicating, even with family members.

I’ve been a reporter on and off for 50 years, but I’ve never brought my family into a story, until Nick, because he moves me deeply. Also because I think his story can help people understand his form of autism and help me understand it better.

This was Nick when he was 9 months old, a healthy, alert and engaged baby with no apparent medical problems. Now at 6, my grandson seems like a different child, showing the classic symptoms of autism, a disorder in development, his difficulty connecting. Nick struggles with language, the rigidity and resistance to change Nick shares with other children with autism.

“I think pain in a child with autism is a very difficult thing to assess because a child with autism can’t vocalize that. He will very often not come to you and say, ‘I’ve got a bellyache.’ He can’t use those words.”

– Dr. Timothy Buie, Massachusetts General Hospital

NICK: Now go home.

ROBERT MACNEIL: A tendency to suddenly appear absent, to withdraw into an emotionally detached inner world of his own.

Those symptoms are characteristic of the autism spectrum — severe to mild — in Nick’s case, relatively mild. But beyond such mental difficulties, Nick has serious physical illness: in his digestive system, his mitochondria, the energy needed by his cells for normal activity, plus frequent small brain seizures, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. How Nick was transformed from that healthy boy to Nick today is still devastating to his mother, my daughter Alison.

ALISON MACNEIL: When Nick was diagnosed, I actually hired a babysitter so that I could go sit in my car in a parking lot and cry because I couldn’t do it here with the kids.

ROBERT MACNEIL: Alison was trained as a psychiatric social worker, but like many parents, has made virtually a new career of caring for her son with autism.

ALISON MACNEIL: I remember one day I was sitting at the computer, and he was about 16 months old. And I caught out of the corner of my eye that he was spinning one of Neely’s doll’s plates. And I’d never seen a child play that way before — ever.

And I went in to interrupt him, and he wouldn’t stop. And there was an intensity about it. And I had this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, because I knew something was wrong.

ROBERT MACNEIL: That worry sent Alison to a developmental pediatrician who confirmed their fears: Nick had autism.

ALISON MACNEIL: Nick was irritable, crying, inconsolable and now is not on track developmentally at all. He’s gone backward.

So we went from a 15-month appointment where this child was A-OK, supposedly, and given the MMR, the DTaP and the Hib vaccines.

People say to me, Alison, it’s a coincidence. Alison, how do you know this happened? Well, it’s impossible for me to know. But what I will say is this: It was not a coincidence that my child was diagnosed with autism at the same time that his whole system shut down. Something happened to my child.

ROBERT MACNEIL: I understand Alison’s suspicion, but public health authorities say there is no scientifically valid evidence that vaccines cause autism. And Alison found little support from the developmental pediatrician.

ALISON MACNEIL: When I said to her this child has not had a formed bowel movement since the 15-month shots, she said children with autism have diarrhea.

When I said that he was crying inconsolably, she said this is part of autism. They can’t regulate their emotions. So it was all lumped under, “yes, we always see that with autism. It’s just autism.”

ROBERT MACNEIL: Nick’s complex problems demanded a broader view of autism. Some call it a new paradigm, or a systemic illness, or a whole-body experience. One of the leaders of that new thinking is Dr. Timothy Buie, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Massachusetts General Hospital.

DR. TIMOTHY BUIE, Massachusetts General Hospital: Six months ago, he was so lethargic and so out of it that he came into the office and literally laid on the chair for a 30- or 40-minute visit. He never moved.

He wouldn’t interact. He wouldn’t give you any eye contact whatsoever. And at the end of the appointment, Mom picked him up and took him out and went home.

ROBERT MACNEIL: Dr. Buie found changes in the lower GI tract he called lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia — inflammation and damage in his small intestine.

How does that affect the life of a child like Nick? For instance, does it give him pain?

DR. TIMOTHY BUIE: I think it can give pain. And I think pain in a child with autism is a very difficult thing to assess because a child with autism can’t vocalize that. He will very often not come to you and say, “I’ve got a bellyache.” He can’t use those words. So he may exhibit that as a child who doesn’t sleep well. He may exhibit that as a child who has a lot of increased agitation or hyperstimulatory-type behaviors.

And part of the problem with that is that we’ve accepted that those are behaviors that we often see in children with autism, and we’ve written it off to their autism. So it’s very difficult to think through whether that’s a marker for pain in some of those kids if we’re unwilling to look for other reasons.

(Nick laughs)

ALISON MACNEIL: You’re not leaving yet, come on. You’re going to come here. No.

DR. TIMOTHY BUIE: He’s looking remarkably better. He’s active. He’s happy. He’s playful. He’s turning off the lights, which some people would find to be a negative challenge. I don’t think so. I think that’s a child who’s testing. And I think it’s really interesting to see. And he walked right over happily, smiling, sat down — a much different child.

ROBERT MACNEIL: Do you think the medical community and your contact with it understands this wider definition of autism?

ALISON MACNEIL: Emphatically no. They can’t just refer these kids to early intervention and consider this a psychiatric or neuropsychiatric situation. They’ve got to stay involved and help the family get referrals for gastroenterology, to neurologists to look at whether or not there’s seizure activity.

ROBERT MACNEIL: From its lowest ebb two years ago, Nick’s condition has greatly improved as Alison found different doctors to diagnose and treat his other problems. But achieving even that level of progress, Nick’s autism is having a profound effect on the family. All of their lives ultimately revolve around his needs. Certainly, that’s how his 10-year-old sister, my granddaughter Neely, sees it. She’s in a different kind of pain.

NEELY: I just don’t like how autism affects the family. It just – it seems like it takes up too much time, and you usually get really bored of autism, because it’s in your life all the time.

ROBERT MACNEIL: What things would you do if you didn’t have a brother with autism?

NEELY: It just seems that a lot of money is spent on Nick’s vitamins and Nick’s doctors’ appointments and Nick’s everything, and it would change if we didn’t have to get all that stuff.

ROBERT MACNEIL: I see. Are you worried about Nick?


ROBERT MACNEIL: Tell me what you’re worried about, about him.

NEELY: Well, if he’s going to stay autistic for the rest of his life.

ROBERT MACNEIL: Yes. And what would that mean, if he were?

NEELY: I don’t know. It would get harder when he gets older, and there wouldn’t be as much services to help him. Sometimes I worry that he might get lost because he doesn’t really know what to do.

ROBERT MACNEIL: When you think about the future with Nick, what do you feel about that?

NEELY: Well, I hope that I — I hope that he doesn’t have to stay with me, kind of, and that I hope that he gets healed soon. Sometimes when other people, they — their lives seem perfect, and when yours — when yours — you have to do something that you don’t like, you don’t usually want to do it, and though your autistic sibling does, and it seems unfair. And it seems like they get what they want and you don’t.

ROBERT MACNEIL: Well, one of the things about life is that we all learn we have to do things we don’t want to do, whether there’s autism around or not.

NEELY: Yes, but it seems like it happens too much. I mean, there’s going to be a few times when that happens, but it seems with an autistic brother or sister, it always happens.

ALISON MACNEIL: I don’t know. I can’t take the autism out of her life. You know? We try to make things — you know, we try to do the best we can with it. But she’s right, you know. In some ways, this is really unfair.

I would have to say that every family living with an autistic child makes massive sacrifices in every way. It takes a phenomenal amount of teamwork. And I think Dave and I have been pleasantly surprised to find that it has brought out probably the best in us. It doesn’t leave a lot of energy left over.

ROBERT MACNEIL: Like the energy Nick’s father, Dave, expends every evening.

DAVE: Hey Nick. What do you want to do do?

NICK: Go on buses.

DAVE: In a little bit, sure. Can I get a high five?

NICK: We have to go on the 72.


ROBERT MACNEIL: Nick loves to ride on buses.

NICK: We have to go on the bus.

DAVE: Yes, we might do that. We might go some other places, too.

NICK: After the 72 bus.

ROBERT MACNEIL: So every day after work as a senior account executive at a public-relations agency, Dave devotes 90 minutes to a bus outing that Nick yearns for all day.

NICK: 72 to Belmont.

DAVE: Yes, we can go on the Belmont if you want.

ROBERT MACNEIL: On our day there, we change Nick’s schedule so we can all go to the park before dark.

NICK: No. Go to Harvard Station.

ALISON MACNEIL: Yes, and you’re going to go to Harvard Station later with Dad.

NICK: After?

ALISON MACNEIL: After we’re done at the playground.

NICK: A bus ride?

ALISON MACNEIL: Yes, you’re going to have one with Dad.

NICK: Sad.

ALISON MACNEIL: I know you’re sad, sweat pea.

ROBERT MACNEIL: For exercise, they walk from their apartment the half mile to Harvard Square to wait, but not just for any bus.

NICK: We’re going to go on the 72 bus.

ROBERT MACNEIL: The 72 takes them on a 20-minute loop through Cambridge and back to Harvard Square for the walk home. But tonight the 72 doesn’t come and doesn’t come.

NICK: That’s the 71.

DAVE: Nope, that’s the 73.

ROBERT MACNEIL: The eager little boy scans each arriving bus as though it carries all his happiness. And still it doesn’t come.

DAVE: Want to go on the 73?


ROBERT MACNEIL: After nearly an hour of waiting, looking sadder and sadder.

Nick, if the 72 doesn’t come, should we take another bus?

NICK: Another bus.

ROBERT MACNEIL: He’s persuaded with no tantrum to take another bus home.

Part of his improved physical condition has brought more patience, more tolerance for change.

DAVE: Alright, Nick. High five, bud.

ROBERT MACNEIL: We made a promised trip to the toy store.

So which one is Thomas?

Here you can see the disconnect between us.

Nick, which one is Thomas?

For me, the father of four children with four other grandchildren, seeking connection with Nick is a very poignant experience. To have a grandson who can tune me out or simply ignore me like this, make no eye contact for long stretches of time, gives me a strange and painful feeling.

ALISON MACNEIL: Say thank you to Grandpa.

NICK: Thank you to Grandpa.

ALISON MACNEIL: OK, there we go.


It warms my heart that Nick’s physical problems are improving, and I’m lost in admiration for the patience and courage Alison and Dave bring to his constant care. I see my daughter, like many autism mothers, not only perplexed but sometimes amused and always intrigued by what may be going on in her son’s mind.

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  1. Wonderful reporting. These stories are legion and vaccines are definitely part of the story. Request our free 150 page monograph with live links PDF entitled, Vaccines & Vaccination: The Need For Congressional Investigation by email at:
    Also check out the book Vaccine Epidemic by Louis Habakus and Mary Holland at

  2. When will ‘this genocide?

    Brief description of our tragedy
    To show how evil can do the vaccinations, used so indiscriminately on families from all over the world, I think it’s my duty by telling my story, but specifies that unfortunately my story is not considered a unique case in itself sporadically but it is only the tip of an iceberg that is trying to unmask the category of “scientism” that terror still require the use of vaccination practices.
    The tragedy that struck my family, has hit three of my four children.
    I state that my three children are affected by the reaction from the vaccine, were born perfectly healthy and that the manifestations of a disease may have appeared only after the first vaccine Sabin. A Mark, my firstborn, the folder was described the clinical symptoms that appeared after the Antipolo Sabin. The disturbances occurred (ocular nystagmus, tremors and defects to the word) had been made in relation to the pediatrician by Sabin, while other doctors had assumed various diagnoses such as brain tumor or degenerative encephalopathy, never confirmed by any analysis performed on the child. He died in 1971 at six years. The second son, born in 1970, there were problems. But the drama returns with the birth, which occurred in 1976, of two twins monovular. Despite my opposition to an iron law that I have imposed a mandatory absurd and dangerous, without any prior investigation, were vaccinated and the next day already began to emerge the first signs of any alteration. Submitted the medical records of the first shelters suffered by my children at various Universities: United States, England and even in Russia, in the latter country is speculated disease on immune deficiencies that would have confirmed the specific responsibility of the vaccinations. In my city, Verona, was placed the diagnosis of type metacromatic Leukodystrophy, a degenerative disease of the nervous system, this diagnosis was never confirmed by genetic tests also that we are submitting. Later Andrea, one of the twins, it is aggravated and was hospitalized for dehydration, despite my recommendation not to use drugs immune-suppressor, because the child was immune-compromised, of cortisone was used in a vein in five hours and my creature died. Later I came to know that the same drug was given to my first child before death. Even with the autopsy were able to have useful information to save the life of twin remained because there was denied the presence of a medical legal part, so that examination could not be trusted with our research. At one month after the death of Andrea, Alberto, was the sister, had to be hospitalized. Despite the opinion of doctors was to let it die, it was brought at our request, in resuscitation and asked a virologist of Naples, who previously had examined the child, they advised us of immune-stimulant. Subjected to treatment with interferon, the child began to improve slowly. After six months in hospital the baby was brought home with no letter of resignation. Sometime later, the requested medical records, I realized that they were different from those who copied each day during hospitalization. That is a statement presented to the judiciary. As a consequence of this was done by a judge issued a court notice to the Director at the Health Office in which he had been admitted to the child, later extended to primary pediatrics for “Fake ongoing public. At the end of this proceeding was filed.
    Many other shelters suffered Alberto, both in the same hospital in Verona than in other resuscitation: the Polyclinic of Milano, Merate in the province of Como, a Melegnano, near Milan, and finally was transferred automatically from the Polyclinic of Melegnano Verona. During all the different shelters my task was to ensure that treatments were applied immune-stimulant that we had given the first positive results. These therapies we were always advised by Professor Tarro of Naples, who was a pupil of Professor Sabin. It was always difficult if not impossible to apply this type of therapy to Alberto, as the doctors had ruled compact now that my son had to die. This was supported because discovery was not the responsibility of the vaccinations used on a subject, partially immune-compromised. Although our case had concerned the then President of the Republic, Sandro Pertini, putting pressure because the Health Minister Renato Altissimo established a Ministerial Commission, this without ever having seen a report drawn Alberto fake to hide the truth of the damage suffered by the vaccines. The last shelter Alberto had to suffer at the Polyclinic in Verona, where, in the opinion of health care, my son had to die a short time. I tried desperately to bring home my child, was seen as their way of thinking because the only solution of the problem for them was the culmination of the whole nefarious affair. At that juncture, because I could not survive in order to make my creature, even I did remove the “parental authority” by the Judge of children in Venice, to whom I addressed just to make them understand that he was committing a gross error. I managed to convince him to reinstate me in the parental responsibility, starting as early the now 1984 to manage my child at home, creating me resuscitation room “where previously arranged our master bedroom. During hospitalization all my wife Franca Alberto has always remained with him day and night to protect it from any abuse that the medical profession sought to implement.
    Many others had to suffer harassment by the Health, even if Alberto had not set foot in a hospital, controversy of any kind from the health institutions because they do not want to admit that the vaccinations were the cause of his illness and death of his brothers.
    Finally, in 1995, making recourse to law 210 of 1992, recognized by the state saw the “causation” of the damage suffered by subjecting our children to mandatory vaccinations.
    During all these years I efforts to establish associations in Italy to aggregate people like me who have suffered damage from the vaccine practices;
    also tried to pass a law that had developed with the Parliamentarians, to waive the obligation of these practices, but this goal in Italy has not been achieved because, in my opinion, the health policy that is implemented is left thumb yet the power of corporations of drugs. All this is proving that even in this area, some pseudo science, with the arrogance of his scientism, devoid of any scruple, trample continuously, with action in most cases illegal, every human right and civil matters. It imposes its power based on speculation that interest their progress based not on an open and accurate information, but rather on a complete and deliberate disinformation to get even the Occult of certain realities and impersonating preventing these practices prophylaxis that may, except to prevent anything.!/photo.php?fbid=181193258586584&set=p.181193258586584&notif_t=photo_comment

    WHEN COMING TO THE ATTENTION OF COUNTLESS SERIOUS NEGATIVE EFFECTS CAUSED by the indiscriminate use of certain practices, INSTEAD ‘makes it clear, He hides them and retains the obligation on those pseudo-HEALTH highly dangerous, not even bothering to PREPARE FINDINGS FOR QUOTES CAN BE AVOID POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCES Tragedy.

  4. Thank you for the post. I will record and watch the series.

    My son regressed in the same way. I’m glad our side is being told by a person with great respect in our society.

    Thank you again. Warm Regards

    Heather White
    Mother of a child injured by vaccines 2005

  5. […] a bellyache.’ He can’t use those words.” – Dr. Timothy Buie, Massachusetts General Hospital Read more and watch the video here. This entry was written by admin, posted on April 18, 2011 at 8:59 pm, filed under […]

  6. Giorgio Tremante posted a link here to his Face Book wall where his video of his three sons of which two died & one is still alive is posted. It’s titled, “I’m Alive! It’s eye opening & heart wrenching. Here’s a link for those who don’t use Face Book.

    Giorgio dedicated to all the victims of vaccines.

  7. Dear Alison MacNeil:
    Have you read “Impossible Cure: the Promise of Homeopathy” by Amy Lansky, PhD. Her true story of how homeopathic medicine cured her son of vaccine imposed autism. I am an RN Homeopath teaching the public about homeopathy. So many vaccine damaged children have regained their mind and emotional connection with homeopathy. Contact me if you would like to. Blessings, Mary

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