Government Risks Male Sterility As Mumps Vaccine Fails

Two new medical papers in Vaccine and Eurosurveillance respectively show this 10th April 2009 Daily Mail storyStudents suffering as cases of mumps treble – is wrong about the reasons for adult mumps outbreaks.

The new medical papers show:-

  • the mumps vaccine is failing – with vaccinated individuals catching mumps as adults
  • but unvaccinated individuals are not

Mumps in adults but not children can cause an atrophied testicle and (rarely) male sterility. Mumps outbreaks in older individuals is a known effect of introducing vaccination. It pushes childhood diseases into the adult population. [A known concern with chickenpox vaccine is serious shingles outbreaks in the older population.]

Children who catch mumps naturally gain lifelong immunity but are at no risk of atrophy or sterility. Mumps vaccination was not recommended by the British Medical Association, Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, Ministry of Defence and Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain from at least 1974 and prior to the 1988 introduction of the MMR [see below].

A reason unvaccinated individuals are not developing mumps as adults is that they caught natural mumps as children and this may have been asymptomatic [ie. they showed no symptoms].  Asymptomatic infection is a known phenomenon and becomes more common as the severity of infectious diseases wanes in the population over time.

In contrast, the hypothesis put by the authors of the paper cited below makes little sense – they suggest the unvaccinated are not catching mumps as adults [when the vaccinated are] because of high vaccination uptake rates.  If that were the case then the vaccinated would not be catching mumps as adults either.



The vaccination is not working as shown by peer reviewed paper attached from the Journal “Vaccine”:-

Early waning of immunity in children after the second dose may contribute to reduced vaccine effectiveness for mumps prevention.” Effectiveness of Jeryl Lynn-containing vaccine in Spanish children – Vaccine (2009)


“The lack of cases among unvaccinated individuals may reflect the high uptake of vaccine, and an investigation is ongoing to determine coverage rates for the birth cohorts involved.”
Mumps outbreak on the island of Anglesey, North Wales, December 2008-January 2009 C Roberts1 , G Porter-Jones1 , J Crocker1 , J Hart 1 Eurosurveillance [Volume 14, Issue 5, 05 February 2009]



“Since mumps and its complications are very rarely serious there is little indication for the routine use of mumps vaccine”:  British National Formulary (‘BNF’) 1985 and 1986

The BNF is a joint publication of the BMA and RPSGB.

Freedom of Information documents show the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and Ministry of Defence agreed as early as 1974 that:-

there was no need to introduce routine vaccination against mumps” because “complications from the disease were rare” JCVI minutes 11 Dec 1974.



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  2. All vaccines derange the age distribution of so called vaccine-preventable diseases (whatever that means). When people finally realise that there is only one immunity which is achieved by going through the diseases the natural way? They prime and mature the immune system and represent developmental milestones. I urge parents to start thinking.

  3. I writing in relation to the Mumps Vacc (single). My main concern is not so much the swollen glands should my child take the mumps before vaccination, but the fear he would get Meningitis from the infection. I have read that complications from mumps is rare. Can you shed any light on this statement from a Governing body.

    [ED: Please see:-

    Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics
    Mumps Mortality – England & Wales
    According to The British Medical Association (‘BMA’) and The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) mumps vaccination is clinically inappropriate:-
    “Since mumps and its complications are very rarely serious there is little indication for the routine use of mumps vaccine”: British National Formulary (‘BNF’) 1985 and 1986

    Freedom of Information documents show the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and Ministry of Defence agreed as early as 1974 that:-

    “there was no need to introduce routine vaccination against mumps” because “complications from the disease were rare” JCVI minutes 11 Dec 1974.

    Doctors and nurses who fail to tell parents mumps vaccine in MMR is clinically unnecessary, of the exact risks of adverse reactions and then give the vaccine appear to be behaving unethically, potentially in contravention of the criminal law and liable to civil proceedings for damages. They are also unable to explain the exact risks because data on adverse reactions are not being collected properly or at all, and there is evidence showing adverse reaction data are suppressed.

    A consequence is that giving MMR vaccine to children cannot be justified on clinical or ethical grounds. And as there is insufficient clinical benefit to children to introduce mass mumps vaccination, it cannot be justified as a general public health measure.

    And one consequence of this unnecessary measure is that we are now putting young male adults at risk of orchitis and sterility because they did not catch natural mumps harmlessly when children and because MMR vaccination is not effective in conferring full or lasting immunity across an entire population.

    One effect of MMR vaccination has been to push mumps outbreaks into older age groups. Mumps now circulates in colleges and universities: Mumps and the UK epidemic 2005, R K Gupta, J Best, E MacMahon BMJ 2005;330:1132-1135 (14 May).

    1 in 4 males who has achieved puberty and has not achieved immunity to mumps runs the risk of orchitis. Orchitis (usually unilateral) has been reported as a complication in 20-30% of clinical mumps cases in postpubertal males. Some testicular atrophy occurs in about 35% of cases of mumps orchitis: Mumps – Emedicine. This means one of the male testicles shrivels up. Affected men can become sterile in one testicle. This affects one in every nine males who catch mumps after puberty compared with none who catch it before puberty. It is only because most men have two testicles and only one is affected that total sterility is rare. Most men would find that little consolation. Having a shrivelled testicle would carry psychological and practical consequences for any intimate physical relationship in adult life. The message seems to be it is better for a child to catch mumps naturally before puberty.]

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