New Lethal & Unnecessary Vaccine For India & Far East – Which Kills – Promoted On Manufactured Justification

Just as MMR vaccine was created by Merck’s marketing to add an unnecessary mumps vaccine to the US childhood immunisation schedule – and which causes health problems today – the same is being done in India and the Far East – with a vaccine which kills.

A just published commentary in the Indian Journal of Medical Research shows how science and objectivity have taken a back seat in this irrational push for dubious vaccines.  The commentary reviews a research article being used to make the case for the addition of Hib and Hep B vaccines to the DTP – Diphtheria Tetanus and Polio – vaccine.  The research article is also published with open access.

This has created an unneeded vaccine which kills:

Another Lethal Vaccine Coming Soon To Your Baby – Pushed by Drug Industry – As Vietnam Suspends Five-in-One DTP, Hib & Hep B Vaccine Following 9 Deaths – But 32 Deaths Also In India, Pakistan, Bhutan & Sri Lanka

The WHO found that Hib and Hep B vaccine uptake was poor.  This is primarily because it is not a significant health problem in countries like India.  It was decided to ‘piggyback’ these vaccines on the DPT vaccine – which is widely accepted and used.

The resulting pentavalent vaccine combines Hib and Hep B with DPT vaccine. It put up the cost of DPT 25 to 50 fold and has resulted in at least 21 deaths in India. It has been delisted by the drug regulatory authority in Vietnam after 9 deaths last week.

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    Trolling and internet stalking by a clearly compulsive obsessive member of a forum whose members block discussion but some of whose members for sport in their spare time disrupt other fora on the internet and attack, bully, abuse and harass ordinary people and parents of very sick children wanting to share information. These kinds of groups are organised for just such a purpose on the internet. To quote Dr Ben Goldacre himself commenting on his own BadScience Forum: “The time for talking has passed. I draw the line at kidnapping, incidentally.“. This is on a site owned and operated by Dr Ben Goldacre as a high profile opinion former in the mainstream medical professions].

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