England Has 250,000 More Autistics in 15 years – 1 in 21 English Schoolboys is Now Autistic Official Education Department Government Statistics Indicate


Official UK statistics indicate 1 in 21 English schoolboys is now autistic.  Worse still when school leavers are included, in just 15 years the total number of new autistic school children and young adult school leavers is 258,000 according to CHS’ estimates from the official figures.

This is good solid information.

We have only just heard for Northern Ireland that: One in 16 Boys is Autistic Show New UK Official Statistics – But Nobody Cares – And Its Worse than COVID-19

These are all truly horrifying figures.  And you can see from the chart how the numbers of New Autistics have been increasing every year.

If the USA follows the same pattern Americans have today an extra 1.6 million New Autistic children and young adults added in just the last 15 years.  But the US has the highest vaccine burden of any country in the world, so the figure could be higher.  1.6 million is a crude estimate for the equivalent number of New Autistic American children and young adults added to the US population over the past 15 years. This is calculated by multiplying CHS’ estimate for England by 6 times.  The USA has approximately six times the population of England [330 million US vs 54 million England].

People like Sir Norman Lamb a former UK health minister and Matt Hancock the current English Secretary of State for Health along with many others have been pretending nothing is wrong, there are no New Autistics in any greater numbers than before and that vaccines have nothing to do with causing autism. It is just not true and the evidence of the numbers of New Autistics has been building up for over three decades now.

The British Government can spend billions on a lockdown caused by junk science but does not care about 250,000 New Autistics added to the English population in just 15 years. To these we need to add the Irish, Welsh and Scottish New Autistic children and the now young adult New Autistic school leavers in those regions over the past 15 years.

The figures these estimates are taken from are highly reliable.  They are not from inaccurate surveys. The figures of New Autistics are from official government figures from the annual schools census. The census counts every child in school in England known to be autistic.

The hollow claims of those who either want to cover up this disaster for children and their families or bury their heads in the sand or sit in denial, that there is no real increase in New Autistics are hollower by the second.  It is not credible nor scientific.

But if anyone wants to play stupid games claiming there is no increase and we always had these numbers of New Autistic children, the recent figures from Ireland show that nearly two thirds of New Autistic children are stage 5.

What does that mean?  It means if we always had the same numbers of autistic children and young adults before now, two thirds of them would be so severely disabled you could not miss them unless you were blind deaf or dumb or the UK’s National Autistic Society, [NAS] or the UK’s Autistica or Professor Brugha and his UK team of “expert” autism researchers at Leicester University. or even Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and his team at Cambridge University.  Professor Baron-Cohen and his team were quoted in The Independent  saying:

…. the authors dismissed suggestions that changes in lifestyle or the environment were behind the rise. They put it down to improved awareness and detection, and the inclusion of milder conditions within the diagnosis.”

NAS have claimed for a very very long time the prevalence of autistic conditions is 1 to 1.1%.  Autistica has paid Brugha and Baron-Cohen’s groups to carry out research. Autistica tells us 1% of children are autistic.  None of these groups and organisations recognise the dramatic increase nor do they accept the scientific evidence that vaccines play any role.

Is this cognitive dissonance? Can it be that?  Or is something else in play?

Encyclopedia Britannica:

Cognitive dissonance, the mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. The unease or tension that the conflict arouses in people is relieved by one of several defensive maneuvers: they reject, explain away, or avoid the new information; persuade themselves that no conflict really exists; reconcile the differences; or resort to any other defensive means of preserving stability or order in their conceptions of the world and of themselves.


And of course over this period the scientific evidence that vaccines play a significant role in causing autistic conditions has been building up steadily. 

To that body of scientific evidence can be added this just published 28 May 2020 journal paper Analysis of health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated children: Developmental delays, asthma, ear infections and gastrointestinal disorders.

You can read the authors’ news release and an explanation here:

Unvaccinated Children Much Healthier Shows New Study [May 2020]

How CHS’ estimates are calculated

Whilst the new official figures provide a sound base for these CHS estimates of New Autistics that is not the full picture as you will see from the annual totals below and notes. 

For every 3 cases identified as autistic in the current English school population, there are another two New Autistic children who have not been identified as autistic: (2009) Baron-Cohen et al “Prevalence of autism-spectrum conditions: UK school-based population study“. 

The science has also consistently shown about 4 in every 5 New Autistic cases is a boy.  The figures from Northern Ireland indicate now that 3 in every 4 New Autistic cases is a boy.

Hence taking these aspects into account provides the overall 3% prevalence of New Autistic schoolchildren in England as at January 2019 and the 1 in 21 figure for New Autistic English schoolboys.

Further figures are due for publication in just over a month’s time.  CHS will keep you posted.

And what else must we think about?

How old are the New Autistics and why do we need to know?

What is the current likely age range?  What is the point of knowing this? 

The wool has been pulled over too many peoples’ eyes so far.  All vaccine aware people need to be clear about the facts so that the chances of that continuing are minimised. 

The mainstream have been trying for decades to claim there has been no increase. They have wanted to claim there are the same numbers of adult autistics as child autistics.  Indeed Professor Brugha went so far as to claim this is the case but that his team just failed to find them!!  Again, can that be taking cognitive dissonance to a new level or can it be something more?

In this age of autism the age range of the New Autistics is from early childhood to around 44 years of age.  In only another 16 years the oldest New Autistics will be in their 60s [if still alive].

Essentially we are moving from and have moved from this being a problem affecting children only. 

Despite the age range of the New Autistics being approximately between 0 to 44 years, the age distribution of cases is heavier for the younger ages as you can see from the chart at the beginning of this article.

So even when the oldest New Autistic reaches 60 years of age he or she will be at the bottom point of an inverted pyramid of many many more New Autistics.  Their number each year going back will be greater than the succeeding year.  The numbers will be greater the younger in age they are than the previous year’s New Autistics.  If this is all allowed to continue with the current vaccine schedules unchanged the number of New Autistics each year might plateau eventually but not for many years from now.

In 2004 the youngest of the English New Autistic schoolchildren would be aged about 4 to 5 years old.  And the oldest about 18 years old.  So now in 2020 the age range for the New Autistics during just 2004 is 19 to 33 years old. 

And this problem started in the mid-1980s with the worldwide expansion of vaccine programmes. The MMR vaccine was the first but others were added as the years went by. 

Also there were “catch-up” vaccinations so that older children in the mid 1980s were vaccinated.  This is going back to about 1986.  A ten year old in 1986 still alive today would be 44 years of age.

Why is there “vaccine hesitancy”?

There are two main reasons. 

It is because no one can hide the problem any longer and more and more mothers and fathers and future parents planning their new families are becoming and are vaccine aware. 

Vaccine awareness is a political and philosophical position based on knowledge and science of the risks vaccines pose to you and your children.

The other reason is the drug pushers have realised it is counter-productive label-libelling vaccine aware parents as “anti-vaccine“. So they have come up with this new term “vaccine hesitancy“.

So now you know the reasons why this term exists.

Every time they add a new vaccine to the schedule we get more New Autistic children

Japanese & British Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism


The data for the graph above is from a 2001 paper by Jick et al.  The dates of introduction of the vaccines has been superimposed.  The authors of the paper claimed [emphasis added]:-

The increase ….. could be due to …… environmental factors not yet identified.”  “Mumps, measles, and rubella vaccine and the incidence of autism recorded by general practitioners: a time trend analysis” BMJ 2001;322:460-463 24 February.

No need to guess what those environmental factors are. We have 258,000 new reasons to know for sure.


Sources for the 2020 autism figures in this CHS post: Data from each Annual School’s Census from the Department for Education from 2004 to 2019.

Percentage of School children in England with ASD as Primary or Secondary Special Educational Need (2).  Sources – Annual School’s Census from Department for Education [See Notes at end]

Year (1)

% School children in England with ASD as Primary or Secondary Special Educational Need (2)

Census Taken

Total Autistic Children



January 2005





January 2006


(3), (4)



January 2007





January 2008





January 2009





January 2010





January 2011




January 2012




January 2013




January 2014




January 2014




January 2016




January 2017




January 2018




January 2019



(1) Figures are collected in January eg. 2016 figures reflect the 2015 school population. The absolute numerical totals shown are the totals of children with ASD as a primary or secondary educational need as taken directly from the official Government statistics.

(2) Percentages are adjusted to account for undiagnosed children. 2 in 5 autistic school children at any time have not yet been diagnosed. (2009) Baron-Cohen et al “Prevalence of autism-spectrum conditions: UK school-based population study“.

Additionally, the yet-to-be-diagnosed figure of 2 yet-to-be-diagnosed in every five autistic schoolchildren is to be expected.

Even up to and after the age of 18 some autistic children will not yet have been diagnosed. In any group of schoolchildren up to half of those under 10 will not have been diagnosed. This is because the UK median age of diagnosis of Asperger syndrome is 9 years 8 months. In contrast for ‘autistic disorder’ the median age of diagnosis is 3 years 9 months.  However it is 6 years 4 months for Pervasive Developmental Disorder—Not Otherwise Specified/Autism Spectrum Disorder: [Williams, E., Thomas, K., Sidebotham, H., & Emond, A. (2008). Prevalence and characteristics of autistic spectrum disorders in the ALSPAC cohort. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 50(9), 672–677.]

(3) For 2004 to 2009 the total estimated = a) actual figure for primary SEN + b) estimated additional 18.5% with secondary SEN.  The reason for this is that prior to January 2011 the figure for Secondary SEN is not recorded. However, for each year since then secondary SENs have consistently been close to 18.5% of the total permitting a reasonable estimate to be made of the total.

(4) As a cross-check indicating the reliability of the estimates for 2004-2009 the 2004 figure of 0.91% very closely corresponds to 0.9% figure from independent ONS 2005 Survey “Mental health of children and young people in Great Britain, 2004” A survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics on behalf of the Department of Health and the Scottish Executive.

(5) Estimates of the number of autistic adult school leavers over the 15 year period 2004 to 2018 [inclusive] assumes 1/13th of the total each year leave school as adults. This is an estimate for illustration. A more accurate figure can be calculated from the detailed statistics.  The figures on these estimates are already far far too big.



Vaccination and healthcare are political issues. There is continuing and increasing censorship of vaccine aware sites like CHS publishing information which is challenging corrupt practices and the political status quo in government and healthcare.

You may already have seen what is happening: Google no longer including sites in searches for example and other practices.

You and other vaccine aware people can help and make a difference.

Get the information to others.


  • reblogging CHS posts
  • using social media
  • posting links to CHS posts
  • circulating links to CHS posts to your family, friends and acquaintances
  • and any other lawful and proper means you can use

Be Vaccine Aware – Are you Vaccine Aware but did not realise?

8 Responses

  1. Thank you for this. Good to have you back. Statistics like this really break your heart, don’t they? All those lives broken & all those families affected. It is now approaching a genocidal scale. And it’s almost too awful for people to truly comprehend. You have to love the truth, even when it horrifies you.

    Thank you for being one of those people.

    [ED: All of us at CHS appreciate your comments.

    We must all talk about these issues and make clear to others who do not understand or know what is being done that we are vaccine aware and what that means. We are being lied to and manipulated on an international global scale.

    Covid 19 is an example.

    One version of the tale of King Canute is that he demonstrated to those who claimed he had absolute power that he could not command the ocean to stay back. Disease is disease – sometimes we can do something and sometimes we cannot.

    To shut down the entire world is folly on the grandest of scales. Our Governments should accept their position and respect the rights of the majority. It is difficult when people die but people die every day.

    At what point should our governments spend money which is not theirs to “save lives” from one disease when they cannot do it for all the other thousands of diseases which kill people every day.

    They cannot do it.

    It is attributing to the State a power it does not have. The risk to national security is beyond measure. The new robber barons are the networks of global interests which are developed, developing and have been developing over decades. The skill at manipulating democratic governments has been developing ever since the assassination of President John F Kennedy. If you keep the media under control you can achieve whatever you want.

    So the problem now is keeping the internet under control. Which is what is happening with search engines blocking out competing political voices.

    You can test for it. Search Google for the title of any number of CHS articles and see how many times your search result lists this site.

    Normally, nothing. If you get something, congratulations.

    We at CHS are not complaining in one sense.

    The reason is that it provides specific verifiable evidence for anyone to see.

    Vaccine awareness is a political and philosophical position based on knowledge and science of the risks vaccines pose to you and your children.

    In Washington DC the DC Office of Human Rights supposedly enforces the DC Human Rights Act, which supposedly makes discrimination illegal based on 21 protected traits for people that live, visit or work in the District of Columbia. The DC Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations and educational institutions.

    Protected Traits include Political affiliation: belonging to or supporting a political party.

    But communicating with other vaccine aware people about these political issues is not on the agenda.

    In the UK the Equality Act 2010 is supposed to protect individuals with protected characteristics from detrimental treatment. That includes people who have particular religious or other beliefs, including political beliefs.

    But it does not stop Google and other social media, under the direction of politicians who want to monopolise and control all means of expression and communication, of discriminating against the vaccine aware simply communicating with each other.

    It is not supposed to be happening but it is.

    And what of the European Union, set up to ensure this kind of State fascism never again raises its head and with its EU Charter of Fundamental Rights sitting alongside the non-EU European Convention of Human Rights?

    The good ol’ boys in Brussels are doing just the same thank you very much. Plus ça change, mais plus c’est la même chose.]

  2. Rome is burning and yet they look the other way whilst exclaiming loudly “what smoke ?”
    I am full of admiration and gratitude for your tireless efforts in the vaccine awareness arena. Your dedication will reap a bountiful harvest; the truth cannot be hidden indefinitely, it awaits the moment of final revelation, silently and patiently.
    We will continue to support you and spread the message far and wide.
    God bless.

    [ED: Thanks Wizard. The more people like you who are vaccine aware the better. Spread the word. Google and all the big commercial interests are trying to stop anyone doing that.

    Why you have to ask yourself is this not front page news every year the statistics are published?

    The rights of all individuals to freedom of expression and to engage in peaceful political activity are being suppressed along with their right to know what others are saying and to know what is really happening.

    Why are all the mainstream media journalists toadying up to Government and commercial and pharmaceutical industry interests?

    Why are the medical professions so quiet? And their silence tells us we cannot trust their brand of medicine – if they keep silent about this what else are they keeping silent about – and there is a great deal they bury and not just some of their patients.

    Why is the opposition not holding dishonest Secretary of State Matt Hancock’s feet to the fire but instead maintaining a status quo dictated by money and commercial interests?

    Vaccine awareness is a political and philosophical position based on knowledge and science of the risks vaccines pose to you and your children.

    Your rights to speak and to hear others speak about vaccine awareness and what is really happening is being suppressed. This is a political fight.

    For too long people have let bad people label-libel them to suppress discussion of real health issues and what is happening to children worldwide at the hands of the medical-industrial complex.

    We all know how those with power and influence have been bleating on about their conspiracy theories about foreign powers using the internet and social media to interfere in their corrupt forms of political activity and then using that to suppress ordinary people learning the facts about what is happening and talking about them – which is suppressing them from being politically active]

  3. Many thanks for the figures how this destruction ends who knows. I pray for the families destroyed by this evil vaccine agenda. With America now jettisoned from the WHO I guess “recommended by the WHO” will cease to carry weight in all science papers in America. I would never have thought it possible. Let’s hope for the next impossible target the UK follows and indemnity is brought back to vaccines just as Twitter is to held responsible as a publisher.

  4. As a Scots GP /naturopath from a world famous 500 yr old medical school, conventionally trained doctors can be robotically conditioned to follow like sheep , dictums from big Pharma & legislatures; & can know very little about the body’s potential for healing itself, but more worryingly, blindly deny vaccine damage,given an inherent agenda to defend their own tribal medical territorialism & status quo. Yes vaccines can reduce incidence of illness,but apart from related deaths from SIDS & HPV, news of which is too often suppressed ; polio, vaccine,as only one example,allows Coxsackie commensal viruses to take over,becoming virulent causing a similar paralysis to polio. Doctors are never taught any of this,& all this in the name of empty profits, & short lived monetary gratification

  5. [ED: In general medical doctors are not trained to think for themselves or question. They are not trained to be scientific with the questioning inherent in that approach. In addition they have financial incentives not to question what they are told from the money received for hitting vaccination targets to other benefits from toeing the drug industry influenced party line. And they have disincentives to questioning. Those who question become targets from trolls, officious political climber health officials and from the GMC. There is no shortage of supposed “experts” willing to come out of the woodwork to testify against them.

    Here is one of those – this NHS London report has information about one of them – it is about the death of “Baby P” whose torture and murder could have been avoided if the paediatric consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital responsible for managing the unit concerned had not put the children under his care at risk by his ridiculous cavalier views on what was safe:
    “Report on an investigation into allegations made by Dr Kim Holt, Consultant Community Paediatrician David Widdowson Nadia Persaud Bevan Brittan LLP December 2009.”

    It is odd that a man with such views which are so wrong and which put children’s lives at risk is still allowed to practice medicine

    If you want to know what the initials DE stand for, those are the initials of Dr David Elliman.

    Whilst Baby P was being tortured and murdered, the manager “DE” described as “like an absent father” in the NHS London report – absent from where he should have been managing – spent 5 months writing an expert report attacking Dr Jayne Donegan for GMC proceedings. The case was thrown out, but not before Baby P died – three days before it started in August 2007 and DE was not at his job but in Manchester at the GMC where his efforts pillorying Dr Donegan were torn to shreds by a QC. It turned out that of all the expert reports concerned her reports had the least number of errors of all the experts concerned and they were two minor errors.

    One might be tempted to think that “DE”s first ever main error was birth.

    This is a man who literally has been shown to put children’s lives at risk in the most severe and savage circumstances when it was his job to make sure that did not happen.

    And yet today he is still acting as an expert witness in our courts in children cases in the Family Court.

    See this CHS article for more information:
    UK’s GMC, Dr Jayne Donegan’s Story, Vaccines & MMR

  6. […] come from? It turns out that the Institute’s founder is Dame Stephanie Shirley, also founder of Autism Speaks UK (renamed Autistica) which has been so obstructive in researching the causes of autism, and involved […]

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