New MIT/Phynet Research – Links Autism To Vaccines

[NB: For lists of other research on the links between vaccines and autism see this CHS article: List of Research Linking Vaccines to Autism]


Empirical Data Confirm Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure

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Note added by the Publisher: This paper attracts great attention. Please refer to our policy regarding possibly controversial articles.

Abstract: Autism is a condition characterized by impaired cognitive and social skills, associated with compromised immune function. The incidence is alarmingly on the rise, and environmental factors are increasingly suspected to play a role. This paper investigates word frequency patterns in the U.S. CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database. Our results provide strong evidence supporting a link between autism and the aluminum in vaccines. A literature review showing toxicity of aluminum in human physiology offers further support. Mentions of autism in VAERS increased steadily at the end of the last century, during a period when mercury was being phased out, while aluminum adjuvant burden was being increased. Using standard log-likelihood ratio techniques, we identify several signs and symptoms that are significantly more prevalent in vaccine reports after 2000, including cellulitis, seizure, depression, fatigue, pain and death, which are also significantly associated with aluminum-containing vaccines. We propose that children with the autism diagnosis are especially vulnerable to toxic metals such as aluminum and mercury due to insufficient serum sulfate and glutathione. A strong correlation between autism and the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine is also observed, which may be partially explained via an increased sensitivity to acetaminophen administered to control fever.

Keywords: autism; vaccines; MMR; HEP-B; glutathione; sulfate; cholesterol sulfate; aluminum; mercury; acetaminophen

Stephanie Seneff 1 Robert M. Davidson 2 and Jingjing Liu 1

1 Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA 2 Internal Medicine Group Practice, PhyNet, Inc., Longview, TX 75604, USA

11 Responses

  1. NICE!!!

    I’ve been studying the autism-aluminum link ever since I got into a debate over on SkewedDistribution over the obvious inappropriateness of using aluminum-based adjuvants as a “placebo” in Merck’s HPV vaccine “safety” trials… LoL

    [ED: At the very least it will keep the Crankosphere busy on science-free zones like Dr David Gorski’s Science Blogs blog Respectful Insolence.

    But not for a while. They are still fuming over being exposed as knowing less than nothing about science in this post – and, being right on the button, there is nothing they can do about it – when they do try they just keep making bigger fools of themselves:

    Science Blogs Pseudo-Skeptics Crave Scientific Respectability They Cannot Have

    And now they have been having a debate over thinking they have “outed” CHS. Those guys crack us up.

    Whoever invented “dork”, maybe a relative of Nostradamus, must have known Dr Gorski’s Gawky Dorkskis would one day be born in numbers and invade the crankosphere. Its like living in a real-life zombie movie.]

  2. Reblogged this on MottledThrush and commented:
    Excellent info, thanks for posting 🙂

  3. Topical chelation is a field of not well understood or used.

    Recent study of cues to oral chelation for the liver did not give Scientist studying aluminum toxcity the desired “cleansing”. the myriad of aluminum combinations used in soils, car exhausts, fillers and dyes in medicine (thyroid medicine), processing of foods, additives to city water(the list is too long) create a burden on the human body are just a few ways that the human body absorbs aluminum.

    Antiperspirants and crystal style deodorant(yes it is in the aluminum world) merely prevent the outward flow of these oxidized aluminum salts from draining out the underarm, in response the body dams the lymph nodes from the gums, brain, breast, and thyroid. The liver stores the second highest levels of aluminum so food and water in the American diet are not calculated nor traced. We may count the calories but the real culprit are the aluminum combinations and the lack of chelating abilities as the Lymph Nodes are overburdened.

    A recent study calculating aluminum levels in children using laboratories across the US show variable results. How much aluminum are we passing on to the children? Can anyone answer the question about Vaccines; Is there settling of the aluminum sulfate in the manufacture of Vaccines for Children, exposing some children to greater amounts of the alum salt?

    Time to reduce the aluminum exposure.

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  5. […] Abstract: Autism is a condition that is characterized by impaired cognitive and social skills, associated with compromised immune function. […]

  6. Acetaminophen is the most popular painkiller in the US. It is best known by the brand name Tylenol but is sold under 97 different brand names. It is known as paracetamol in many parts of the world. It is also sold in combination with other drugs in more than 100 products.During cold and flu season, people who take acetaminophen for arthritis are at risk for acetaminophen poisoning. Taking just twice the recommended dose of acetaminophen can cause acute liver failure. Unfortunately, this has already happened to an alarming number of people because it isn’t hard to do. Two years ago, more than 56,000 people visited the emergency room due to accidental acetaminophen overdoses and 100 people died from unintentionally taking too much. Worse yet, the numbers appear to be growing.^

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  7. My daughter was diagnosed with autism when she wa s 3years. She was normal child until they gave her the first MMR vaccin a age of one. she turned worst when she got the 2nd MMR. I took her a hair analisys and it shows that her aluminum was very high….. i have alway said that MMR is the cause of Autism but NO ONE want to listen to the moms with autistic kids……. what a shame….

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