Bill Gates & Vaccine Programmes – Dump The “Mistakes” – Vulnerable Vaccine Injured Sick Kids Dumped Out of Sight to Die

The following is from an extensive article by journalist Christina England which you can read in full here: Bill Gates Continues ‘God’s Work’, Third World Vaccine Workers Shot Dead Feb 26th, 2013 | By Christina England

It appears that Mr. Gates will go to any lengths to vaccinate the world, even if the world makes it very clear that they do not want his vaccines. Rather than vaccinating more children, if he was such a humanitarian, why has he allowed vulnerable, sick children to be dumped in the middle of nowhere to die? Surely the world would applaud him far more loudly if he spent his millions making sure that any vaccine casualties were sufficiently cared for.

……. whether Gates believes he is doing ‘God’s work’ or not, dumping severely vaccine damaged children in a remote village in Africa without a doctor on site is almost certainly not God’s work and this is exactly what Gates has allowed to happen to the children adversely affected by the MenAfriVac Meningitis A vaccine.

Over the last few months I have written four articles covering recent events in Chad, Northern Africa, where 106 children became ill after receiving the meningitis vaccine, 40 of which were left paralyzed and suffering from convulsions. [6,7,8,9]

This week, VacTruth received word from a Chadian contact that said:

Last night the Chadian minister of health evacuated all children paralyzed from MenAfriVac meningitis A vaccine, including very ill children, to Faya. I have just spoken to one person, who told me that seven girls and a boy are seriously ill with convulsions.

Please, help us. This forced evacuation of very ill and paralyzed children on a military plane, to a destination where there is not even basic medical personnel and equipment, is deliberately sending vulnerable children to a place where they are likely to die.”

Faya is a small town surrounded by desert at least 100 miles away from the children’s home village of Gouro. This is extremely worrying, especially after VacTruth received several medical records confirming that these children did indeed suffer vaccine injuries.

This approach is one way to make sure vaccine adverse reactions go under reported.

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  1. The picture painted about the MenAfriVac vaccine is tragic, but in reality
    it is probably even worse.
    The main advances in fighting disease over many decades have been due to stronger immune systems which in turn have been accomplished by access to clean water, good nutrition and improved living conditions.

    It is unethical to vaccinate millions of people in developing countries. Many suffer from one or more diseases. Vaccinating may make them even more ill.

    “If we look at the science of the vaccination process itself, it’s becoming evident that the way they do the immunizations — actually suppresses a lot of the immune system, particularly in young children” (Dr. Blaylock MD, neurosurgeon).

    Regarding that the MenAfriVac vaccine was stored outside the cold chain, at a high temperature:
    An adequate storage temperature for vaccines is imperative. They should with few exceptions be stored continually between +2 and +8 degrees Centigrade. When vaccines are stored at higher temperatures for any amount of time the ingredients may interact, decompose, form aggregates and/or precipitate. Microbial growth may take place. The vaccines may become exceedingly detrimental to health.

    We understand that evidence of the heat stability of MenAfriVac was validated by a team of experts from WHO, PATH, SIIL, and Health Canada.

    These questions then arise:
    Did the experts only look at the vaccine’s heat stability? Did the experts not look for adverse effects on the trial recipients of the vaccine after it had been stored at high temperature? Were the poor children of Chad used as research objects to study consequences of injecting the vaccine which had been stored at high temperature?

    One more worrying issue:
    The vaccine contains the unusual, extremely toxic combination of mercury and aluminium. It is shocking that this formulation has been approved, due to the fact that the two metals exhibit synergistic toxicity: Aluminium increases toxicity of mercury up to 100 percent.

    Many hundreds are still suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) after a scandalous meningitis vaccine experiment in Norway in the 90’s. This vaccine also contained both mercury and aluminium. The vaccine injured have had their lives ruined. They have been shamefully treated by the Norwegian authorities and have not received any compensation.

    Many requests have been made to health authorities and GAVI asking that the synergistic toxicity be thoroughly investigated but no satisfactory answers have been received.

    The MenAfriVac vaccine should be immediately withdrawn from the market and all who are suffering from the consequences of this scandalous product should receive help and adequate compensation.

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