Gardasil – HPV Vaccine – The Injured Continue To Pile Up

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  PRLog (Press Release)Apr 25, 2011

by Leslie Carol Botha
Vice President Public Relations, SANE Vax Inc.

It is becoming hard to comprehend why the United States government; FDA, CDC and the NCI have blatantly turned their backs on the thousands of families whose daughters and sons have been severely injured by Merck’s Gardasil vaccination. GlaxoSmithKline is not off the hook on this either as mounting injuries from Cervarix (approved in the US in 2009) are now being reported to VAERS. How many deaths and how many injuries is it going to take before these vaccines are taken off the market?

The latest VAERS reports include:

•   376 abnormal pap smears post HPV vaccination
•   108 reports of anogenital warts found after HPV vaccination
•   224 reports of papillomavirus infections found after HPV vaccination
•   41 reports of cervical cancer after HPV vaccination
•   21,634  Adverse Events
•   95 Deaths

The numbers reflect approximately, 1 to 10% of the adverse event population reporting.  Medical consumers and physicians do not often think that vaccinations harm people – and therefore injuries and illnesses are not immediately associated with the vaccine.

HPV vaccines have been administered to adolescent girls and boys whose parents believed in the government’s vaccine program.  They followed their physician’s advice – and have been deceived.  What does that say about a government ‘for the people’?

SANE Vax, Inc. is outraged at the injustice shown to these families who now suffer from loss of life or diminished quality of life; outraged by their financial helplessness as they pay for mounting medical bills not covered by health insurance companies.

It is apparent in this country – the only one’s innocent until proven guilty are the government and corporations – who have protected themselves from liability.  For the rest of us – well, we are guilty until proven innocent – and the burden of proof lies on our shoulders.

SANE Vax, Inc.  has prepared a Global Concerns about HPV Vaccines Fact Sheet that includes the peer reviewed analysis, research documents and data that prove the culpability of Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, the CDC, FDA, and NCI in regards to fast tracking the HPV vaccines to medical consumers.  The SANE Vax Team believes it is time to hold them accountable for their actions. The Fact Sheet is posted on the SANE Vax, Inc. web site at …The HPV Vaccine Fact Sheet was created so that it could be shared globally with politicians, physicians, the media and anyone looking for an overview of the concerns about the Gardasil and Cervarix travesty.

We are hoping readers will post the fact sheet to their Social Media Network sites and circulate the fact sheet far and wide.  If we cannot get through to our government – then we, the people, need to make it our responsibility to educate other innocent medical consumers to prevent the Grim Reaper from striking down more innocent adolescents.

SANE Vax Inc. is dedicated in our efforts to remove Gardasil and Cervarix from the market until independent studies on their safety and efficacy are conducted.  We have become internationally recognized and known for the research and work we have done on this issue.  Conversely, we are now being contacted by more mothers whose daughters have been adversely affected by HPV vaccines.  Most of these injuries have not been reported to VAERS. We have even heard of a new death – another previously healthy teenage girl who went to bed on a Sunday night and never got up to go to school the next morning.

Read the comments from mothers and other innocent girls affected by HPV vaccines.  The government and Big Pharma must be held accountable for the innocent lives they have destroyed. Government agencies and pharmaceutical companies have become the Grim Reaper.

“My 15 year old autistic daughter was given all three Gardasil injections in 2009, and hasn’t been well since. She’s struggled her entire life with development delay, OCD, stuttering, and a seizure disorder that hasn’t reared its head since she was 9, so we’re not unfamiliar with hardships. Shortly after her last Gardasil injection, she began to have chronic vaginal itching, low grade fevers, severe headaches, abdominal pains, dizziness, leg pains, heart racing, heightened sense of her heartbeat and blood flow, fatigue, and an overall feeling of illness. I’m sure there are other symptoms that I’ve passed off as growing pains, hormones, you name it. I’m relieved to find this group, and join the ranks as another frustrated, determined mother, who is ready to see the makers and distributors of this “vaccine” be accountable for what they have done to our daughters.”

“My daughter who has just turned 14 years old has been unable to attend school due to fatigue and nausea and other symptoms since last December 2010. When I took her to her G.P. and had all the usual blood tests done they returned as normal. I did mention to the doctor that my daughter had had her second HPV injection at school just before she began to feel sick, but she dismissed any connection. The third vaccination injection is due this Thursday and I have decided to not allow my daughter have this final injection. Is this o.k. for her not to complete the vaccination programme as I am now suspecting that there may be a connection between the vaccination and her illness? My daughter has just started back to school this week after an absence of over three months. She is attending for only a few hours per day as she is too fatigued to manage any more than that.”

“I just had an MRI completed for my lower lumbar spine; I had a minor sports injury. Results read “bladder distention was noted.”  I completed my Gardasil vaccine over a year and a half ago, and two months after started noticing extra pressure and pain in my abdomen, and enlarged lymph nodes. Prior to the vaccine, I never experienced any of my “symptoms” and Gardasil is the biggest regret of my life. It was pushed upon me by my 3 doctors for years, promising it was safe, and there were no side effects associated. After I started complaining about tiredness and abdomen pain, major side effects were being brought to my attention. I feel deceived, lied to, and tricked. I experience discomfort and occasional pain when I am intimate with my partner. I have trouble urinating, and urinate frequently now. I am 24 years old, and devastated about my experience and findings. I am depressed and fearful of other complications it may cause in the future and can only be hopeful that I didn’t damage and will not pass on any complications to a child.”
“I am writing to u because I was also affected by Gardasil. I now have limbic encephalitis, which is the swelling of the brain, along with heart palpitations which don’t let me sleep, extremely bad headaches, body pain every morning, bone problems, anxiety problems, the list goes on forever. If you can please contact me, I would really appreciate it.”

# # #
SaneVax believes only Safe, Affordable, Necessary & Effective vaccines and vaccination practices should be offered to the public. Our primary goal is to provide scientific information/resources for those concerned about vaccine safety, efficacy and need.
Leslie Carol Botha,
Vice-President Public Relations, SANE Vax, Inc.
Health Educator, Broadcast Journalist

Internationally Recognized Expert on Women’s Hormone Cycles
Holy Hormones Honey -The Greatest Story Never Told!

12 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, Canada has just approved Gardasil for most women:

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  3. I developed limbic encephalitis less then a year after i got the vaccine… no one seems to connect the two but it took away two years of my life, i wish there was some way to hold them responsible.

  4. In August 2010, I received my first and only shot of the Gardasil vaccine. By late september, I was having severe abdominal pain and dehabilitating headaches. By May 2011, I was having severe chest pains, back pain, and overall body pain. I even lost my period and started to have hot flashes. Everyday I have to deal with this. I have been to five specialists and they can’t find anything wrong. I’ve tried over 20 medications and all of them have failed to treat my symptoms. I was forced to quit karate after taking it for nearly 6 years, and was only a few months away from receiving my blacl belt. I was forced to stop playing tennis and drop all physical activity. I missed school so much during 2010-2011, I failed 11th grade and had to go to summer school. Now a senior, I have to be homeschooled because I cannot go out in public without being in severe pain, let alone leave my bed. Before I had the shot, I was the ideal athlete and student, always performing at ny best. Now, I can no longer stand for more than a few minutes or even walk a short distance. Basically, Garasil ruined my life. I’m glad to hear that us sufferers are trying to do something about this, because this is clearly not a safe drug at all. I just hope that one day, there will be a cure for all of us.

  5. Does anybody have any good things to say about gardisil?

    [ED: Merck and all our government health officials.]

  6. 1st vaccine= very painful
    2nd vaccine= not very painful, severe nausea
    3rd vaccine= been up ALL night afterwards with the most horrific pain I have ever hard- I was almost screaming. Severe nausea and unsettles stomach have followed from about and hour after vaccine to the day after. It is now dinner time and the nausea is not going to shift. I have a feeling it never will. If I could go back I would never have even thought about getting this vaccine. I mean, you can still get cervical cancer and HPV after getting it! It’s your choice and u say: do not get it if you value life.

  7. I took gardasil seven years ago n was diagnosed with hpv today n very upset as the virus didn’t protect me n want to know what I need to do please help

  8. Lower left abdominal pain is the most common area for abdominal pain. You will know how debilitating lower left abdominal pain can be – whether it is an acute episode or chronic condition. The effects of abdominal pain can be devastating not just for the person living with the problem, but also for their family, friends and carers. The simplest chores and activities from shopping to walking may become impossible. Constant physical pain can impact on an individual’s emotional well-being. People living with a chronic condition may become depressed, and in some cases driven to suicide to escape the pain!are totally unsuitable. They are too bulky, move out of position, compact and cause oreness.:

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  9. I regret letting my 16 year old daughter get this vaccine. She’s had 2 doses, and will not get the 3rd. She felt terrible after both the first and second, and today she is having joint pain. Obviously I held out from when they tried to push it on her in grade 6, I should have just stuck to my gut feeling and not bought into the fear. I hope that too much damage is not done already. How can we let people know NOT to get this vaccine? Why are the contraindications so hard to find, whereas there is so much publicity on the safety and effectiveness of this terrible, and unnecessary vaccine? If there is a way to be heard, I would like to join that team and speak out against this vaccine.

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  11. I experienced only slight nausea after my first 2 Gardasil shots.

    After the 3rd shot, I developed Lupus almost immediately (within weeks). No family history of this, no previous symptoms, just out of the blue.

    I didn’t know at the time I was pregnant with triplets. I spontaneously aborted 2 of the babies. The 3rd was our miracle baby, somehow survived, though born with defects & slight autism. I almost died in childbirth due to complications.

    Despite diagnosis from multiple specialists, people think I’m crazy, or making it up, or just after the money (I haven’t received a dime of either disability or vaccine compensation).

    Due to the propaganda, people think it’s my fault (I should have done more research), or I’m making it up. Even my mother said, there’s no such thing as vaccine reactions – all vaccines are 100% safe.

    I called to ask my doctor to report this adverse reaction, and the doctor wasn’t working there any more. So I asked the other staff members, and they said it was the doctors responsibility, and they didn’t know where he transferred to. I tried to report it myself, and Merck hung up on me. I tried to submit it to VAERS, and I didn’t have the lot number on the vial, so they wouldn’t accept my report. As of today, my reaction is not included in the statistics. This is a broken system, deeply flawed. The public is not getting all the facts. A recent editorial by the National Institute of Health says Gardasil is the worst vaccine in American history …but the facts are actually much worse than is being reported.

    It has taken away 6 years of my life. We have to go out-of-pocket for many of these medical expenses & natural therapies, thus far about $200,000. I’m fortunate my husband makes a decent salary to pay for these things, but it’s breaking us. We had to cash in retirement accounts, my husband misses a lot of work to take care of the kids when I cannot. Especially a special needs child. Not to mention lost income, I have not been able to work much at all.

    This one stupid decision to get this vaccine killed 2 babies, almost killed me, almost killed my child, killed part of my child’s life potential & happiness, and has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it has killed my energy, my ability to do things I love like travel, my joy…the best years of my life down the drain, my husband had to buy me a handicap accessible van. It’s completely life-changing. For about 2 years I was in constant pain, constant inflammation, constant kidney infections, etc etc. At one point I was taking 150 pills a day – anti-inflammatories, vitamins, supplements, immune therapy, etc. For anybody reading this, I hope you do some research before getting this (or any) vaccine. And I hope you contact your state lawmaker whenever they decide to mandate vaccines like this.

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