UK Government Hides Yet More MMR Documents

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In a bizarre twist unreported in the UK national media a British woman, Wendy Stephens, is being denied access by the UK Government to a confidential legal medical report written for her own daughter’s legal case in the British Courts. As the legal representative of her daughter in the litigation, it seems the report is technically hers and should be provided to her.

The Legal Services Commission holds the document and had previously released it for use by the General Medical Council in the proceedings against Dr Wakefield.  Having once waived legal privilege for the report for the GMC, there seems little legal justification for withholding it from a litigant in the MMR proceedings.

This case comes soon after ChildHealthSafety’s report on other documents withheld by the British Government: Secret British MMR Vaccine Files Forced Open By Legal Action.

Mrs Stephens is continuing the fight in the European Courts for the justice denied to her daughter in the UK. The story is reported today by just one regional UK newspaper.

North-east mum fights for MMR research – woman vows to have daughter’s case heard in european courts – By Leanna MacLarty – The Press and Journal.

The UK Government’s Legal Services Commission [LSC] admit the report relates to the applications for legal aid in the litigation, but claim it is confidential.

Mrs Stephens, a qualified nurse, claimed her daughter, Katie Stephen’s deafness was caused by the MMR vaccine.  This is a well-known complication of the Pluserix MMR vaccine which was supplied and manufactured by a GlaxoSmithKline company.  Other claims relating to deafness outside the UK have been upheld, including one recently in Spain.  Whilst her daughter’s claim is strong, the British LSC refused legal aid claiming the cost outweighed the benefit.  However, it is believed this legal rule is being applied incorrectly by the LSC as Katie Stephen’s case predates its introduction and it does not apply to her.

The UK’s Information Commissioner is not contesting Mrs Stephen’s appeal for the release of the report.

In the USA claims of autism [and other serious medical conditions] caused by vaccines have been upheld by the US Federal Court, as reported exclusively in the UK by ChildHealthSafety: AUTISM – US Court Decisions and Other Recent Developments – It’s Not Just MMR

The British Government’s involvement in and recklessness over the introduction of unsafe vaccines has been reported previously by ChildHealthSafety in addition to efforts to stop Freedom of Information disclosures proving this:-

British Government’s Reckless Disregard for Child Health Safety

British Government & Establishment’s Efforts to Deny Compensation to MMR Vaccine Child Victims

The British Government, Department of Health and Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation could have substantial liabilities in negligence running into several billion pounds sterling should negligence claims ever have proceeded in the British Courts, as reported in a peer refereed medical paper published by the Journal of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons:

Questions on the Independence and Reliability of Cochrane Reviews With a Focus on Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccines

There is concern backed by documents now coming out in Freedom of Information disclosures regarding the British Government’s reckless approach to the health safety of British Children and its behind-the-scenes championing of the multi-billion pound sterling exporter and foreign exchange earner British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.  It seems the British health authorities are not alone in their overall approach, and the actions of the US Centers For Disease Control are an example,  as reported by ChildHealthSafety here:-

US Research Fraud, Tax Dollars And Italian Vaccine Mercury Study

That vaccination is a money issue is demonstrated by the wild exaggerations of risks to children from going unvaccinated: Risk to Children & Government Scaremongering.

The pharmaceutical industry’s old business model of patenting blockbuster drugs is known to be failing.  For the industry to survive as it currently exists new business models are sought.  The substantial increase in funding of the search for new vaccines and the targetting of the “teen market” with vaccines like Gardasil is well reported in the pharmaceutical industry trade press. The “paediatric market” is described as now saturated.

More exclusive stories some British media editors are too cowed to publish are yet to come from ChildHealthSafety.



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  1. All vaccines should be studies by independent companies (all tested for bias against vaccines) and with true placebos. No less than. otherwise all “safety” studies are a total crock.

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