Court Fines Doctor Who Did Not Tell Patient Hepatitis B Vaccine Causes Multiple Sclerosis

A French Court has fined a doctor 3000 Euros for failing to inform a patient of all side effects of a vaccination.  This included the risk of multiple sclerosis from the Hepatitis B vaccine.

This is an important decision which reinforces in law the doctor’s obligation to obtain informed consent from a patient.

The full story can be read in this Google translation from a French law website for French lawyers:

Vaccination against hepatitis B and multiple sclerosis: the patient must know!

By William COLLART – Lawyer | 24-12-2012

8 Responses

  1. How does this relate to Doctor Who?

  2. They also forgot to mention that it contains peanut oil. How is a parent suppose to know if their newborn is allergic to peanuts within minutes of being born. We all should know what happens if you eat peanuts when your allergic… Like the throat swelling thus preventing you from being able to breath. Which then leads to your brain swelling, then it bleeds. Oooops, this is now what is known as a symtom of shaken baby syndrome……. As for the parent/last caregiver be prepared to wear those silver braclets with the pad lock,matching sporty orange jump suit and those so very attractive flip flops.

    [ED: who says any vaccine contains peanut oil? Please provide a reliable source for such a claim or withdraw it. Peanut oil is also known as arachis oil or groundnut oil.]

  3. The Non-Disclosed and Hyper-Allergenic Vaccine Adjuvant
    This disclosure offers alot of important information regarding the hep b vaccine

    [ED: Unfortunately that appears to be a second or third hand blog post account of a court case.

    The blog post claims in a court case “Buttram noted that the scheduled and administered 4-month vaccines contained aluminum and unlabeled peanut oil.”

    Notice this says “unlabeled” (sic) – so how does anyone know this is true. It is stated in the Court’s judgement as confirmed? Is there a copy of the Court’s judgement available to confirm this?

    Do you have a reference to any original source reference confirming any vaccine contains peanut oil?

    Unfortunatlely, such references are needed.]

  4. Why doesn’t ME Try doing a little research on their own as I did. Its obvious ME didn’t loose a grandchild at 10 wks old as I did thus leaving me with an autopsy report stating its findings as anamnestic.

    Denoting an enhanced reaction of the body’s immune system to an antigen that is related to an antigen previously encountered.

    [ED: Condolences for your loss. However, you provide no source reference people can check. So how can anyone reading this accept what you say about peanut oil in vaccines? It is not for us to do the research. If you cannot find the reference why should we look for something you cannot find?]

  5. Doctors cannot be expected to know all the side effects and certainly not the longterm ones, because nobody does. That is one reason why doctors should not recommend vaccines.

  6. In Australia, doctors have a legal duty to warn of all side effects of all medicationsd and procedures no matter how small or how rare, from the perspective of the patient and even if the patient doesn’t ask, and if knowing such reactions would influence the patient’s decision. Failure to do so constitutes medical negligence (Rogers vWhittaker; High Court of Australia 1992).

    The doctors’ behaviour withholding vaccine reactions si obviously negligent.

  7. Vegetable oil, Peanut Oil and coconut oil are mainly used as adjuvants in vaccines for livestock, however they have also been used & trialled in humans as well ..

    and … patents for adjuvants in vaccines are listed here

    “For this purpose any bland fixed oil can be employed including synthetic mono- or diglycerides. In addition, fatty acids such as oleic acid are used in the preparation of injectables.”

    Any combination of oils as adjuvants really … “corn oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, olive oil, coconut oil, fish liver oils,”

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