Wakefield Libel Case vs BMJ, Godlee & Deer – Appeal Hearing 22nd May – Texas Third Court of Appeals

Age of Autism reports:

The judge has set May 22 for an appeal in Austin, Texas of the jurisdiction issue in Dr. Andy Wakefield’s defamation suit against the British Medical Journal, Editor Fiona Godlee and “journalist” Brian Deer. The case was dismissed by a judge who said Wakefield was not entitled to sue the British publication in Texas, but Wakefield appealed.  Supporters of Dr. Wakefield will be in attendance.

See here for the latest filings, and stay tuned for updates.

4 Responses

  1. Can someone tell me why he’s not suing them in the UK courts? I remember a ruling from Justice Eady about dismissing the the case; but Walker-Smith successfully sued and won. Also, it’s expensive, but I thought it would have been just as expensive in the US.
    Whatever, good luck to him.

  2. Professor Walker-Smith successfully appealed in the High Court for the restoration of his medical licence to practise medicine, removed by the GMC at the same 3 year hearing as Dr Wakefield. Unfortunately, Dr Wakefield’s insurance company refused to fund his GMC appeal. As far as I am aware Prof Walker-Smith has not sued anyone over his GMC ordeal, although I believe the GMC would have had to pay all of his High Court costs.

  3. Brilliant news. The very best of luck. At long last, the GMC, JCVI & BMJ need to be exposed for what they truly are.

  4. yes, good luck to him

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