Italy – Court Holds MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

STOP PRESS 23 May 2012:

Full English Translation of Italian Court Decision Found on CHS here:

Italy – Court Holds MMR Vaccine Causes Autism – III: English Translation Of Court Decision


This is an extract of a Google translation from the Initiative Citoyenne blog [France]:

Autism cases: for the tribunal of Rimini, “it is the fault of the vaccine” – April 10, 2012

Autism.   Rimini District Court: “The fault of the vaccine.” The ministry ordered to pay compensation.

Now, it seemed an old theory denigrated, the court instead of Rimini argued that a vaccine can make a child autistic.

This judgment No. 2010/148, part No. 2010/0474, journal.n ° 2012/886, gave the appeal lodged by parents against the Department of Health, who demanded the payment of compensation for irreversible complications caused by a vaccine.

The vaccine is MMR. According to parents, in fact, symptoms of autism in their son did appear after inoculation.

And really the same day, as read in the judgement [CHS Ed: this is a .pdf file in Italian which you can click to download]. Return to the clinic in Riccione, March 26, 2004, the child began to show troubling symptoms (diarrhea and nervousness) and then between 2004 and 2005 occurred signs of severe psychological distress to physical recognition, 7 August 2007, the total and permanent disability to 100%.”

To read the full translated post [or to read the original untranslated] click here:

Autism cases: for the tribunal of Rimini, “it is the fault of the vaccine” – April 10, 2012

Cas d’autisme: pour le tribunal de Rimini, “c’est la faute du vaccin” – Avril 10, 2012

[CHS Ed:  We would be willing to post a professional translation of the judgement if any of our readers know a translator willing to translate the original Italian Court judgement – contact us on].


ED’s UPDATE in green text 10 May 12:  See our initial summary translation here:

Italy – Court Holds MMR Vaccine Causes Autism II – Initial English Summary

We expect to have a professional medical translation of the Italian Court’s judgement shortly and will post that on a new post.

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17 Responses

  1. MMR and vaccines cause Autism in Europe, the World, but not in the US?

  2. MMR and vaccines cause Autism all over Europe, the globe, Except for the USA?

  3. […] Read the original here: Italy – Court Holds MMR Vaccine Causes Autism « Health … […]

  4. You people are monsters and should be held criminally liable for killing your children. Since when is a court from a country town an expert on medicine and science? You don’t develop autism… “Yes, at birth my blood type was O negative but then after a strong regimen of Tylenol it became AB positive.” It would be offensive to ignorant people the world over to include your lot among them.

  5. Let me guess, you’re going to censor me? Can’t have dissenting opinions, of course. Despite yours being the dissenting opinion in the larger context.

    [Ed: Nah. You are doing a great job. With comments like that you make others seem even more reasonable than ever.]

  6. Courts tend not to be qualified to judge on scientific facts; they’re not scientists, and can’t rule on whether correlation or causation has been established scientifically without significant expenditures in training in statistics and scientific methods for the judges (and jurors, if applicable).

    [ED: Pardon? The parties to court cases hire medical and scientific experts to give expert testimony to the court. The court then decides on the basis of the evidence presented. No problem.]

  7. The court cannot decide on the basis of the evidence presented. Here’s an example: one scientist submits a study that find that out of 12 children, 10 were reported to exhibit symptoms of autism after recieving the vaccine. Another has a study that has only 2 of 12 children showing the same pattern. The court has only 3 options: plaintiff wins, plaintiff loses, or mistrial. Mistrial can only be granted in certain circumstances, which are not covered by “inconclusive evidence”. Those two studies only imply causation (which I hope you agree with, otherwise scientific methodology is being discarded altogether), and in the science world, this would be declared “inconclusive”, but the court has to rule one way or the other.

    That doesn’t take into account Italy’s unusual (and fairly corrupt compared to the developed world) legal system, which is prone to abuse and error because it relies on a single judge to decide every case, not a jury.

    If you want to have a good primer on scientific methodology, check out this video. You can remove this link from the actual text, as it’s likely considered spam by your terms, but I hope you understand this bit, as many inside this community do not.

    [ED: “The court cannot decide on the basis of the evidence presented.” But it can and it does.

    However, the interesting fact appears to be that the Italian government did not appear to contest causation. So that appears to have been accepted by their experts. They fought the case on the fact the vaccine was not compulsory so there could be no compensation.

    So again you appear to be in error but we remain open to being corrected pending receipt of what we hope to receive by way of a professional medical translation of the judgement.

    As for what is science, statistical studies are not science and you have put forward hypothetical ones at that as if trying to refight the Italian Court case.

    If the Italian Court was corrupt [and we are not saying it is at all but responding to your point] then it would more than likely have found for the drug companies and/or Italian government. You cannot have your cake and eat it.

    The bottom line is the Court made the decision. No doubt that decision will be appealed and enormous resources will be put in by one side to overwhelm the other.]

  8. […] tras la “inoculación”. Puede leer el dictamen legal y corroborar las evidencias en esta página […]

  9. Andrew….citing your example for evidence ….of different conclusions…
    I find that your example of 2 out of 12 children showing symptoms of
    autism….to be as alarming as your 10 out of 12 children showing
    symptoms from vaccine. 2 out of 12 is still a high percentage of incidence……..

  10. the government DOES NOT have an answer to autism nor will they ever say it that the vaccines do because of all the lawsuits use your damn heads so if i told you i had a vaccine for AIDS but no cure you would inject that in your system and you might contract AIDS but it a slim chance even though we have no cure even if you get vaccine you still can get the deadly diese antibodies only last so long and if you dont come in contact with the dises then the antibodys died and you can catch it

  11. I haven’t found any actually scientific basis for the ruling, only the correlation and a doctor’s statement of the possibility. What studies was the court basing its finding upon?

    [ED: You folk are all the same. No matter what proof is produced you still claim it is never enough. And you are wrong. Not only did the Italian Health Ministry not contest causation, you should read the judgement which states:

    “The medicolegal and auxilary medicolegal assessments must be conducted according to their merits, which, on the basis of an in depth examination of the case in the light of the specialist literature to date, has conclusively established that the young child is suffering from AUTISTIC DISORDER ASSOCIATED WITH MEDIUM COGNITIVE DELAY ascribed with reasonable scientific probability due to the administration of the vaccine MMR occurring on the date 26\3\2004 at the ALS of Riccione”

    This was on the basis of 1) three clinical assessments of the child with full clinical history [which is how it should be done] and 2) a detailed review of the medical literature for and against the association – which the Court appointed expert concluded was “extensive conflicting material“.]

  12. Muy interesante el tema y al mismo tiempo muy lamentable por los padres e hijos que
    Dia a dia tienen que vivir con las complicaciones del autismo.
    Me gustaria desarrollar una tesis en relacion a este tema , ya que en estos momentos
    Estoy buscando tema ya que sere psicologo

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