Another Lethal Vaccine Coming Soon To Your Baby – Pushed by Drug Industry – As Vietnam Suspends Five-in-One DTP, Hib & Hep B Vaccine Following 9 Deaths – But 32 Deaths Also In India, Pakistan, Bhutan & Sri Lanka

The latest news indicates this is not just a rogue batch or vaccine from one manufacturer but a problem with the vaccination as such. So very bad news for babies and their parents in the UK. Worse of course for countries having mandatory Hepatitis B vaccination programmes.

Whilst introduction into the UK of a new multiple vaccine which includes Hepatitis B is awaited and being pushed by drug industry funded front organisation The Hepatitis Foundation UK, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health decided on May 4 to suspend the use of Quinvaxem, the made-in-Korea vaccine against DTP, Hib & Hepatitis B after nine deaths and dozens of cases of severe allergic reactions among local infants were reported over the past six months: [ Vietnam suspends Quinvaxem vaccine following 9 deaths Tuoi Tre News 05/06/2013].

In India the vaccine is under question after 18 deaths there and another 23 in other countries: [Pentavalent vaccine: Doing more harm than good? Express Pharma The Indian Express Limited 9th May 2013].  These figures do not include the already documented deaths in European infants. 

Hepatitis B vaccine has been shown in many peer reviewed research papers [including from Harvard University – detailed references in linked CHS article] to be associated with numerous infant deaths in the USA and Europe, multiple sclerosis and numerous chronic auto-immune disorders.  These latter include Guillain-Barre syndrome, lupus, rheumatism, blood disorders and chronic fatigue: [UK Government Caught Lying On Baby Hep B Vax Safety]

From Express Pharma:

That there are 41 deaths are a matter of serious concern. Should the programme be now suspended?


Immunisation with the new Pentavalent vaccine resulted in the recent death of two babies in Kerala. This combination vaccine was to replace the trivalent DPT (against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus vaccine) and additionally protects against Haemophilus influenzae type b and Hepatitis B. The post mortem certificate in both babies stated:

“Based on the findings in the autopsy, preliminary reports of microbiological and histopathological findings, no definite opinion as to the cause of death can be furnished. Death due to natural disease, injury and aspiration pneumonia are ruled out.

However, death as a result of post vaccination sequelae could not be ruled out.”


There were eight deaths in Bhutan.

There were 25 instances of serious adverse events in Sri Lanka including five deaths.

There were three deaths in Pakistan.

There were 10 children who suffered serious adverse events of whom seven died in Vietnam.

There were at least 15 deaths in Kerala and two in Tamil Nadu and one in Haryana making the total 18 deaths in India.

These deaths, in different countries using vaccine from varied manufacturers, rules out defects in some specific batch of the vaccine, and also indicate that they are unlikely to be because of incorrect administration of the vaccine.

The WHO considers two deaths due to vaccination as a cluster that mandates rapid evaluation of the risk to public safety.

As CHS has previously reported, Hepatitis B containing vaccines in particular have an extremely poor historical safety record:

Court Fines Doctor Who Did Not Tell Patient Hepatitis B Vaccine Causes Multiple Sclerosis

US Government Concedes Hep B Vaccine Causes Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

UK Government Caught Lying On Baby Hep B Vax Safety

Despite this the UK’s Joint Committed on Vaccination and Immunisation state publicly:

….. the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) wishes to recommend universal hepatitis B vaccination” : JCVI response on hepatitis B vaccination The Lancet, Volume 379, Issue 9818, Page 803, 3 March 2012

And the British Medical Association state on the website of an organisation funded by numerous drug companies:

BMA Policy is that universal immunisation in childhood for hepatitis B should be introduced.” Hepatitis B vaccination in childhood 20 May 2010

The website is the Hepatitis Foundation UK, which is funded “with grateful thanks” to Novartis, Bayer, Roche, Bristol-Myers and Gilead Sciences “without whose support the work of the Hepatitis B Foundation UK would not be possible.Hepatitis Foundation UK Sponsors.

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  1. And just because your baby doesn’t die from the vaccine does not mean that it will not have detrimental long term effects on the recipient.

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