Deep In CDC War Bunker CDC’s Führer Orders Final Solution – Overwhelmingly Superior CDC Stormtroops Obliterate Dr Brian Hooker’s Paper

Here below CHS readers can see dramatic video footage from a secret location deep in the CDC war bunker hidden in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Der infallible glorious CDC Führer commands the CDC’s courageous troops in a classic blitzkrieg manoeuvre demonstrating Aryan CDC supremacy over the weak and pathetic parents of autistic children. 

Herr Doktor Goebbels at der Pediatrics journal led the onslaught in der Final Solution – und oversaw der propaganda victory: obliteration of Herr Doktor Brian Hooker’s paper.

Herr Doktor Goebbels quoted from der Pediatrics journal said:

The disgraceful shameless lies in Hooker’s fabrications have been overwhelmed by superior CDC forces which prevail against the false claims of Hooker to proving CDC war crimes over two decades against American children.  Only we, faithful loyal followers of der infallible glorious CDC Führer have the true version published in Pediatrics and which will endure with the Reich for a thousand years.

Here  direct from der CDC is der CDC’s war mission:

 …… CDC fights … and supports communities and citizens to do the same.

CDC increases the … security of our nation. …. CDC saves lives and protects people ….. To accomplish our mission, CDC …. protects our nation against expensive and dangerous … threats, and responds when these arise.

Und hier ve can see der video of our glorious imperial CDC Führer commanding our victorious troops:

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