Dr Andrew Wakefield Answers UK Government Allegations Over UK Measles Outbreak

Dr Andrew Wakefield having been attacked by members of the British Government and Health Officials with claims he is responsible for a measles outbreak in a region of the United Kingdom has been denied media access preventing him being heard and replying to redress the Government Health Officials’ claims.

It is a fight he did not start.  Here on camera he sets out the facts. He had been booked to appear on several media programmes, but all have cancelled on short notice just prior to airtime.

Legitimate debate about the safety of the MMR vaccine and the origin of the measles outbreak has been blocked by Government officials and others insisting he is not given airtime and not allowed to respond to the allegations they are making and those are allegations made against him.

Here he sets out how and why Government officials are trying to cover their tracks and blame him for what they are very culpable for.

A transcript of the video can be found at Age of Autism:

Transcript: Statement from Andrew Wakefield

4 Responses

  1. I also want to thank you for this. I find the coverage of the Swansea outbreak appalling and charged with fear rather than facts. I’m currently in a state of disillusionment having looked further into vaccine research and I fully support you.

  2. Medicine should be an honourable patient centered profession,instead it is governed by drugs, money and politics…. I cannot believe how Dr Wakefield was witch hunted and thank you for this. As a parent you feel so radical for opposing the freedom of choice regarding vaccines…Never mind herdimmunisation, I REFUSE the herd mentality and the lack of freedom of choice.

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  4. […] Dr Andrew Wakefield Answers UK Government Allegations Over UK Measles Outbreak (childhealthsafety.wordpress.com) […]

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