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  1. Better late than never…to start advertising that making the hand that is guilty of injecting toxic infectious vaccines in new born Babies and children and youth and adults young and old, be held responsible for the consequences. It is a just action to take. Better late than never.

  2. Re. Prof. Ian Frazer’s infamous Gardasil HPV Vaccine or similar one rejected by Japan, yes it causes infertility in young women (God knows what it will do to young men) when it does not kill them!

    The University of NSW in Sydney is guilty by omission for not rebutting the said Ian Frazer for promoting his money making HPV Gardasil vaccine on the Q&A ABC1 TV Show held at the said Uni. at 8pm on a Tuesday night with ONE MIGHTY GUEST, Bill Gates of the USA, the world ambassador for vaccination promotion at all costs.
    The shame heaped upon both the Legal and the Medical Faculties of that University, is justified. Are we living in a country dictate to by americans who cannot solve their own problems well enough? Are our Universities silenced by the likes of Bill Gates from the USA?
    Is our tax payer funded ABC TV the handmaid of Bill Gates and the Pharmaceutical Co. who mak millions of dollars at the expense of the health and life of vaccinated people?

  3. Pray tell me, why is our laborious reply to your lengthy article on autism and vaccines etc, re the choice between being infected by toxic vaccines with several diseases …. versus accepting one disease at a time naturally and receiving proper home nursing care immediately, ……why is our laborious reply not published? Give us a clue so we do not waist our time in future.
    Social Justice Network

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