Extent of UK Measles Scam Unfolds – Welsh Health Officials Issued False Reports To UK Media of “Confirmed” Measles Cases Which Did Not Exist

We stated on May 3 about the UK scam claims by health officials of numbers of measles cases:

.. if the figures for April are wildly different, you will know for sure someone is not telling it as it is.”

We were 100% right.  See links below to CHS’ recent articles. Public Health Wales’ [PHW] own figures of confirmed measles cases to the end of March 2013 were 8 for the whole of Wales:

All Wales surveillance of laboratory confirmed infections – CDSC Wales monthly report – Report date: Tue 02 Apr 2013 – Data to end of week: 2013 Week 13

See Table on Page 18 “2013 – Reports of Measles virus by LHB/LA of residence by month (table 2 of 2)”

The figures PHW published in their monthly report to the end of February were also 8 confirmed cases.  By Sunday 14th April the figures reported for March in the weekly reports issued during April totalled 15 for the period to 31 March.  By Tuesday 7th May the March figure was stated to be 22.

PHW’s own general standard information on its website states:

Reported notifications of measles usually far exceed the actual numbers of confirmed cases. Other rashes are often mistaken for measles.”  Measles Public Health Wales Health Protection Division – [accessed & added to CHS 12 May 2013].

But Public Health Wales claimed vastly more laboratory confirmed measles cases than existed in confirmations from their own laboratory and England combined. This is what was put out on British news by Public Health Wales during April:

Chronology of claims of confirmed cases – source ITV News:

Wed 03 Apr 2013 – Last week the number of confirmed cases stood 432 [ED: sic].

That was the number claimed to the end of March.

Fri 05 Apr 2013 – The number of confirmed measles cases in the Swansea area has risen by 47 this week, according to the latest figures from Public Health Wales.  It now stands at 588 – a slight increase from the 541 cases confirmed earlier this week.

And that was just for the Swansea area – one city and surrounding area – not the whole of Wales.

Thu 18 Apr 2013 – Public Health Wales will release the latest figures for the ongoing measles outbreak today. On Tuesday the number of confirmed cases had risen to 765.

Fri 19 Apr 2013 – There are now over 800 confirmed cases in Wales.

Thu 25 Apr 2013 –  Earlier this week the number of confirmed cases of the virus stood at 886 – a rise of 78 new cases since last Thursday.

Sat 27 Apr 2013 – latest figures from Public Health Wales revealed the number of confirmed cases of measles reached 942.

Tue 30 Apr 2013 – The number of measles cases continues to rise and has now reached 1,011, according to figures released today by Public Health Wales.

None of this was true.  Public Health Wales never did have the numbers of cases they were claiming as confirmed.

By 2nd May it was reported confirmed cases for Wales were 370 with 850 tested and with 1,170 notified.  Suddenly the numbers of cases claimed by Public Health Wales as confirmed had fallen by nearly two thirds: MMR vaccination drive targets 43,000 children as measles epidemic spreads Press Association The Guardian, Thursday 2 May 2013.

Then the backtracking May 3:

A PUBLIC health expert says measles cases in the Swansea area may have peaked. The number of laboratory confirmed cases in the outbreak stands at 370 out of a total of 850 samples tested.” Dr Sara Hayes, director of public health at Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, said she believed the number of people with the disease will fall in the next few weeks.”  Dr Hayes said: “We do not seem to be seeing the scale of morbidity we were anticipating. There is a suggestion we have reached a peak in the outbreak.  “I am hoping we will see a decline in the next few weeks.

Measles cases in Swansea may have peaked, according to a public health expert Friday, May 03, 2013 Liz Perkins South Wales Evening Post

It is claimed recently some laboratory tests had been sent to England for testing and that the figures were not in Public Health Wales’ own reports.  However, when the February and March figures were published by Health Protection Wales, no qualification to that effect appeared either on the HPW’s website and it does not appear in the reports,  so was thus not being applied to the February and March figures by Public Health Wales.   It appears a more recent claim added to PHW’s website on 9th May. And when the Welsh measles outbreak was at its peak in April the number of confirmed cases for four months January to April was stated publicly to be 370 in total – an average of 28 cases a week and that is in a Welsh population of 3 million.

Read our earlier reports for details of the false claims about:

  • how officials claimed 1 in 1000 children will die from measles – when there have been 80,000+ cases of measles in the UK since 1992 and no healthy individual has died from acute measles in that time;
  • how officials claimed a 25 year old father had died from measles when an autopsy could not find the cause of death and three doctors who saw him did not diagnose measles despite being in Swansea, Wales UK, the centre of what was being claimed to be an epidemic requiring “crisis” measures;
  • how the BBC surreptitiously changed its online news reports to remove false claims that just before the MMR vaccine was introduced to the UK in 1988 there were ‘millions’ of annual UK measles cases with 100 measles child deaths every year – it just was not true – but the BBC hid the fact they changed the news to cover up they had published false news;

2013 MEASLES NEWS: The UK’s Fake Welsh Measles Epidemic – Only 8 Cases Confirmed For March – 302 Wrongly Diagnosed and “Notified” By Docs

UPDATE MEASLES UK 2013 – BBC News Secretly Removes Fake News Claims from Website – Health Officials in Tail-Spin Over Vastly Hyped Claims of Welsh Measles Epidemic


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3 Responses

  1. thanks for all your hard work.

  2. So now the doctors can’t even correctly diagnose measles? What a big fat joke. If the whole mess weren’t so disgusting it would be funny.
    Thank you for your hard work in showing the bad guys for who they are.

  3. Just to check…

    You are saying that the official figures released at the time of the ‘panic’ said there were over 800 cases in/around Swansea, but the latest official figures now say there were only 8 cases in the whole of Wales in that period?

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