Secret EU Government Report – Wide Range of Child Vaccine Deaths & Injuries – From Just One Six-In-One Vaccine

The Belgian organisation Initiative Citoyenne [IC] has published in the public interest a secret vaccine manufacturer’s 1271 page report to an EU government drug safety licensing agency.

The report sets out a wide range of multiple numerous wide-ranging vaccine adverse reactions, including deaths and injuries to children from side effects identified at European level and associated with just one six-in-one vaccine.  These were recorded by the manufacturer between 23 October 2009 and 22 October 2011.

The 1,742 reports of side effects do not take into account under-reporting.  So the figures in the report need to be multiplied by 50 times to get an idea of the potential extent of the adverse reactions in children.  [Under-reporting in all drugs and not just vaccines is 98 in every 100 adverse reactions – hence multiply by 50: Spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting vs event monitoring: a comparison: Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Volume 84 June 1991 341.]

The vaccine is a diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, Haemophilus influenzae type b and hepatitis B.

IC prepared a thorough and detailed news release which can be read HERE  [English translation].  The secret report can be downloaded from their website.  The link to the relevant IC webpage is found HERE [English translation].

To protect children from the very serious harms now presented by more and more vaccines, parents and medical professionals must demand of their politicians and governments that effective treatments be developed as a matter of urgency for all of these so-called “vaccine preventable diseases”.  It is a scandal in the 21st Century that such treatments do not exist.  It is because we have the vaccines and the profits for the drug industry from them and the conditions they cause that we do not have effective treatments.  If we had them only the sick would need treatment and the healthy majority of children, who do not have any serious risks from these common childhood diseases, are not put at such serious risk from vaccines.

Highlights of The Report

[All are original figures – uncorrected for under-reporting]:

  • there are 73 child deaths reported, 36 in the two year period covered by the report and another 37 prior to that time;
  • most deaths occurred very soon after vaccination;
  • the reports also include autism, sudden infant death and, remarkably, where child abuse instead of vaccine injury was originally alleged to be the cause;
  • taking under-reporting into account, the number of sudden infant deaths exceed the number expected from other causes [and that means including sudden infant deaths associated with other vaccines];
  • the other serious adverse reactions cover a wide range of 825 different kinds, affecting every system and organ of the body: the circulatory system, the cardiovascular system, nervous system, immune system, lungs, the skin, but also the sense organs (sight, hearing, etc), the bones and joints, the urinary system, digestive system and the hormonal system;

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  1. I did the translation of the document from French to English�.. Thanks for sending this out to your network!

    From: ________________Child Health Safety_________________ Reply-To: ________________Child Health Safety_________________ Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 11:58:05 +0000
    Subject: [New post] Secret EU Government Report � Wide Range of Child Vaccine Deaths & Injuries � From Just One Six-In-One Vaccine ChildHealthSafety posted: “The Belgian organisation Initiative Citoyenne [IC] has published in the public interest a secret vaccine manufacturer’s 1271 page report to an EU government drug safety licensing agency. The report sets out a wide range of multiple numerous wide-ranging “

  2. It has long been my belief that the serious cases of normally non-serious infections with normally benign “childhood diseases” eg. polio, may often be the result of and may be “treated with” simple vitamins. The two vitamins your body demands in vastly increased quantity during infection, vitamin C and vitamin A along with the vitamin your body requires ALWAYS to prime your passive immune system vitamin D, will surely help.No doubt other vitamins are likewise involved. IMO they may GREATLY help. There is MUCH scientific evidence of this.

    All this would be extremely simple for an honest “health agency” to test. I have been testing it for over 50 years and IT WORKS.

    Our problem is our xxxxxxxxxxxxx “health agencies” understate the requirements for these VITAMINS by at least a factor of 10 and often by a factor of 100. This clearly is being done IMO to prevent simple treatment of “vaccine preventable diseases”.

    It is long past time to out the xxxxxxxx agencies (99% of CDC workers are honest caring people) such as the CDC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    [ED: Edits.]

  3. Read the work of Dr Frederick Klenner from North Carolina. He published in the American Journal of Medicine (in the 1950s) that he treated 60 polio patients with IV Sodium Ascorbate (Vit C) with a 100% success rate within 72 hrs of treatment and no long term or lasting damage!

    Humans, primates, guinea pigs and an indian fruit bat are the only animals in the world that do not synthesis in their liver or kidney (birds) vitamin c (ascorbic acid) in response to bacteria, virus or other stress. We instead have to rely on our diets which are very poor in vitamin c due to the current farming methods of synthetic fertilisers, early harvesting before ripe, artificial ripening with ethelyne gas, long haul transportation and refridgeration etc etc By the time a person bites an apple or orange it has lost the vast majority of its vitamin c!

    The average rat produces for itself about 4000mg of vitamin c per day when it is not under stress. If put under stress from a virus, toxin or bacteria etc it can produce 4 times this amount! 16000mg of vitamin c to counteract the negative effects! The RDI for humans advised on most labels of vitamin c is 70mg!!! When I checked how they arrived at this figure, it is the amount required to prevent 95% of the population from getting scurvy which is an old sailors diseases caused by no vitamin C for months! So it is not based on what is beneficial to health only on what prevents the ultimate disease of absolutely no vitamin c for months?!

    Vitamin C in mega doses is effective for treating all diseases because it works as a very non toxic antioxidant. For each molecule of vitamin C it has 2 free electrons to donate to eliminate free radicals. By flushing the body with excess free electrons you are promoting health because healthy cells have plenty of electron exchange, unhealthy cells have slow reduced electron exchange and dead cells are dead because they do not exchange electrons! All pathogenic bacteria and viruses cause pro oxidant damage, they rape healthy cells of electrons and cause a chain reaction of free radical damage. This is nullified by antioxidants.

    Vitamin C is very cheap, there is no way for anyone to make big money from it as it is an organic molecule that cannot be patented. Any company can make it without paying royalties. There is no incentive for anyone to advertise the benefits of vitamin C because the cost of the advertising could not be recouped as there are so many potential and actual sources of vitamin C.

    Its worth investigating for yourselves. I have known about it for at least 5 years now and no longer fear illness. As long as my young family and I have our vitamin C, Vitamin D (free from the sun!) and eat organically I am confident in our ability to face any illness head on and recover quickly. I have proved this many times, saving animals on my property from tick and snake bits with it, saving my wife from painful mastitis with a simple glass of water and 10 000mg (2 teaspoons of vit c powder), saving myself from food poisoning, going from very sick on bathroom floor too weak to sit on the toilet to having a shower and feeling 100% within 30-40mins of 10-15grams (2-3 heaped teaspoons) of vitamin C!

    The Vitamin C Foundation website is a great source of information. I am not affiliated with this website at all (other than as a frequent visitor). The benefits of vitamin C (and D!) should be known by all!

    Mike K

  4. […] Secret EU Government Report – Wide Range of Child Vaccine Deaths & Injuries – From Just One … […]

  5. That’s alarming, too bad that the Government reported such incidents when already too many lives were taken by this vaccine.

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