NSW Australia Ceases Free Whooping Cough Vaccine

Free whooping cough vaccines will no longer be offered to pregnant women in New South Wales Australia.

Government should cough up for free vaccine Sydney Morning Herald Kirsty Needham July 14, 2013

New mothers will no longer be offered a free whooping cough vaccine the next time they see their GP in the frantic few weeks after bringing baby home. Instead, they have been told to fork out between $40 and $200 and organise their own immunisation before they get pregnant, or in the third trimester of their pregnancy.

In 2012, the NSW government axed the free vaccine for grandparents, fathers and carers.

This year, whooping cough cases are down – averaging 200 a month in NSW.  From this week, women will be largely on their own, with vaccinations offered in NSW public hospital maternity units now described as a ”safety net” only. Health Minister Jillian Skinner says axing most free adult whooping cough vaccines is not a budget issue. The state’s chief health officer Kerry Chant claims telling women to vaccinate before or during pregnancy is ”strengthening the response”.

4 Responses

  1. NSW is doing exactly what Victoria did in 2012.


    Mum to vaccine injured son.

  2. It is better late than never …. the sooner responsible parents make the medical profession responsible for their actions, the better.

    Parents/carers etc. should indeed demand/request/insist…that any doctor or nurse who is pushing to inject the new born Babies, children, Youth and adults young and old with toxic infectious vaccine that CAN & HAVE Killed, maimed and damaged the immune system of vaccine victims …. that these medical doctors be requested to sign a Statutory Declaration and/or an Affidavit making them responsible for the health damage that may occur even weeks after the toxic infectious vaccines are injected.

    What degree of “blind faith” in the toxic infectious vaccine drug pushers are parents exercising…when they subject their little ones or themselves to these drugs?

    History has documented MEDICAL MURDERS well.
    And also witnessed the often changing …”fashions” in medical and surgical procedures.
    We should recall with horror … when “doctors” were removing children’s tonsils & adenoids ….at the drop of a hat (so to speak)
    and were telling the gullible patients that those…. and the appendix were not necessary to the rest of the body.

    Only some doctors at the time had more good sense and professional knowledge (or should we call it ethical and moral integrity?) would speak and do what what was needed to restore the function of both adenoids and tonsils when inflamed or infected.

    When will “we” ever learn… to protect our children with proper care when they are sick, rather than submitting them to the unhygienic, unethical and immoral practice of injecting toxic infectious vaccines in our little ones who have no say?

  3. For Your Information with Loving Blessings. Luciana Social Justice Network.

  4. Luciana,
    you speak my mind.
    Today, I uttered my thoughts to an inquirer, but found that I was speaking to a “skeptic” who responded with all the same old, same-old.
    I then realised (again) that it is best to not speak in person for fear of those who fervently believe that injecting toxic pus is good for a human being.
    The authorities have no idea of the growing magnitude of public opposition to this medical madness. In today’s society, “immunisation” (even though vaccination is not) reigns supreme and has become medical and social lore to such a degree that even to question it raises the eyebrows of officialdom and even family at your presumed wretched mental predicament.

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