US Mind Altering Drugs Given to Kids – Recent News

CHS brings you some recent US news from about harmful mind altering psychiatric drugs being given to US children including children less than a year old.  Whilst the news about a report to be published today from the Federal Government’s Accountability Office focuses on foster children, the net of drug industry profiteering from harmful drugs given to US children and other children around the world is much wider and not limited to children in foster care.

When you read these stories ask yourself, “what about the children who are not in foster care getting these drugs?” and “What are doctors and psychiatrists playing at?  Can you trust them? Where’s the science?  Out to lunch?” 

The Columbian drug cartels are like a corner store compared to these guys.  And don’t forget to visit The Institute for Nearly Genuine Research for some hard facts laced with humour about the barking mad world of the drug industry’s psychiatric drugs:-

The Institute for Nearly Genuine Research


Three Recent News Stories On Hard Psychiatric Prescription Drugs For US Kids


VIDEO – ABC NEWS – A HORRIBLE SECRET – What the U. S. Government does to Foster Care Children

U.S. Government Fails to Oversee Treatment of Foster Children With Mind-Altering Drugs

Nov. 30, 2011

The federal government has not done enough to oversee the treatment of America’s foster children with powerful mind-altering drugs, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report to be released Thursday.


Thousands of foster children were being prescribed psychiatric medications at doses higher than the maximum levels approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in these five states alone. And hundreds of foster children received five or more psychiatric drugs at the same time despite absolutely no evidence supporting the simultaneous use or safety of this number of psychiatric drugs taken together.


The GAO found foster children were prescribed psychotropic drugs at rates up to nearly five times higher than non-foster children.


In Texas, foster children were 53 times more likely to be prescribed five or more psychiatric medications at the same time than non-foster children.

[See ABC NEWS Video and Story here]


A possible solution to force a decline in child psych drugging

Youth Today
Administration Concerned About Psych Meds and Foster Youths
No regulation from feds yet; just information sharing
November 29, 2011

By John Kelly

Starting this summer, states will have to provide the federal government with details about how they control the use of psychotropic medications on youth in foster care.

The Obama administration said in a letter to state officials The Obama administration said in a letter to state officials last week that it was concerned about the “safe, appropriate and effective use” of the drugs, which are most often prescribed to adolescents in connection with a diagnosis for mood or conduct disorders, though many child advocates believe they are frequently used as chemical restraints because of their numbing effect on kids.
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A Possible Federal Solution to Psych Drugging of Kids

Youth Today

Rate at Which Psychiatric Meds Are Prescribed to Foster Youth Alarms GAO
Administration could mull regulation of monitoring, prescribing practices
December 01, 2011
by John Kelly

The Obama Administration told states last week of its intention to find out more about their practices when it came to monitoring the use of psychotropic drugs with children in foster care. Today, the reason for the interest became apparent, and calls for federal regulation of use of the drugs on foster children could soon follow.

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) study released this morning recommended that the Department of Health and Human Services “consider endorsing guidance for states on best practices for overseeing psychotropic prescriptions for foster children.”

The GAO reviewed nearly 100,000 foster children in five states – Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and Texas – found thousands of children on psychiatric medications, many at higher doses than are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Read on for more …..

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