Donald Trump On Breaking News of CDC Fraudulent Denials That Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism

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The Issues Explained For You – Senior Centers for Disease Control Scientist Admits CDC Knew MMR Vaccine Causes Autism For Over 10 Years And Fabricated Research To Hide This – Interview With Jon Rappoport

The issues are spelt out in this Mike Adams interview: CDC whistleblower / MMR vaccine fraud – Interview with Jon Rappoport from

Why The US Centers for Disease Control Cannot Be Trusted With Ebola – Another Hyped Pandemic?

From AL Whitney Franklin County Ohio:

See below a YouTube interview with Investigative reporter, Jon Rappoport: “There is no reason to trust anything the CDC has ever said.”

Al warns of a massive money making ebola vaccine program with stories like this:

Southern California Hospitals Prep for Ebola. CDC Issues Guidance for all US EMS Personnel. Over 100,000 Cases Expected in Next Few Months  InvestmentWatch September 1st, 2014

All when the CDC cannot be believed about anything and more so now than ever before. 

In Europe hundreds of children developed narcolepsy from the swine flu vaccine with the WHO’s last fake pandemic [with bird flu and SARS before that]. 

And in the prior fake swine flu pandemic in the USA in 1976 large numbers of adults were seriously injured by the vaccine developing Guillain–Barré syndrome and many deaths.

Al recommends a site to follow the ebola story is EbolaGate on Alfred Lambremont Webre’s web site. Webre exposes the people and agendas that mainstream media will never reveal. You cannot afford to be in the dark when it comes to the potential nightmare that an ebola false flag pandemic could create.

Al suggests to defend yourself and your family from another fabricated “pandemic”:

  • warn family and friends widely about the CDC and the WHO – sending out Rappoport’s interview and sharing the EbolaGate web site might help

CDC whistleblower / MMR vaccine fraud – Interview with Jon Rappoport from

CDC Scientist Apology to Andrew Wakefield About MMR Causing Autism – Journalist Celia Farber Interviewed On Breaking This Story – Robert Scott Bell Radio Show

Here you can listen below on YouTube to the interview with Celia Farber, journalist, author, and editor based in New York City. 

Celia Farber who yesterday broke the news of CDC senior scientist and researcher Dr William Thompson apologising to Dr Andrew Wakefield for the harm caused to Dr Wakefield over the CDC denials that MMR vaccine causes autism when the CDC knew it did: BREAKING NEWS: CDC WHISTLEBLOWER TEXT MESSAGES TO ANDY WAKEFIELD: STUDY WOULD HAVE “SUPPORTED HIS SCIENTIFIC OPINION” September 2, 2014 by

Robert Scott Bell’s cover note for the interview:

Did you ever think that you would see that day that a researcher at the CDC would apologize to Dr. Andrew Wakefield? Celia Farber joins us from The Truth Barrier to discuss this astonishing turn of events as we reveal correspondence by text between #CDCwhistleblower William Thompson and Dr. Wakefield! What messages? “I apologize again for the price you paid for my dishonesty…” and “I do believe your husbands career was unjustly damaged and this study would have supported his scientific opinion. Hopefully I can help repair it.” How will the media spin such direct messages acknowledging wrongdoing within the CDC?”

Autism, Terrorism & Gun Control

In the light of the news [here, here and here] about the US Centers for Disease Control knowing for sure for 14 years they were causing over three times more black boys than white to develop autism here are a few thoughts for our fellow Americans:

  • who are the real enemies of the American people in the 21st Century?
  • US agencies have historically worked hard persuading Americans of serious security threats beyond US shores.  When one enemy goes, they rapidly create another.  Before al-Qaeda for a short while it was, bizarrely, the threat of asteroid strikes on the earth;
  • but is it not true that the US Centers for Disease Control is responsible for hundreds of thousands more injuries to and deaths of US children than al-Qaeda ever has been or ever will be;
  • aren’t US families terrorised by laws forcing them to have their children vaccinated with an ever-growing vaccine schedule promoted by commercial interests including the American Academy of Pediatricians and the drug industry lobby;
  • supposed enemies like al-Qaeda pale into insignificance compared to harm caused to ordinary Americans by the political classes;
  • vaccines are only one aspect;
  • look at the two unnecessary wars in Iraq the second of which was waged with certainty on the basis of fake intelligence created by George “Dubya” Bush’s White House staff – as illustrated by the Plamegate scandal and by British Premier Tony [B Liar] Blair and some of his staff in support of “Dubya”;
  • look at the billions of tax dollars handed over to the industrial-military complex – a complex which President Eisenhower tried to warn Americans about in his valedictory speech at the end of his White House term;
  • the more the US media fail to come to account and report the real news the more the American people will know the US media are but a puppet doing the bidding of the financial interests which control America and especially control its political classes;
  • the more the FBI and other US law enforcement agencies fail to act to protect US children and their families from this state corruption and health terrorism the more the American people will know law enforcement agencies in the USA are merely puppets doing the bidding of the financial interests which control America and especially control its political classes;
  • the longer President Obama allows this to continue, the more the American people will know Obama is not their Commander-In-Chief but a puppet doing the bidding of the financial interests which control America and especially control its political classes;
  • so where does this leave ordinary Americans? 
  • who are the real enemies of democracy and freedom?  Al-Qaeda or the machinery and agencies of the American state and its political classes under the control of faceless financial interests;
  • how far will these people go?
  • so in the final scenario if it ever goes that far, no matter how unpalatable it may be, were the Founding Fathers of America right to provide a constitutional right for all Americans to bear arms when those Founding Fathers knew that uncontrolled power of the kind Americans see today, is the biggest threat Americans face ever in their history?
  • is that threat bigger today than it has ever been before?
  • have you asked yourself, who will protect your kids?  Aren’t you on your own?  What will you do if it ever gets real bad?
  • so before you respond knee-jerk fashion to the latest High School massacre by some crazed teen with an automatic assault rifle to demand strict gun control, think on the above and what you might have to fall back upon when the State takes all the power over you and your family to itself;
  • how close do you think that day might come?
  • what kind of deterrent is there to prevent it?
  • the US media is silent as the Fourth Estate to “out” political corruption – leaving the corrupt an open ticket to abuse power unless and until they are stopped;
  • and if you fail to stand up and use political systems and demand to be heard and use the ballot box, how soon will it be before you will realise your right to bear arms may be all you have left;
  • don’t leave it too late to get active and be political – a right to bear arms only works if there is at least an equality of arms – who has the most guns and bombs?  Look at the Ukraine today under threat from Russia.

Deep In CDC War Bunker CDC’s Führer Orders Final Solution – Overwhelmingly Superior CDC Stormtroops Obliterate Dr Brian Hooker’s Paper

Here below CHS readers can see dramatic video footage from a secret location deep in the CDC war bunker hidden in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Der infallible glorious CDC Führer commands the CDC’s courageous troops in a classic blitzkrieg manoeuvre demonstrating Aryan CDC supremacy over the weak and pathetic parents of autistic children. 

Herr Doktor Goebbels at der Pediatrics journal led the onslaught in der Final Solution – und oversaw der propaganda victory: obliteration of Herr Doktor Brian Hooker’s paper.

Herr Doktor Goebbels quoted from der Pediatrics journal said:

The disgraceful shameless lies in Hooker’s fabrications have been overwhelmed by superior CDC forces which prevail against the false claims of Hooker to proving CDC war crimes over two decades against American children.  Only we, faithful loyal followers of der infallible glorious CDC Führer have the true version published in Pediatrics and which will endure with the Reich for a thousand years.

Here  direct from der CDC is der CDC’s war mission:

 …… CDC fights … and supports communities and citizens to do the same.

CDC increases the … security of our nation. …. CDC saves lives and protects people ….. To accomplish our mission, CDC …. protects our nation against expensive and dangerous … threats, and responds when these arise.

Und hier ve can see der video of our glorious imperial CDC Führer commanding our victorious troops: