Help Save Hollywood Actor Rob Schneider – Under Attack for Standing Up For YOUR Kid’s Safety From Vaccine Dangers


Help Hollywood actor Rob Schneider who is under attack for bravely speaking out to help protect your kids from vaccine hazards, [which latest information from the CDC via their #CDCWhistleblower shows MMR vaccine causes autism in over three times more African-American boys than in other boys].

The news is reported by PRWeek: 

The insurance giant dropped an ad starring comedian Rob Schneider from its rotation due to his anti-vaccine views after a social media outcry.  PRWeek 22nd September 2014 Diana Bradley State Farm drops ad starring Rob Schneider over anti-vaccine views

You can post on State Farm’s Facebook page.  Join others there.  Tell State Farm you will buy their insurance and even switch to them for supporting Rob Schneider.  Tell them Rob is not anti vaccine – he is pro child health safety – tell them they should be too.  Click to vote up comments you agree with but be careful as the trolls have been out in force so do not upvote any of theirs by mistake.

And tell them about the #CDCwhistleblower.