Obama, Ebola, Autism & US CDC – US President Visits CDC to Hype Ebola – So Burying News of CDC Fabricating Evidence MMR Vaccine Causes Autism in African-American Children – At Over 3 Times the Rate in White Children


Autism is a far bigger problem than Ebola – the autism pandemic caused by vaccines affects millions of children in the USA and around the world.  It is a real serious major disease and it is here now and has been for two decades.

But entirely predictably, when the US CDC has been caught fabricating research to hide the science showing the MMR vaccine causes autism in African-American children at over three times the rate in white children we see all over the media today news of President Obama’s high profile visit to the US CDC yesterday.  That visit is guaranteed to bury news of autism caused by vaccines and to raise the profile of the US CDC over Ebola. 

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In this recent CHS article we noted the Amazing Ebola Outbreak Coincidences – “We have a vaccine” – Just When Senior CDC Scientist Confirms CDC Knew Over 10 Years Ago MMR Vaccine Causes Autism.

And in this CHS article we noted how President Barak Obama gave parents of autistic children a “dummy pass” to get their votes by making them think he was serious about autism: The Traitor President to African American Children “Obama Climbs On The Vaccine Research Bandwagon” & Leapt Off As Soon As Their Parents Had Voted.

We now see headlines like “Obama Declares War on Ebola” but we do not see the headline “Obama Declares War on Vaccines Causing Autism” nor do we see the headline “Obama Declares War on CDC for Fabricating Research to Deceive the World about MMR Vaccine Causing Autism“.

And here we noted the almost total media blackout on reporting the link between the MMR vaccine causing autism in African-American children at over three times the rate in white children: Alex Jones Interviews Jon Rappoport About Total Media Blackout.

And here we noted the concerns raised about whether Ebola is a man-made designer disease: Who Created The New Ebola? New Disease Symptoms Very Different – So Where Did It Come From?

Who will protect your children from these people?  Who is the biggest enemy of and threat to their safety and security?  Democratic systems seem weak and vulnerable to being manipulated easily by powerful interests and how citizens lacking leadership and resources are helpless to do anything about it.

In the 1970s there were repeated warnings about population growth and its potentially dire consequences for the world as we moved closer to the 21st Century.  And then they stopped.   What happened to the “Think Tanks” which did the research and issued the warnings?

So what are the plans of the leaders of the “free world” today?  Why is the science about, the evidence of and the damage caused by vaccines being buried by them?  Where are all these new “disease” threats coming from: SARS, bird flu, swine flu, MERS, Ebola and why are real threats of real and present danger to children being ignored at all levels to push on families worldwide the importance of lining up meekly to get the latest vaccine against the latest new “disease“?


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