Autism Investigated – Seth Mnookin’s Introduction at Harvard: “His dad’s a buddy of mine!”

A new website  has recently been launched – Autism Investigated – edited by Jake Crosby.  Here is an early article:

Seth Mnookin’s Introduction at Harvard: “His dad’s a buddy of mine!” By Jake Crosby

On March 29th, a few weeks after I publicly challenged the vaccine lobby’s blogger David Gorski (“Orac”) on his broken promises related to thimerosal removal, I challenged the vaccine industry’s media go-to guy Seth Mnookin, at his alma mater of Harvard no less. The event was organized by the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, and the topic was “Does the public believe in science?” Not only did it cover the vaccine controversy, but also controversies over climate change and of course stem cell research.

As with the event in New York City where I had my first conversation with Seth Mnookin over a year ago, this event was also in the form of a panel discussion. Sitting on the panel with Mnookin were two Harvard Professors and a writer for USA Today.

The moderator was M. William Lensch, Faculty Director of Education for the Institute. He introduced each member of the panel, but gave a special introduction for Seth Mnookin.

Speaking jovially, Lensch said of Mnookin, “His dad’s a buddy of mine!”

Lensch revealed that he was introduced to Seth Mnookin’s writing through his father Jim Mnookin, who was the 2011′s “Hedge Fund Consultant of the Year.”

“Jim told me to read Seth’s book about the Red Sox.” Lensch said how much he loved that book and about what an avid fan he is of the Boston Red Sox.

“So the Red Sox got Seth Mnookin this speaking gig,” I thought to myself.

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Seth Mnookin’s Introduction at Harvard: “His dad’s a buddy of mine!” By Jake Crosby

Here is some information regarding what Autism Investigated is about from “About Us – Welcome to Autism Investigated!“:

“The purpose of this site is to investigate the who, what, when, where and why of the autism epidemic, particularly the role vaccines play in causing it as well as the government’s role in covering up that cause. To maintain independent coverage, Autism Investigated will not accept sponsorship or commercial advertising of any kind.”

Jake Crosby is regularly attacked by the bile spitting rants of crank Dr David Gorski in Gorski’s alter ego “ORAC” on the crankiest of crank blogs “Respectful Insolence” at  Obviously Crosby must be worth reading to attract that level of bile and venom from the seemingly psychologically, mathematically and scientifically challenged Dr Gorski.

Every so often, we like to try to get into the mind of an anti-safety crank, like Gorski or a quack, or crank of another variety, because understanding what makes cranks tick can potentially be useful in trying to counter them. On the one hand, it’s not easy, because understanding really bad science shared by nearly all cranks doesn’t come naturally.  But it can be useful to try from time to time. While it might not be possible to see things how they do, it can be revealing to try to understand why they behave the way they do.