US CDC Actively Investigating Vaccines As A Cause of Autistic Conditions

CDC Autism/Disability Study: Mercury and Vaccines Are “High Priority” Targets

Critics of a possible vaccine-autism connection continue to insist that vaccines have been completely cleared as a possible trigger of regressive autism, and that any further study is being done merely to “appease” parents who think vaccines may be implicated in a subset of children.

They are wrong on both counts.  The following extracts are taken from the US SEED study FAQs document published by the US CDC:  SEED FAQs

SEED stands for the Study to Explore Early Development.  It is being conducted by  six study sites and a data coordinating center called the Centers for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Research and Epidemiology (CADDRE) Network.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is currently conducting the study which:-

will help identify what might put children at risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and other developmental disabilities,” according to the CDC.”

SEED is looking at a variety of genetic, environmental and socioeconomic factors that might increase risk of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), including: infection and immune function; including autoimmunity; reproductive and hormonal features; GI abnormalities; genes that control immune function; and “select mercury exposures.

There are several studies, including studies funded by the government, looking at environmental exposures related to autism including mercury,” the CDC says. “We chose to look at information on vaccines and other types of medical procedures that may have mercury exposure that we can get through medical records.” The SEED study also asks parents about possible mercury exposures they may have had at work.

We designated each of the factors as high priority,” the CDC says.

That bears repeating: the CDC has identified thimerosal and mercury as “high priority” factors in autism research.

Are pushy parents shouting for more studies responsible? Hardly.

We selected these research factors after an extensive review of the literature,” the CDC states, “based on the how strongly they seemed to be associated with ASD and what new information we needed to collect about each factor.”

Mercury exposures that SEED is looking at include

vaccines that the mom received during pregnancy, the child’s vaccine exposures after birth and specific other factors such as RhoGAM treatment in pregnancy if the mom has developed an immune response against the fetus that can harm it,” the CDC says

And there is more:

Will the study include vaccines as a potential cause of autism?

Yes, the study will include vaccines.

Will CDC find out if thimerosal causes autism?

It is too soon to speculate on the results of the study. We hope the study will give us a better idea of which of the risk factors that we will be looking at seem to be the most important in causing autism.

If the study shows that thimerosal is a cause of autism, will CDC report the data? What guarantees does the public have that the findings won’t be covered up?

We will report all the findings of the study by following the normal scientific review process as soon as possible.